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"stop looking for love and you will find it when you least expect it?"

What are your views on this saying and how it relates to loa? Does anyone have any stories related to it to share?

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You want something so badly that your putting your energy on not having it. Or not being able to find it.

Like when you really want/need new shoes, but you can't seem to find the right one.(your mind is thinking will I find it? I need to find it) But when your not looking for it and your out shopping there you find it.

This is my what happens to me anyways.


Yes, it is very difficult to attract someone by walking up to them and trying to get them to fall in love with you....


What you do is bond with different people, have some horrible break-ups, experience a few humble "this isn't going to works", dish out a few "this isn't going to works", and then you get busy with doing the things you like to do.... Wahlah.... That vibration invites like individuals, and next thing you know you and another person are finding reasons to "hang out".


Then the bumble bee visits the flower... and next thing you know the birdy wants to nest, and she moves all your stuff around, and you let her because she is your "snookums". When the year ends you don't get a new playboy calendar, and you get tired of holding farts in for months at time, and so you break that social barrier... and you live happily ever after. lol



He (any he) 

can get the new playboy calendar but please go to the toilet with his farts! Ha ha ha

Anyway, well put and encouraging! 

You made me laugh out loud in public, Fred Knight! (You're not JUST a handsome face!)

Hey, I remember this guy I had been best friends with for a year & I started dating and on the first date he said to me "I heard once about a girl who wanted to fart but didn't cos she was on a date and she died so if you want to fart, just fart."

I'm SURE it's an urban legend!!

OK well yes I've seen evidence of this in the past - not the farting thing! The just getting on with it & finding love when doing other things. It's how I met my ex husband and most recently ex boyfriend for e.g. & it's happened before, I was just having a lovely time & voila so sometimes it happens like that. I think you CAN also look for love & find it, either way do things that are fun, do what you can (ethically!) to feel good etc. :-)

Thanks for all the replies! I totally believe this myself (having experienced it, but was also curious as to what others thought). Wow, Fred, "and you get tired of holding farts in for months at time" that made me laugh so hard! Glad I started this discussion haha! 

Too funny about your friend you went out with Goddess Athena, you must have felt comfortable around him. lol. It is interesting how if you get rid of the resistance and just do what you love that love will come to you. And hopefully, it will be the kind of love where you can fart freely! ;0)

Cracking up about the farts!

I want future guys to be comfortable but I think I need to find a way to 

positively phrase "Non-flatulent" and add it to my wishlist for ideal guy.  I mean, I don't want to manifest a guy who does loud smelly farts all the time even if he's a gentleman and an Adonis (in my eyes) that would be a real mood killer, though funny at first! 

totally true 

This is true on every level. I have experienced it a few times. Even when I was young it baffled me how this actually worked.
When we are complete and happy with ourselves,others see it and want what you have. It's like Bees to homey. You really see how the opposite works when you go out there looking for a new someone when you have a broken heart. The girls wouldn't touch you with a 10 foot pole. If the did it would only be to hit you with it. : )

It's funny how that works, isn't it? I remember when it happened to me I was so happy being single I almost resented the guy who came into my life because he took so much "me time" away. Sad because even to this day I'm sure he was one of my soulmates, but I really loved my "me time". Talk about falling in love with yourself haha...no wonder he couldn't stay away from me! And yes, I've seen it work the other way too where if I'm really unhappy men won't even so much as look at me! Except maybe in disgust lol. Loa can be very interesting! 

I have been single 1 year now...I think I am ok and feel fine..but as you say Men don't even notice me...the more this happens I crawl into my shell and sit at home ....The more I resist my single life it seems to bring me more of this alone feeling...so I know as weel if you don't chase it .....then it will come ...just have to let it go,,,,,

Kittykat, yes I do the same thing sometimes. It's only been lately where I've been trying to just do things that make me happy and feel good that I've been realizing that that's the reason men actually take notice of me and seem interested. Right now I'm not very happy with my weight or clothes, but it has seemed to matter less now that I'm doing more things that make me feel good. I try to stop and think, "how will I feel if I do this?" If my inner self says "not good" then I don't do it. If it says "good" then I do it with as much passion as I can muster. These things are essentially the way I did things when I met my soulmate in the past. I started taking a spiritual class and met him there. After that, everything in my life seemed to fall into place. I actually even attracted a check for 20,000$ 3 months after I met him. I started to think in this way a month before I met him. So it only took 4 months for my whole life to change and I can say now, that was the best year of my life. Definitely start to love yourself more, love being single, and just let it go and everything will fall into place. Even money-wise!


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