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Success story: How to effectively reverse nearsightedness!

This is going to be a long post, but I want to write EVERYTHING I have learned for those who want to improve their vision as well, and might be struggling or lacking faith.

I am in the process of reversing myopia. I started at -2 diopters (last year), and my last eye check (last week) told me that I still need a presctiption of -0.5 on one and -0.25 on the other eye. I am absolutely confident that I will regain full 20/20 vision, simply because I now understand my eyes and how they work. And I want to share this knowledge here, as others might want to reduce or fully eliminate their nearsightedness as well (maybe some of you know this stuff already, but I think not enough people know!)

Before you'll get all excited: what I am going to propose is not a fast miracle healing. But you didn't get myopic in one day either. Therefore, unless you find a way to speed up the LoA (and please let me know if your eyes are healed overnight!), it will take time and some effort.

The fast way to see perfectly are glasses and contact lenses. The natural way takes a bit longer.

Here's my story:
Towards the end of last summer I got really annoyed with my contact lenses. Due to the constant use of them, my eyes started hurting and getting worse. I had just learned about the LoA, and that "anything is possible". So in a moment of (slightly crazy?) enthusiasm I threw away my contact lenses, poured out the bottle of cleaning solution and proclaimed to the universe that I am now healed from nearsightedness. I still thought that myopia is an irreversible illness, and expected a miracle to happen.

Weeks of visualisations and prayers followed. I tried the Bates method with little success, I read books on meditation and the psychological side of nearsightedness, tried eye exercises, recorded a "I have perfect eyesight" message which I listened to at night. Everytime I saw a poster with huge letters, I jumped with joy and shouted "Yay, I can read that!"… Honestly, I was waiting to wake up one morning with perfect eyesight. It didn't happen. However, just a month later, I noticed some improvement looking at the eyechart which I had put across my room, and 3 months later I went to the optician and my eyesight had improved by approximately one diopter. And then it stopped. All the methods didn't bring any more success, and having had tried so much different things, I wasn't sure anymore what had helped and what not. So I took a break.

Two months ago, I set another intention, to fully work on the improvement of my eyesight. Due to the first success, I didn't want to use artificial lenses anymore, but I also didn't want to run around in this constant blur.

And this is when I came across a couple of websites and articles that made total sense to me...

HERE'S THE TRUTH ABOUT MYOPIA (and I am NOT kidding, as you will see when you read the links below):

Your increasingly worse vision is the result of wearing glasses or contacts! Yes, it's those lenses that your eye doctor or optician recommended to you that have caused your long eyeballs.

First of all, you have to get rid of the idea that the eye cannot change. Your eye is one of the most flexible and adaptable organs you have. Your eyesight fluctuates with daytime, amounts of stress, nutritional influences etc. Your doctor has probably told you that your eyeballs are too long, but most likely he has not told you that the length is just a natural adaptation to the artificial lenses you wear (in academia this is called "lens induced myopia"), and that they can grow back to being perfectly round. And that is not a miracle, it is the very nature of your eye (which, in a way, IS actually miraculous).

Initially, myopia is the result of too much close-up work, which strains the eye muscles. We are just not meant to stare at a computer screen all day. We are meant to have fun outside in nature and look at the trees and clouds all day :)
The eye strain causes a spasm in your eye muscles so that you start to see the world a little more blurry, up to -1.5 diopters.
There is also a psychological side to eyesight. It is certainly possible that people suffering from chronic depression or a lot of stress react to their environment with a spasm of their ciliary muscles. But for most, it's excessive close-up strain.

And now you get glasses. Those glasses make the image focus directly onto your retina when you look at distant objects, but when you look at a book or newspaper with your lenses, the image now focuses behind your retina, because your ciliary muscles are still spastic. And guess what your eyeball does now: it grows longer! It's quite amazing actually how your eyes know exactly whether the image is focused in front or behind the retina. Once your eyesight gets worse, you'll get new glasses, and again your eyes will adapt…

To improve your vision you need to start by eliminating the cause: don't stare at computer screens and books non-stop. Take breaks, spend time outside, and if you have to work at the computer, or read a lot, wear reading glasses, which will protect your eyes by moving the images into the distance.

