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Hello people, recently i have more doors of opportunities opened to me. Doors that will lead me to greater heights than ever, doors that will help me in my future careers in the next 10 years. I was offered to be trained by a prestigious company but i do have to sign a contract of maybe 5 to 10 years. I am pretty sure it should be 5 years contract and i have not yet seen the contract yet. The thing is i am not feeling comfortable signing such a long term contract. If ever things get bad, i can't get out from the company. But i do believe after the 5th year ends, my resume will be great, my experiences and knowledge will be wonderful. I think I am good after the 5th year. 

Now my concern is the potential bad things (suffering) that might happened during the 5 years in the company ( i know i am quite pessimistic here and might be attracting negative things to me... but i really expecting the best and preparing for the worst like what anthony robbin said). 

Back to the topic, i have read some books and some quotes. Most of them usually are talking about similar things like " no pain , no gain ",  "If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere.  ~Frank A. Clark" , and suffering is required to be successful.  But the law of attraction i read didn't mention anything about the need to suffer to get what you want. There is no need to be painful mentally or physically to get what you really desire. You visualize, put in strong power positive emotions and the things you want will be brought to you. 

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Suffering is not required! That's an old wives tale and one that should be avoided at all costs.....WE KNOW BETTER NOW!

Change the material and the material changes.....You can find just as many positive thoughts and quotes being shared today by people who wrote quotes in the same time frame of those you mention - others just CHOSE to change their perspective.....

You are here Daniel Po!, did you really think I'd let you post this stuff and not try and sway you from such caveman philosophy? Come on now.....Whatever you do, do it with love and you cannot, will not, fail.....We don't fail either, we know that everything we experience we somehow require so that a part of us that needs to be awakened - awakens and then we have an opportunity to grow yet again.

It's all about perspective.....Live a good life, trust who you are and the choices you make and your life will be fulfilled!

About the contract, read it through, and KNOW all contracts can actually be broken, they are written on paper and not in stone. Weigh the pros and cons and if you don't like it, change it......Choice has always been yours.

Awesome is Awesome, heart tug moment <3
Usually, most companies do not force you to sign the contract right away. If possible, take the contract to a lawyer, let him/her look it over, and then see if there are any loopholes that you can keep in mind just in case you want to prepare for the worst. Plus, preparing for the worst isn't a bad thing. It's actually a good way to make sure you will relax when you start working for the company.

For example, someone in my class brought up the idea that they will never sign a prenuptial agreement b/c they will manifest a divorce. I raised my hand and said, "But, if you do have an agreement then you won't have to worry about what happens if you get a divorce. Therefore, you'll be more likely to focus on the relationship instead of the fear of getting a divorce." My professor--who was a huge LOA fan--looked at the other lady and said, "See, it's another way of thinking."

So, if it helps you feel more relax, then definitely take the contract to a lawyer to see if there is a way to get out of it just in case things don't work out or you have a better offer. However, 5 years at a great company sounds magnificent. Especially if it is prestigious because you never know how many connections you can build and how easy it could be for you to move onto a more profitable career.

As for the suffering thing, I've been taught that my entire life (mostly by my dad). No pain, no gain and other slogans were very popular around the house. Now, to some extent it can make you a stronger person, but as Awesome mentioned it's not a requirement.
It sounds like you're a bit intimidated by what you've created and are being led by your fears. The question of suffering shouldn't even be on the table. If you know what you want, obstacles are irrelevant and you're not going to be deterred if they do manifest. Yes, manage your downside and negotiate a fair deal, but be clear about what you want out of the opportunity, know where you're going with this, be in the driver's seat.
People who are connected, clear and passionate do not suffer. They may endure, become more determined, but they do not suffer. Only the lost, afraid and disconnected suffer—that is, until they find their connection again...
If you ever get a bad feeling about something even before it has actually happened, the chances are that it will turn out to be something negative. Either the bad feelings are serving as some kind of portent or harbinger; or that they will draw in negative experiences and circumstances; or both.

Nobody needs to suffer. That is just a mistaken reality attracted to most of the human race by a mistaken belief passed onto them. Life isn't about suffering, and nor is the world of work. Life is meant to be fun and be an experience of joyful growth. If you ever have a dilemma like this, always ask the Universe or your higher self to guide you and help you out. It will open doors for you, and lead you to the circumstances (job, home, relationship, boss, friends, city etc) which are right for you and where you will be at your happiest. Where you will be growing most joyfully.

I also wouldn't believe anything Anthony Robbins says either: he is big and brash and makes people uncomfortable. If you are expecting the best and preparing for the worst, you are sending out conflicting energies to the universe. One is positive, and the other is the complete opposite. Send the two out to the universe and you will set up a split energy and the situation will get stuck. The best thing to do is the expect the best, and then work on your beliefs about it by believing that IT'S ALL TURNING OUT IN A GLORIOUS WAY. Once you start believing this about a situation, it WILL start to turn out in a glorious way.


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