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Hello Lovely PI family. Here I am again asking for all your good vibes and prayers and blessings. My husband and I have moved to North America in late 2015 and since then we've worked pretty hard to build a good life here. We both found jobs in good companies and are grateful for that.

However as they say it's harder to keep the job than finding it. With the absolute cutthroat competition and not-so-humanly attitude of these big corporate houses toward their employees, we're kind of struggling... Specially me.

And now things are only getting worse with yet another re-org (another name for job cut) and a very unfair year-end review score for me.. I have a lot of responsibilities as I'm the sole provider for my parents and siblings, and also have my share in our own expenses. Reason why I haven't been able to really take any risks in terms of finding my passion and pursuing that, as I've always had financial obligations..

Long story short, I could really use your prayers and good wishes. All I need is to NOT get laid off for the next 6 to 12 months. That's all I need. Hopefully by then I'll be able to move to another team/department that's better suited with my competence, needs, and personality.

Thanks a lot in advance for all your positive energy. Much gratitude. THANK YOU!


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I hope everything goes well for you. Get in touch with the feelings you want to feel in regards to these topics.

I would keep reaffirming to yourself that you always have a stable job no matter what.

Hi Seeker! Here are some quotes to give you some positivity, i know you can do it!:

Be easy about life and allow good things 
to flow naturally to you

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You cannot control circumstances. You never intended to control circumstances. You intended to discover unconditional love. You intended to discover a way to feel good, no matter what, because you have the facility: you have the power: you have the ability to focus.

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Before the contrast and before the summoning, and before the answering of Source Energy, the Universe was less. So rather than thinking in terms of time, think in terms of expansion, and then you will understand time in the way we understand it. We never think about how long anything takes. We are just enjoying the expansion. And so, our now is always powerful in our anticipation of what is becoming.

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Thank you so much guys for taking the time in trying to help. I appreciate it a lot. I've been trying to stay positive for myself and for my husband (who is unwell and yet has to drag himself to work) over the weekend. Even if faking it... trying to make it. Hopefully I can stay this way and keep taking one little step after another on the right direction and things will turn out better.

Thanks a lot once again for your thoughts and words.

thanks Graysen for this perspective. I'm definitely going to try and affirm positively instead of the other way round. Already started but these affirmations will help for sure. Thanks again

I agree. I think we all know that (atleast the ones here @PI). It's just we forget sometimes as we get fall back into the habitual thinking pattern. A good reminder like yours is exactly the thing I needed so Thank You very much! :)

In the past when I didn't want that job or anything I found the job/career I wanted manifested instantly.

Sometimes you have to go downstream.

Good luck

That's great to hear Nathan. I hope things you want keep showing up at your doorstep.

Not sure what you meant by going downstream. Did you mean that we have to feel bad about something before the thing that makes us feel good actually shows up?

here's a great video about attracting abundance posted by Robert (first remrember YOU ARE WORTHY OF ALL THE BEST LIFE HAS TO OFFER) and some quotes:


You cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.

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Thanks so much for the inspiring quotes lovely Stef. I'm yet to watch the video as I'm at work right now but will do so soon enough and I'm sure it will be helpful too. Thank you and I hope you're doing/feeling great with everything in your life :)

Thank you honey. I highly recommend you that video, it has soothed and helped me alot. 

Huge hugs & bright blessings**** p.s. some powerful affirmations and a last quote :D:


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Thanks for this hon. Watched the video too. Inspiring as you said. Thank you for the lovely person that you are who is always willing to help. Blessings and love for you my friend :)


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