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Hello Lovely PI family. Here I am again asking for all your good vibes and prayers and blessings. My husband and I have moved to North America in late 2015 and since then we've worked pretty hard to build a good life here. We both found jobs in good companies and are grateful for that.

However as they say it's harder to keep the job than finding it. With the absolute cutthroat competition and not-so-humanly attitude of these big corporate houses toward their employees, we're kind of struggling... Specially me.

And now things are only getting worse with yet another re-org (another name for job cut) and a very unfair year-end review score for me.. I have a lot of responsibilities as I'm the sole provider for my parents and siblings, and also have my share in our own expenses. Reason why I haven't been able to really take any risks in terms of finding my passion and pursuing that, as I've always had financial obligations..

Long story short, I could really use your prayers and good wishes. All I need is to NOT get laid off for the next 6 to 12 months. That's all I need. Hopefully by then I'll be able to move to another team/department that's better suited with my competence, needs, and personality.

Thanks a lot in advance for all your positive energy. Much gratitude. THANK YOU!


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You are the most welcome :) and i hope you tune into life's magic very very soon!

Never forget you deserve everything you want, always!

Much love & light****

Sending love and positive vibes x

Thank you so much Emma. Appreciate this a lot! And the same for you as well :)

Hello Seeker,

Just so you know, you will keep that job for as long as you want to and believe you will keep it.  You will be the sole provider for your parents and siblings for only so long as you want and believe you should be.  You won't take any risks so long as you don't want to or believe you can.

Believing in the law of attraction is extremely difficult, because we don't know how our wants will manifest.  But I can guarantee you Bill Gates knew he would be the richest person on the planet, even though he had no idea how it would happen.  I can guarantee you that Trump knew he would be president, even though the statistics said there was no way he would be.

So I know you will have whatever you want and believe you can have.

Such simple concepts and yet we struggle to 'live' it. There could be a bunch of reasons why we struggle however the key is to keep trying and sure enough it'll get easier and easier to 'live' it. Thanks you Brodie for this helpful reminder

I sure hope it helps Seeker.  BTW, I have been reading The Secret, and something was bothering me about it.  They say you need to want, believe, and then receive.  I think a very important step is missing, and that is after believing, is knowing.  I don't know if you have tried this, but ask your spouse to tell you that he knows you will keep your job and enjoy your job.  Ask him to tell it to you every night and every morning.  And tell it to him as well, that you know you will keep your job and everything will be fine.

It is amazing how powerful that will be.  When I lost my job a few years ago, my wife and I were devastated.  However, we kept telling each other that we knew everything would be fine.  And it is just amazing how powerful that was just saying it.  It is even more powerful if you believe it.

I am going to start doing this with my wife starting tonight.  Just telling each other what we want and then telling the other that we know they will get it.

My spouse and I do tell each other things like that although not religiously every morning and every night like you suggested. I can definitely ask him. Hopefully he gets on the same page (which he isn't right now) and actually does it. I keep encouraging him and try to keep him positive by staying positive myself. I know how he feels as I was feeling that way not too long ago and for a while. I'm positive and hopeful that we can get through this and whatever happens will only happen for the best :)

Even as someone who was born in the USA and has grown up here I feel the same away about jobs. I've gotten really good at attracting jobs (I'm still getting job offers, though they are not for jobs I care about). But like you I get worried about being laid off and keeping the job.

I tell myself I am doing a go job and try to keep the vibrations up. I keep the gratitude and I keep being thankful.

I have a new job that I will be starting next week. I know the owners (I've been a customer there for a few years), it seems to be a much claimer environment compared to my last job.

Thank you for reminding me that 'locals' also feel the same way often. I know they do or atleast they get to experience it often. Key is to focus on your competence and be confident that  you'll always have/find a job that does justice to your contribution. Or will do something on your own that's rewarding and fulfilling.

Wishing you all the very best for you new job Bobby :)


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