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Hi Everyone,


First I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful advice I have received on this site, you are such kind, patient and wise people and I love you all.


All my posts have been regarding attracting my ex back into my life and I am following the advice given and am feeling better about it all (thank you again x ).  I just thought it would be nice to hear some stories of people reuniting with their loved ones (I love the ones on the Secret website and they really give me hope when I am struggling).


So please, all you wonderful people, story to tell...............................

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Here's one:


I've bookmarked this page and probably read it over a hundred times. I go to it every time I feel down and out. Hope this helps. :)
Thank you so much for this, I've printed it out so I can read it again at home (in work now!) and I intend to read the further comments tomorrow. I guess it still works even if you haven't been in contact with the person for a few months?? I am really trying to just 'let go' at the minute and there are lots of fantastic posts on here that really give great advice but sometimes you just need to hear it worked for someone else, don't you?

Thank you again, I appreciate it very much x x
It certainly does. I was in a rut the past few months and I've slowly come to the point of letting go. I'm very much in the same situation as tunasandwich5, and her story keeps me strong. I still miss him, but it doesn't hurt anymore. Deep down somewhere, I know I have a place in his heart and I'm grateful for the love we shared.

I recently got a book titled "If It Hurts, It Isn't Love and 365 other principles to heal and transform your relationships" by Chuck Spezzano. I read a couple of pages in the morning and before going to bed. This book has truly enlightened me in so many ways. I came across this particular principle yesterday:

"#68: When I let go, something better always comes to me"

"When we let go, we are moved forward. If we have been holding on to something, we have been preventing ourselves from receiving. When we let go, something much better will come to us. This can be either the same relationship at a new level or something else much better. Either way, it will be something that is true for us and that will make us happier.

Today is a day to let go and welcome and sit with a certain sense of expectancy. Have the courage to sit there, empty-handed, knowing the Universe abhors a vacuum and wants to fill it immediately. Just wait expectantly, knowing something good is coming your way."

I wasn't in the right state of mind to fully understand the idea of letting go, just a week ago. I guess everyone has to go through the stages of grieve before reaching this point. Embrace all your emotions and eventually, you'll get there.

Thank you soooo much, its just hard to keep going sometimes especially when there is no contact. There are lots of stories on the Secret website about people almost giving up and then out of the blue their ex contacts them (they are the ones I just can't get enough of!! lol). I wish I could just forget him or stop loving him but I can't so I have to just keep trying and learning to love me more.

Thank you again for all your help. x x x
It's hard... But hold on to your love for him if you really think that he's the one. In the meanwhile, love yourself and keep moving forward. It's easy to want to stay in bed all day, but that will definitely not bring him back.

Keep reading tunasandwich's thread. It works wonders for me. My boy is seeing a girl right now, and I know that it is a phase that he has to go through. We were in a long distance relationship for a long time, I was stressed up over family and work the past year, overly depended on him for support and happiness, and it became too hard for him. I understand why he chose to throw in the towel.

I know it's hard, but I'm not going to give up because it's hard. The most beautiful things in life are often the hardest to attain, don't give up because it's hard; give up only if you no longer see its beauty.

Stay strong!
Your strength inspires me so much, thank you! My darling had great difficulty committing to our relationship due to things that happened in his past (which he never went into detail about) but he came round and was about to get serious when a member of my family flipped (and I mean flipped) one night, really scared him off and he withdrew from then. I chased after him and hounded him (maybe you know the feeling??) because I knew he truely loved me but eventually a few months ago he stopped all communication. Never said it's over, just stopped all contact. It doesn't make sense really to still love him the way I do after such a brief relationship but the times we spent together were intense and I know it was for him too. He agreed I was his soulmate, he never loved anyone the way he loved me and wanted to marry me (he never married but I am waiting for my divorce) and I know he meant every word.

Anyway, I cannot forget him or stop loving him so I am just trying not to think of him so much and I AM getting better at it. I just hope that one of these days (like those Secret stories!!) I will get the call I am dreaming of and when I do I will post my story everywhere to give other people hope.

I hope your love comes to his senses soon too and realises what a wonderful person he has waiting for him.

Thanks again x x x
I hope he does soon. I've been visualizing spending the festive season with him. And my birthday is coming up... My previous 6 birthdays all included him and I really want to spend this special day with him this year too. And every day before and after, of course! :)

I'm kind of enjoying loving him from a distance now. It's like having a secret high school crush! I write him cards and letters, buy him little gifts... I keep them all in a box, and I know he will be delighted to receive them when he comes around.

Ahhh thats lovely!! You sound so happy and positive I'm sure he will be with you very soon!!
I try my best to be. I probably broke every rule possible in the "What not to do after a break-up" after he ended things, which was totally out of my character and only drove him further away from me.

He always see me as the strong and calm one, when he suggested breaking up, I even said "It's okay, if that's what your heart wants. Follow it." I went to his place the day after, packed up my stuff while he's out, and walked out of his life. I thought I would be okay with it. A week later, it hit me so hard. I broke down, I called, I pleaded, I went to his place, I even called his dad. Definitely not the proudest moment of my life, I guess that's a life lesson that I learnt - know when to be vulnerable and know when to be strong. I think I somehow manifested the breakup - I practically pushed him to the limit to end things by being aloof and headstrong when things got rocky.

Sharing with you a principle from the book that I mentioned earlier, which resonates exactly what led to our breakup:

#16: The Need to Dominate Comes From Fear

"Whenever we are in a situation where we are trying to dominate or someone is trying to dominate us, it probably comes from the frightened child within. When someone is trying to dominate us, we are being asked to respond as if they were a frightened child. If we respond to that need by reassuring and supporting, we won't end up feeling as if we are oppressed.

If we are the one trying to dominate, there is a part of us that is feeling frightened. If we were to communicate our fear, not only would it be a relief of the fear for us, it would also be a great gift for the other person. Communication, reaching out, and forgiveness can heal the fear. They are great gift for the other person, as well."

I was scared, but didn't reach out nor communicate. I thought I was doing the right thing by giving him space. But the nature of our long-distance relationship, space wasn't what he wanted. He needed me around, I refused contact and asked him to "sort it out".

We all learn from the mistakes we made. And we continue loving the person who meant the most to us, no matter how hurt we are. We see beyond the pain and feel all the goodness within it.
Do you have the link to the threads?..want to read em..i mean the one by tunasandwich
Now i feel like hugging u soooo tightly cause i have been looking for this..


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