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So this question is for everyone but I think Tolemac might have an insight into this lol.

I was just curious because I had a really crazy day today, attracting like crazy! And I noticed that there was a lot of static electricity in my apartment. Getting shocked everywhere lol.

Is there a connection? Because if there is, I hope it doesn't stop!

I attracted a computer, a sale on Varage sale potentially, and I won $250! Among some other fun things!

Thoughts anyone?

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Good question
I would like to know the answer too
And we'll done all everything you are manifesting
Peace and love

Oh yes,..

I'd like to know the answer too pls.

I get shocked everywhere when on high vibrations.

You rang? ;-)

Ok so here's the deal on that. As you raise your natural vibration, your body can allow for a higher value of electricity to run through your body. It is indeed like turning up the voltage on an electric motor. There is be extra static coming off of it. This is yet another reason why I tell everyone to ground themselves. This will in no way. shape or form diminish the vibration that you are expressing, but it will calm down the static so you are not zapping yourself all the time. =)

Thank you!! I grounded myself (a little sleepily) with your instructions and I didn't shock myself or anyone else yet since!

So excited! Been really happy lately (not sure why, since I just ended things with someone, guess I was more unhappy than I thought with them!) and I guess now I know it isn't me faking it lol! It's genuine and it's having lasting effects :)
Sometimes when you are raising your vibration, the electrical field around you can also change for a while, as all sorts of things get used to the new energies. Televisions reboot, mobile phones jump screens, bank cards may stop working temporarily, light bulbs blow etc. This is a sign that your vibration is changing, so keep at it. The electrical field will settle down again, but your vibration will be higher. (From 'Signposts' by Denise Linn).

That's great that you attracted good stuff! Awesome! I am getting static electricity in my house too. It's winter and the house is dry. This causes static electricity. It's very common. You are associating your manifestations with the static so I hope that you don't lose your high when the static stops. Keep up the good work!


Yeah! I wouldn't have thought anything of the static if it weren't excessive added to the crazy manifestations yesterday. Normal for static in this weather for sure, but it was just a lot more than usual.
How interesting...
I have been receiving like mad recently and knocked sparks off the electricity meter on Saturday when I opened the cupboard to it. 15 years and it's never done that. However, my brother suggested I call the emergency line as it might be a faulty wire!!!
LOL i love LOA. So i was reading this post earlier today during lunch at work, and got to thinking about how my ex and i exchanged so many sparks at the beginning of our relationship - literally! We couldn't touch each other in those early months without giving the other a little shock. My vibration was soaring in those days. But that was years ago and as i was thinking about it earlier today i couldn't remember the last time i was so "sparky". So anyways tonight I'm laying in bed checking in with this thread again and as i do my cat crawls up to me, steps on my chest, and, he gives me a little shock! Lol. I've been petting his back for several moments and every time i lay my hand back down on his fur there is a new spark. (He doesn't seem to mind it lol). Gotta love it! I never experience this type of static electricity with him. ...I have been noticing an increase in my vibration these past few days and experiencing some really fun synchronicity.


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