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So those of you who have close friendships you've had for a while now, what does THAT feel like? This is kinda a sub post off my post about feeling the feelings of having had something for a while. How does it feel if you have a BFF a best friend or maybe even several best friends you see regularly and have seen for a while, what feelings does that generate in you what thoughts etc? 

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I dont currently have a best friend but I used to when I was younger. We were very close for many years and I will try my best to describe the feeling of it because it is truly a wonderful feeling to have. I would very much want to have that again. 

Having a best friend is like being deeply connected to someone. When you are together its not you and me its us. Almost like you are the same mind in different bodies. Being around each other feels like the most natural thing in the world. Everything just flows. You are in sync with each other. You got all these inside jokes that are hilarious to you but no one else would get it. You just have to look at each other and know what the other one is thinking. Which can lead into bursting out laughing like two idiots for no real reason. It feels fun. Any situation can become fun. Any situation can become an adventure. 

Having a bff feels like being part of a team. Where you work together, support and encourage each other. It feels comforting to know you have someone. That they are there for you when you need them. Just a mutual support system. Its companionship. You dont need to do anything in particular its just nice to be together. Knowing that you have that person can make you feel stronger and braver. Like whatever happens they will still be there. 

Its a difficult thing to explain but hopefully this atleast gives you an idea of what it can feel like :D

Yeah,who knows, maybe it will help YOU get into that state/feeling place too! 

I can remember a bit of the synch thing, now that you mention it.  Just that I've had the experience of the phone ring and just KNOWING who it would be!  And once my friend was sad and I felt sick I KNEW something was up.  

Maybe it's partially a feeling then of being supported, and comforted that's what I'm getting from what you said, and it's helping me a bit to remember that too.  Companionship too.  I DO like doing things with friends though, a lot so that's part of it but yeah also that feeling you've got each other's back, isn't it. :-)

Thank you! 

Hi Athena! I consider you my friend and the feelings associated with our friendship are: fun, warmth, acceptance, love, silliness lol and I think of us as forever friends-someone I know I can turn to no matter how much time has passed. Two of my closest friends and I had a lovely interaction this weekend! Mary came over with a bottle of wine. Now Mary doesn't need a call. She just always knows when I need her. Same goes the other way! We just laughed our asses off all night and my friend Rose psychically knew as well and texted and soon we three were sendingvideos back and forth! Watching this morning I let out the biggest hoot! We were tipsy and thought we were just the funniest people EVER lol but the funny part WAS that we THOUGHT we were funny lol. My friend MP who along with Morning Star, wasone of my very first friend's here back on the old forum, well she is like my sister! She's with me all the time in my heart and helps me with all my struggles and celebrates all my accomplishments! This summer I'm hoping she will finally visit me!! I had a lot of trouble making friends as a young girl. It wasn't until I was a Mom when I began cherishing friendships and getting good at it! When I was young I always thought my friends were competing with me and then one day I woke up and saw the pattern and realized IT WAS ME! I was the one competing with other girls! Once I realized that I was able to forgive myself and heal! This is a fun thread! Thanks Athena! 


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