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Every now and again, we get situations in our lives which we can't do much about ourselves.  This is when we require some kind of supernatural intervention from the Universe.  So my question today is, what are your stories of supernatural interventions.

Maybe you had a problem you couldn't solve.  Maybe there was a particular person who was giving you grief.  Maybe you were struggling with an area of your life and needed higher help.  Maybe you had a desire and you didn't know how to manifest it on your own.

I have had a number of these situations over the past three or so years, and every time I have asked the Universe for help, it has intervened in some way.

So what are your examples and how did they come about?

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I have a couple!

This is my favourite one!  I decided to treat myself to around £200 worth of cosmetics (to me that's a fair amount).  Anyway, we went for some drinks and I had the bag of treats with  me. I had too much to drink and left the bag in the bar we were in.  I didn't realise until I was half way home and it was too late.  That night I decided to stay calm and affirmed the bag would be back with me.  I rang the bar the next day only to find that it had been taken.  I didn't allow myself to get worked up or upset, I simply changed my request (to the universe) to have the exact amount of money given returned by some other source.  I let it go.  I didn't make it a big deal by telling the story of losing the bag to everyone I knew (which is what I would have done before).  The following week I decided to buy a chromebook, it was just short of £200.  It was meant to be delivered at home and didn't arrive.  I called them the next day and they couldn't find my details. We went back and forth for ages, in the end sensing they had the issue they sent one that day.  You can guess what happened next, the original one was also delivered to my house the day after.  Due to the disruption, they refunded the delivery charge which made the total just over £200.  Some may have a moral dilemma with returning one, but I didn't because I knew it was a gift from the heavens.  My favourite manifestation this year!

I have one more!!   There is a guy at work that I simply cannot stand.  His managerial style is bullish and he has no tact.  I have to work with him a fair amount and he used to make me seethe...until I remembered I was a powerhouse :).  I made peace with it (truth be told I didn't even look for positive aspects in him because I couldn't find any), and decided whether I resisted his ways or not they would continue. So, I relaxed into it and turned it over to universe.  No word of a lie, four days after I set the intention to feel better about him, he handed his notice in!   Some may consider it a miracle, I consider it a demonstration of my power :)


There are 2 situations in my mind:

I my childhood when i was 9 years old. There was flood in my city. I was going to my grandparents home waking through the road edges because there was water runnig fastly on the road. Sudden i saw a child (who was i think 5 years old), he slipped into the water and was dragged towards the gutter. Seeing this i ran, He was almost invisible but as i put my hand i got him and pulled him very easily. I was amased at what i had done.

Many times i listen the talks before they occur and sometimes i even dream the events that exactly come true in furure.

Having started this post, here are some of my own examples:

1/  Years ago, I started a new job, and there was one colleague who was giving me some grief.  He was an immature lad, and i was his easy target.  I wanted something done about this, but didn't really know who to ask as I was just new myself.  I asked the Universe to step in and do something about it - not anything bad happen to him, just for things to be sorted.  I came in the following day to find out that he had been let go of, because he was on a casual contract and they didn't need him any longer.

2/  This is the big one for me, the impossible problem I couldn't do much about.  My Dad had always had heart troubles, but went into hospital for an operation.  It carried a big risk and there were some serious complications afterwards, meaning that he lost a lot of blood and fell into a coma.  He was brain damaged and in a locked-in state, and the whole development created a lot of stress and strain for my family.  When it was confirmed that he wouldn't get any better, we started thinking about care homes and those kinds of things.  I asked the Universe to intervene and help us (with the idea of guiding us to the right care home) but it went a few steps further; my Dad passed away peacefully soon after this was announced.  This freed us of any false hopes, and also the distress of living with a close relative in a coma (a scenario which is not timetabled at all, and can last for days, weeks, months, years and decades).  We could then move on with our lives (my Mum certainly has and is really enjoying life now) and he could move into his next life and get healing.

3/ Several months later, and I was still unemployed, having been out of work for 22 months.  This too was seemingly endless and was becoming a wearying struggle.  I was also over a barrel with an employment adviser pressuring me into taking an unappealing night job, with a very risky journey there and back.  I really didn't want this scenario at all, so I asked the U for help.  I was then told about a career fayre at the Job Centre which I was obliged to go to so I went along.  There I found out about a Christmas temp job at a local department store, and applied for it.  I got the job and was kept on after Christmas.  22 months of unemployment came to an end pretty quickly.