Next, reverse the process. Yes, IT IS REVERSIBLE! No matter how myopic you are. The first diopters will be more easy to clear, the last diopter is usually the hardest. You need to make your eyes focus at blurry distant objects, using a lower prescription outside, and no prescription while reading. If your prescription is lower than -2.5, use plus lenses (reading glasses) for reading. Those will blur the letters, and you want to look at some blur, as your eyes will adapt and grow shorter. Don't overdo this, too much strain and your eyes will give up (though I got good results being a bit more aggressive sometimes). After a while you will notice yourself how much "stress" is safe for you and will bring success.

I think my initial success was due to the fact that by removing my prescription I first eliminated ciliary muscle tension. I am no optometrist, and no expert on this subject, so here are some links for further information:

Frauenfeld Clinic - lots of good articles, best is to start here:

Todd Becker "Getting Stronger"- http://gettingstronger.org/2010/07/improve-eyesight-and-throw-away-...

Also listen to his talk on youtube: http://youtu.be/RkEt4gSU_gg

If you have any questions, ask me, although I would simply recommend thoroughly studying the Frauenfeld website, as I got most of my knowledge from there.

I wish all of you a wonderful and fast improvement!! It is amazing to see the world more clearly, and I am looking forward to having perfect eyesight soon :D

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This is very interesting. Even though not sure it is true about eyes getting worse from wearing contacts - my stabilized at the same level for quite a few years. I do believe in psychological part - my started getting worse since my mom passed away, when I was a child, and seeing my father being abusive to my older brother were the things that triggered it. I guess, I didn't want to see that, and my eyesight grew worse.

Hello Peacefirst, your comment is really interesting. I also can relate the detoriation of my eyesight to a traumatic event. I remember reading a book by Jacob Liberman who said that most of his patients experienced the same connection between trauma and eyesight.
Last year I put a lot of effort into the psychological part of seeing, however, it didn't make my eyes get better. Once I reached -1.25, I was stuck. But when I started working on the physical side (by wearing anti-corrective lenses) my eyesight improved. I wonder how emotions and the body are related. Maybe once a psychological condition has manifested into a physical illness, we have to work on healing both?! 

Yes, most likely. From physical part nutrition is probably important too. A lot of us are deficient in minerals and stuff. I am raising lots of greens now (I just have to start eating more of them), and eating moringa tree seeds, which supposed to be very rich in nutrients. I might do exercises later since it would be a long process as my eyes are -7. I guess it doesn't bother me much, because lenses correct it very well. But yes, it would be nice not to deal with lenses and liquids, and at the same time I do not want laser surgery since I have a principle of no unneeded surgeries.

Me three! My parents, and several other people dear to me passed away fairly recently and I have seen my eyesight deteriorate.  All of your suggestions make a lot of sense, and I will try my best to follow them.  Thank you for this!

  Well, I am wearing contacts for about 20 years and last time eye doctor checked my eyes he said they are like someone's in their twenties and I am in early fourties. Maybe it could be a larger chance, but I think like everything in the body, depends more on how we feel and what we eat. That said I was still deficient on magnesium, because I had migraines, which I can prevent with certain herbs (esp. wood betony), but once I ran out of it, and got them again. While I was waiting for more to come in the mail, I read what else I can do, and came up on information about 600 mg of bioavailable forms of magnesium. I happened to have some magnesium malate and magnesium glycinate, I took them and they worked. I could hardly believe it. There is also ionic from, which people say is better.  See, you will never find out of magnesium deficiency from the doctor's, because their tests measure blood, and if we have low magnesium in the blood, we get strokes and heart attacks, it is that dangerous, so body will not allow that to happen until we are severely deficient. Calcium can't be absorbed without adequate magnesium, and then sits in the joints or arteries or as stones. Basically since majority of people are deficient, best ration would be one to one of calcium to magnesium.


Hi Noemi

Your Story is very interesting, it will also help me to remove my own glasses. Frankly speaking I was also doing similar type to remove my glasses and still continue and confidence that it will be done. Yea, I know it will take time, but it will come out with +ve result. You know my glasses number -5 of left one and -6 of right one and it was with me from childhood and now I am 48 yrs.

So When I came to know about LOA and how it works (4 to 5 years back, first thing came to my mind about glasses only. I m dam sure it will get clear.


