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I'm in a weird mental state at the moment. Not because life is hard for me at the moment, but because everything is going great! Sounds silly and probably irratating to those who are genuinely struggling at the moment. But when everything is going OK and according to plan, for some reason I've to go and sabotage myself and my eating problem gets worse and my head is so wishy washy in a job I once loved and excelled in.

This has made me reaslise that stuggle can be a good thing- and I know why struggle exists- for us to overcome our obstacles!!! My most exhilarating time in my life has when I've had no home in a foreign country, no job, little money etc, and everything worked out amazingly in the end because I'd depended on faith alone for everything to work out.

So now my life is going fine... and therefore my eating problem gets worse in order for me to have a big obstacle to over come! If I didnt have this problem, I may not love my body and be thankful of nurturing food as much as I will when I am victorius... :-)

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I'll let you in on a secret I've learned. Your brain is an interesting specimen in that the neurological connections determine a lot of our reality. The LoA movement brought about the insight that thought can create positive results in life. Well, there is more to it than that. See, thought is good. When you change your thought, you begin to change your life. But there are still old neurological connections in your brain that you will resort back to unless you create permanent change. Any time you perceive stress, the flight or fight stage happens and your body resorts back to instinct (i.e. old neurological connections).

To truly break free, you not only have to think in a new way, you not only have to do new actions, you have to BE the person you want to become to create new neurological pathways so you create a new identity for yourself. If you are doing anything that has the feeling of the old "you," this means you have old neurological connections and won't be able to break free yet.

An example. If you think you are rich and take action to become rich but don't live a life as if you were rich, your old neurological connections can be triggered when lets say an unexpected bill comes your way. Stress will trigger a response and you will go back to what you know. Let's say on the other hand you think rich, act rich, and live a life that exudes wealth, then you will begin to create new neurological pathways and LoA on the deepest level will bring you more wealth. So when you see that unexpected bill and think, “I can handle this, I have more than enough money” and then act congruently, you are on your way.

Does that make sense? You have to live wealthy and make decisions based on being wealthy so you don't REACT. Reactions will bring you down because they are based on neurological pathways that are outdated for you.

Your eating to bring yourself an obstacle is an example. Think of your ideal self and then act how that person would act in every second of the day. Think like that person and be grateful you are that person. Soon, you will have true power. :)

Happy Manifesting

Very good advice. the neuro-pathways thing is a very important concept to grasp in order to make the changes go deep.
incredible advice! must follow.
Thanks for the advice!

I guess the quiet, low-self-esteemed school-kid pops up once in a while!
It can but you can also blow that kid away forever. It's starts with thinking, moves to doing, and then permanent change is made with being. When you ARE the person you want to BE, the transformation is complete. To BE, you have to do everything in alignment.

If you want to break free of dependence on oil but drive an SUV and rely on fossil fuel to power your home, you're not BEING. You will never create permanent change that way. If you have solar panels for your home and you drive an electric car, then you have broken your own dependence and you are BEING. Thus you are in alingment and permanent neuropathways are made.
Thanks! Great timing for my advice cos a fortune teller told me I'd never do public speaking, acting and TV presenting- big dreams of mine. Yeah I know it was a fortune teller, but it knocked me back a bit!

I am transforming into the amazing confident being that I am !
Ah well..What does he/she know? Probably just jealous at your dreams :-)
Isn't it great to look at struggles in a whole new way -- so that suddenly, they are opportunities, aren't they?

It may not totally remove the "struggle" from them, but it sure helps to know, and it's fun to find ways to take new looks at old, worn-out problems...realizing that they are actually our ticket toward freedom, every day.

Patience helps -- as we learn what we need to do (or not do) to find that freedom!

Great advice you got, especially about changing neruopathways. Even the fact that you say "everything is going fine' when deep down you know it isnt because of your eating pattern. Feeling fine, has to feel fine everywhere in your life for it to be an authentic feeling.

When you were "struggling" financially it wasnt that you had "no eating problems" it was just that it got pushed down in the pecking order. Now that you are not struggling financially, all your other 'struggles" are coming to the fore. And they need to be tackled and faced and all that really means is you need to ask "what do I NOT want any more in my life' and that leads to "what do i really, really, really want in my life now".

Dont confuse "struggle" with "enthusiasm and motivation", the latter is where you want to be, out there doing things you really love and feeling the energy course through your veins, eating for joy and for energy, loving the body you are in.

It is nice to look back and enjoy the fact that you overcame obstacles and it does give you reassurance that you can overcome ANY obstacle but it also shows you that most of the "struggles" we have overcoming an obstacle is that we see the "obstacle" as an obstacle and not as a challenge or an enjoyable quest. It is our "perception" of life that we can now change and so make our future "challenging" and "fun" but not a struggle.

We have all been brainwashed by our education to see "struggling" and "working hard" as the way to get ahead but now we know that we can change our perception by just "knowing", "accepting" that we can be, do and have anything we want without struggling, all we need is motivation and enthusiasm. There are NO obstacles except our own thoughts and beliefs about things. Even when we are "struggling"to understand the concepts of LOA, it is a sign that we still do not fully espouse or believe them. When the struggle stops, the manifesting and carrying out of our dreams starts to happen. Then we start to live our lives exactly as we choose, we have more and more dreams and our dreams get more and more ambitious and we really start to feel enthusiastic and then our perception takes leaps and bounds and we start to see everything as possible and EASY.

And it is true that on a neurological level, our brains are changing from one that sees 'struggles" to one that sees "opportunities" and from one that fears 'failure" to one that believes in success. And in your case from seeing presence of money as a negative for eating and weight problems , to one that sees "money" and "wealth" and great health as all going hand in hand.

Love your job and better jobs will come to you, love your body and you will have an even better body, love your food and great and nutritious foods will start to come your way, love life and it will open like a lotus flower.

love and light Gen
Seriously, Me - You wanna swap?! Anyway, all the best and I hope things turn round for you. Do you think part of you thinks you don't deserve good stuff so when it happens you sabotage yourself?
Thanks... because of my childhood of struggling and being the shyest girl in school; I guess my brain has been conditioned to struggle so when everything goes great I overeat so I feel rotten and my head isn't as sharp as it should be and I'm fatiuged etc so I can't totally enjoy the beautiful life I've created. Yep, about deserving!!!
Hey we all go through struggles. I've definitely been there. I think at one point in my life, I believed I had to struggle in order to deserve abundance. Weird right? I've gone past that now. It takes a little resilency and I know you will break free too.

I wish you the best Me,

with love, BK


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