4/  For the first few months of this job, I was working in the busy Christmas shop and was on the till all day every day.  This can be quite tedious and I was getting fed up of all of the boredom and tedium.  This wasn't the stimulating department store job I thought it was going to be, so I asked the u to intervene.  After being kept on, I was then transferred to the quieter menswear department, where I had much more variety of tasks, and freedom.  I thrived on it.

5/  A new store manager came in and he was quite keen on rotating managers around the departments.  One of them was a young female manager who was seconded to my department.  To cut a long story short, her man-management skills left a lot to be desired, and she soon started being stressy and obnoxious.  I wasn't enjoying this and nor were my colleagues as it was creating a bad atmosphere, but since she was one of the store manager's pets, there was little I could do.  However, something needed to be done, and I identified the floor manager (her immediate superior) as someone who could have words.  I asked the U for help though, and the following morning, I ended up chatting to the restaurant manager in the locker room.  He was someone I got on well with, and was also floor manager rank.  I mentioned the younger manager to him, and he said he would have a word with her.  It turned out that he was someone she liked and respected, and most importantly, could get through to her.  He had words, and it did the trick.  She was a lot better afterwards, and was then transferred to another department entirely.

6/  About a year later, I was moved from menswear to childrenswear and re-acquired the young female manager.  To her credit, she was a lot better but I was still wary so I asked the U to sort things out.  I was then transferred back to menswear for a week or to to cover holidays, and in the meantime, the female manager was sent to run the restaurant, and then left the company entirely.

7/  Part of our job description as shop workers, was to get customers to apply for the Barclays Freedom Card.  The aloof store manager was obsessed with these as the store was paid commission for each application.  Certain employees were very good at this, but I found it hard, and I was getting leant on as I hadn't had an application in a while.  Nonetheless, I asked the U for help with this and gave thanks in advance for an application.  The following morning, I was sent a jolly customer who actively wanted one, and I knew how this had come about.  From then on, every time I needed a Freedom Card application to break a drought, I asked the Universe to send me someone, and it always did.

8/  After 3 years working in the store, the company went out of business due to poor management at the highest level.  I needed to find a new job, but things weren't going for me and the UK economy was wobbling after the Brexit referrendum.  Nowhere was recruiting and no jobs were to be found.  I was getting worried, because I had my own home and my own bills to pay.  One day, I looked at Google Images, and was reminded about the Universe's ability to take care of everyone, and that struck me as the one thing I wasn't believing in, so I started to do so.  A day later, a notice appeared in the staff room, that the neighbouring larger department store had 50 vacancies, and their HR people were coming in to tout for staff.  Long story short, I had a short meeting with them, arranged an interview, did very well and was given the job there and then.  Several months of worry had come to an and within a few short days.

9/  I started this new retail job, and the section manager was being off with me.  Apparently, he is this way with all new starters, and needs to be won over with hard work, and it was making me nervous.  Along with that, he was also being very pushy and pressuring.  I didn't enjoy this at all, so I asked the Universe to take care of things, and one by one, improvements began to happen.  Firstly, I got out of having to do a split shift.  Then I worked well on a night move and the manager was impressed.  Then he started being much more companionable and easy going.  Then I got out of having to work Sundays, and so the improvements went on.  A year later, and him and me get on very well, and I can often see his positive qualities.

10/  My fixed term contract was coming to an end, and I was wondering about getting an extension.  At the time, the company was overspent on hours, and I was wondering if they would even be able to keep me on the payroll.  I asked for help from the Universe; either a contract extension or a new job.  Right at the very end, I was called into the office, told that my contract had been made permanent, my hours would stay the same (which suited me fine) and that I would be getting a backdated pay rise.  Back of the net!  Even better than I had been asking for.

So if you have a scenario you need help with, or a desire you can't make happen by yourself, ask the Universe for help and BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE RECEIVING IT.  We are all children of the Universe, and it loves to help us if only we would ask.