Hi Ranjeet, thank you for your comment. Yay! I am happy that you are experiencing success as well! It is such a shame that people are told that their eye condition cannot be healed, and can only be corrected through glasses. I wish you lots of success, thanks for sharing

I have read a couple books on healing your eye sight naturally.  One of them did mention the psychological aspect of why we often get eye problems which Peacefirst mentioned.  Usually do to some traumatic event in childhood that was hard for us to face.  Some people are able to look back to when their eyes first started getting bad, and see a connection to something that was going on at that time in their life.  Then I guess once you have identified the cause (assuming it was psychological), it is easier to let go of it.  But, for me, I've had vision problems ever since I can remember so I have no idea if mine was caused psychologically or not.  The only event I can think of is that my parents got a divorce when I was one year old. I don't know if that could have done it or not, but I don't believe I am bothered by their divorce at all.

As for these eye exercises that these books have you do, why is it they never mention what to do if you don't see the same distance out of both of your eyes?  I've always been near sighted in one eye, and far sighted in the other, so their eye exercises leave me confused.  It's like these eye exercises are for people who see the same distance out of both of their eyes.  Wouldn't know how to apply them to my situation.  Am I a rare case?  Is it rare for a person not to see the same out of both eyes?

Hello, thank you for your reply, it is very interesting to hear other people's stories. I haven't heard of someone being near sighted in one eye and far sighted in the other eye. I think it is rare, which is why nobody mentions it. I do believe that it is possible that your parents' divorce might have triggered your eye problems. We usually don't remember our early childhood, and how we perceived the world as a one year old.

The people who support the concept of anti-corrective lenses would probably say that you would need to wear a plus lens on your nearsighted eye for reading, and a minus lens on your farsighted eye when looking at the distance. That's the theory, I am not sure how you can do that in practice, maybe cover the other eye? Or buy cheap glasses and remove one lens? It would probably take more work and be more complicated.

I think I got really excited when I learned this method, because it makes sense to me and it works really well on my eyes. I really think that no matter what the cause of your eye problem, the eye can learn to see again, once glasses are taken off.

Yeah, I stopped wearing glasses and lenses years ago because I believe they don't really make your eye sight better, they just seem to make them worse in the long run.  I can say that my eye sight did improve slightly on their own after I quit wearing contacts.  I use to have a restriction on my drivers license that required me to wear lenses while driving, but I went back one time to get a new license, and they tested my eyes again and my eye sight was a little better.  So I no longer have the restriction on my drivers license. 

That was only a slight improvement though.  I'm sure I would need some eye exercises or something to fix them completely.  It is a pain, but I just deal with it.  I pretty much dominant one eye or the other depending upon what I'm looking at since my eyes see two different distances .  If I'm looking at something close up, reading a book, or computer screen, I look out of my right eye (which is near sighted) and ignore the other eye.  If I'm looking at something farther away like things ahead of me while driving, road signs, I will look out of my left eye (which is far sighted) and ignore the other eye.  So it's a back and forth thing - very frustrating.

I did have eye surgery when I was like eight years old, but it didn't seem to do me any good. 

I read a book one time on Chinese face reading which teaches you how to read people's faces - kind of like palm reading but faces.  And one of the things I remember from the book is that the right side of the face some how relates to your mother, and the left side relates to your father.  They say for example that a person who had an abusive father may also have a left ear that is rather sharply pointed at the top.  My parents divorced when I was one year old, so I was raised by my mom and so therefore always felt closer to my mom than my dad.  Maybe that is why my right eye is near sighted and my left eye is far sighted.  I'm closer to my mom.  I see things closer with my right eye - right side relates to mother.  My dad was farther away growing up, I wasn't as close to him.  I see things farther away with my left eye - left side of face relates to father.  I don't know if there's anything to this or not, but if my eyes are really screwed up because of how I dealt with my parents divorce when I was a baby (which I don't even remember), I'm not sure what I could do about that now. 

i am not getting your this point. can you please elaborate it,??? please lower prescription outside means?? while using reading glasses can we focus on distantt objects which are blurry? and what is the diopter for reading glsses?

. The first diopters will be more easy to clear, the last diopter is usually the hardest. You need to make your eyes focus at blurry distant objects, using a lower prescription outside, and no prescription while reading. If your prescription is lower than -2.5, use plus lenses (reading glasses) for reading. Those will blur the letters, and you want to look at some blur, as your eyes will adapt and grow shorter. Don't overdo this, too much strain and your eyes will give up (though I got good results being a bit more aggressive sometimes). After a while you will notice yourself how much "stress" is safe for you and will bring success.

Great thread!! I was just discussing this with my brother in law! We agreed that we can improve our sight through loa!!

I know for me I have to STOP SAYING I'm blind. I say it all the time!! Silly girl!! Thanks for the reminder!


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