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Every now and again, we get situations in our lives which we can't do much about ourselves.  This is when we require some kind of supernatural intervention from the Universe.  So my question today is, what are your stories of supernatural interventions.

Maybe you had a problem you couldn't solve.  Maybe there was a particular person who was giving you grief.  Maybe you were struggling with an area of your life and needed higher help.  Maybe you had a desire and you didn't know how to manifest it on your own.

I have had a number of these situations over the past three or so years, and every time I have asked the Universe for help, it has intervened in some way.

So what are your examples and how did they come about?

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One time I had a problem - it seemed like my head was itching all the time.  I started thinking I had head lice, but nobody could find any in my hair.  I even applied hair lice treatment to my head because it wouldn't stop itching.  I started wondering if it was this stuff I was putting in my hair to keep it from getting frizzy.  I stopped using it for a few days but my head still itched.  I even tried a different product for the frizz and my head still itched.  It was awful.  Days turned into weeks which turned into months and my head still itched.  Like a year later, I was so frustrated that I was praying about it asking God to tell me what was causing my head to itch.  That day or the next my mother told me she was talking to my aunt on the phone and my aunt said she had been using this particular conditioner in her hair that was making her head itch.  It turns out the conditioner was the exact same brand as the product I was putting in my hair although mine wasn't a conditioner, it was to keep my hair from frizzy.  I had assumed that wasn't the problem because I quite using it a few days and my head still itched.  But this time I quite it for good and it took a few days before my head stopped itching, but it did stop itching. 

Oh .. so ....

God needs an intervention .... from God ?  

Ahahahahahahahahahahaha !   !    !  

God forgot who God is, that God is ALL, and now needs "help" from God's own forgotten Self to re-member that God is God, One and ALL ?  

Ahahahahaahahaahahahaah !   !     !  

Wise as always !

I would like to add that God's love, help, healing, guidance etc isn't some wishy-washy thing dished out like golden tickets.  It's very real thing which is available to us at every second of our lives.  It's just a prayer or an affirmation away.  At first, when you ask for help there may be a time lag, but that doesn't mean you have been abandoned.  It means that there is some resistance there on your part, in the form of unhelpful beliefs, and these will need to be worked through, but once you do that (and it may only take a few days) then the help starts coming.  You don't need to believe in right timing or anything like that, because God's help is a case of WHEN YOU BELIEVE, THEN IT COMES.  (Talk of right timing is generally used like a lead balloon, and can actually make you even more fearful and doubtful, it's very unhelpful thing to say).  God responds to you're life and your thoughts (your faith, in a nutshell) and once those are clear, then things come through for you.  The answers, solutions and resources you need and desire.


God is also very practical in the way supernatural interventions come about.  Lots of religious speakers and articles, use very woo-woo language, and speak of 'the Devil' or just of 'words of encouragement in the face of adversity' when you actually need concrete, physical help. Cast them aside, the Universe knows what you need and desire, and will provide them if you believe.  It knows that we need proper physical answers in the 21st century, instead of wishy-washy religious talk. 

You can ask for an intervention once ANY situation in your life, nothing is too big or too small and the Universe won’t be ‘offended’ if it’s too ‘easy.’  We know about the parting of the Red Sea, yet I have just read of a lady who Couldn’t find her prescription sunglasses either. The only thing which should ‘qualify’ is that you don’t feel you can’t do the thing yourself, and you need help with it. 



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