Interesting post! Im sorry for your loss but you are strong & conscious enough to know your dad is always there with you.
Thank you Stefania. The abiding emotion at the time wasn't sadness really, but relief. Relief for both him and the rest of the family. He was old, in poor health, but he had had a pretty good life so that was his time to go. And the way it all happened was the right and most peaceful way for it all to happen. Him being in a coma gave us time to 'get used' to him not being round, so it wasn't really a shock when he finally passed away.

Yes, I am very aware that he is around and helping out, as are some other former relatives who act as my spirit guides. He has even had a hand in some of the examples. Number 3, I have been told by a psychic, that he guided me to the career fayre and the job. In number 8, I began thinking he thoughts and then signs started appearing. There were car number plates saying the names of my Dad, my Granny and my Granddad as well as the word POP, so I knew my spirit guides were up to something.

Then in number 10, the prompt to ask for help came from a strange message from the Universe. I came home and looked in my postbox to find a couple of odd things. A religious flyer telling me to 'give God my problems' plus a letter from Talk Talk which was bizarrely addressed with my Dad's name. Then I put it all together and read between the lines: talk talk.....to your father.....about what's troubling you. So I did. And the day after was when I was told about being made permanent. The line manager had sorted it all out just an hour beforehand.
Great attitude and great story :) Communicating with non-physical can be fun!
I have just thought of another one and this one comes between 9 and 10 on my list of examples. Where I work, it is well-funded and I can always get extra hours to bump up my pay. Earlier on this year though, the store was overspent, so they have to cut back on hours for a while, meaning that only contracted hours could be worked. This was fine for a week or two as I could have a rest and do some fun things, but after then I realised that I would need some more money coming in. Bills wouldn't get paid just on my contracted hours. Unfortunately, there was nothing going and wouldn't be for weeks.

A bit of a worry, but I then remembered that my job isn't necessary the source of my abundance: that is the Universe. The job is just one of the conduits through which it can come to me. So I asked the Universe to sort things out, and spent a couple of days affirming that it was helping me. After a couple of days, the staffing coordinator called me into the office and said that there were some extra hours available to me. The reason for this was that one of my colleagues had been signed off sick for a couple of weeks, and I could take some of his hours. That I did, and by the time he came back, the store was back in the black. Problem solved.
When I was 19 I went through an experience that I couldn't speak to a lot of people about. It impacted my dating life quite a bit and left me with a lot of anxiety. Last year I asked the universe for help, I said I know this is going to help me grow but please don't make me go through this alone. Later that afternoon I went to work and my colleague guessed what my issue was because she had gone through it too! She guided me through the issue so it's not a problem anymore!
Great story. When you ask for help, the Universe also sends you the right people to help you through the experience and help you learn (as with the restaurant manager in my example number 5). This is why I would always encourage alcoholics and other addicts or dependants, to ask for help from the higher power first, before embarking on any kind of help program. Then they will attract the right people they need.

Hi Sir Neil

I enjoyed reading this post, just 1 question how did you ask the universe?

sorry still a newbie and not having much success.


Hi Al,

Asking the Universe can be as easy as asking it verbally, a bit like a prayer.  Or you can write it a letter, detailing what is happening and what you would like it to help you with.  You don't need to worry about negative language or anything like that, if something is really bothering you, use the letter as a means of getting everything off your chest.  Tell it what you need (materialistic needs or otherwise) or what you would like to know.  They tear the letter into three pieces, and burn it.  As you do, thank the Universe for receiving your letter. 

The second part is to work on your mindset, which means using a belief that the Universe is taking care of things for you (or a similar belief which chimes with you). Tell yourself that over and over, especially when you get worrying thoughts about what may happen. The Universe is taking care of it all, looking after you, meeting your needs, sorting everything out.  You don't have to worry about anything because a Higher Power is doing all of the worrying and the battling for you.  It has ways and means which you can't really comprehend.  It doesn't matter how unsolvable something may seem, or how complicated, and it doesn't matter about external circumstances such as company budgets, recessions, or illness.  The Universe is infinitely bigger than all of those, and will help you according to your belief in it.

I have found jobs and undergraduate housing this way, and I have also sorted out obnoxious line managers who were teacher's pets as well.  Give this way a try, it certainly works. 



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