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Starting to believe an Act of GOD/Universe/Source is able to help only.

I have banged my head against the walls over and over for two weeks, and I've gotten literally nowhere.

Is the UNIVERSE AGAINST me moving to Nevada?

As well the guy.

I basically give up and believe only an act of God could bring me either dream now.

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How is that about my situation.  ? I have pampered myself for three years. My self esteem is not the problem! Men r asses to me. So won't even risk dating anyone except the one I love. 

It's quite self-evident there is no help on the way, no knight in shining armor, no savior to come down from the heavens, and no law to apply that will make everything all peachy and rosey with God. To act-ion can "undue separation".

Separation from God never happened .The entire story of a fallen race of adam-humans and the following his-story is all without foundation, without any truth in it or to it.

All there is , is God, Wholeness-Holyness-Heaven.  And there isn't anybody to debate this for there is no one else. No beliefs or believers. There is no "poor little personal me and my story of separation" that God created and denies every day, no world of madness where everyone is to fend(aka create) for themselves, born only to die in the hopes of a re-turning to God and Heaven, or in the meantime .... make the hell of separation a little less painful by "seeking relief" .

God is Inseparable, Wholeness.  No separation .... no story. The entire story never was.  No sin, no no sinners and no laws and lawyers, no one to reap what they sew, let alone anything to reap and sew. God is All and that's that.

Heaven is right where Heaven always is . .  the Here and The Now, Oneness, Wholeness and Allness. Perfection. Life, Being, Existence, the One and only "I AM That I AM "

God is undeniably Undeniable.

There is no thought possibly expressed that I am not aware of and felt. 

For all the tempting rage of throwing stones of denial and de-construction in the name of "good intentions" of change for the betterment of fill-in-blank . . . and witnessing the exasperated futility of such "stones of means" cast . . . and instead of "good results" . . . . seeing the ever deepening wounds appearing in places unintended in myself and everyone from their impact. . . .  and finally the self-condemning wounds of "my god, my god .... what have I done ?" 

Is that all there is ?

And then the search for forgiveness .  . .  and not finding it . . . and so yearning for it . . . and not finding it . . . . and so yearning for it .. .  . repeat repeat ...... and so broken and humbled . . . . until  . . . giving up , giving up and listening in the quietude of my own Being .. . and just listening.  . .  and the curious inquiry into "who am I, this I that I am called, in whom I am called".  Just listening . . . .  and right there where has always been .... like the greatest sunrise of the greatest Day . . .  . . . Peace and LOVE and Joy and I are inseparable and One. .  . . there is nothing present but this I that I am. Just I in which can find no separation from I and that which I am conscious of , nothing to separate from or to. No reason or rationale for I-Being at all, I am I, no more, no less , utterly simple. I cannot be added to or subtracted from or divided . .  I am I both "in and out", unattached, self-complete.  I and BEING and that which BE are inseparable and One .  BEING BEING.  

Love really is The Greatest   . . . . . Wholly unconditional  . . . Wholly Holy God .  

Love your replies Roses, so deep

Just a question , before you start judging me next , this is just an observation not an attack on you..... Why do Roses posts annoy you so much? I get you want to help people and that's great, and everyone has the right to say whatever they want to say, this is a forum anybody can reply, whatever you think about it. You calling Roses a parrot , thats somewhat name calling for no reason at all, apart from your own issues with the poster you feel you need to express, nobody else seems to be annoyed with Roses, just you. so why? you advise people a lot, a lot , a lot, on loads of different issues , including anger or similar feelings, so instead of setting an example in your own actions you decided on making comments which are unnecessary. I just dont understand why would you do this? roses comments dont bother me, nor do they bother anybody else, Roses has been making such comments for a good few years now, we are all used to Roses, weather the message has a value or not, weather Roses is hiding behind previously established teachings, as you have put it , or not , weather the comments have any value to anyone is frankly none of your business and doesn't have anything to do with you, so why oh why does it bother you so so much, and why such an negative response ??? 

Again, since you claim that you make your own personal truth-reality, any objection and protest then is not of I,  but using these words as a means and excuse of defending that personal claim of being creator.

The "flaws-errors etc." you so point out are of your self as creator. 

You are not. 

  I’m not changing for you or anyone else so you just have to get over it!

But are more than willing to demand others to change unlike you ......

... wait for it ;) . .. . . .. 

I said others.

You know, you really ought not be harassing me, let alone any members here. You can call out what does not agree with you all you like, that's fine. But to go on and on to the point you do is taking it a bit far beyond the purpose of this forum. 

If you have a personal problem with what I express and how , take a look at your own expectations and reasons first .  If you saw book that spoke to things you don't agree with, are you going to keep reading it, track down the author and tell them what you think of it ?  Why did you keep reading it then ?   If you eat something disagreeable to you do you keep eating it to berate the cook and tell hem they don't know what they are doing ?   Do you tell God God has no clue what God is doing ?   

That is a guess on your part, assumption after assumption. You "calling it as you see it" , well, the "appearance" isn't everything, it is not ALL-Complete-Whole, any more than the ALL of the ocean is seen and understood on the surface. Life is not contained inside the visible form , not "mechanical" or "mental", to be examined, broken down into every last known detail into categories and labels and catalogs and books so it can be studies and referenced.  

You don't know the very reasons I write the way I do, nor do I know them all and I never will nor could I. I've experienced the "good doings" of everything you claim I am not offering and have no clue about.  It never occurred to you I don't offer those not because I cannot, but because I can and have and still do at times. The reasons, I don't have to explain to anyone, nor could I.   So please, before you go about taking someone-anyone's "inventory" as an "effective" communicator and being,  ask yourself are you really looking at the "whole picture-ALL" or a pixel from a certain angle to justify a certain perspective-theory, for example. And by what Absolute(unquestionable Truth) do you have to judge, without knowing ALL.

This is all I have to say for you. If you persist in going as you have about my replies, I'll ignore you, until maybe one day I won't and you won't like that.

No more replies to me, thank you.

"don't poke the Mama Bear and the Cubs".


I have a super crummy life! And seriously, the more i try to make it better the worse it gets!

Stupid question here but...what happens if you try to make it worse then?  That's probably a horrible thing to say and the LAST thing I want for you is horrible things, I know they've been enough.  But that's what popped in there, if the more you try to make things better the worse they get, what happens if you try to make things worse, do they get better? Not sure how you'd even do that - and dont do anything stupid! 


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