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Hi everyone, 

One of my biggest resistance to manifest my desires lies in the fact that I think my family and friends won't support my decisions. However they are still important to me and I don't want to let them down or lose them by manifesting my desires. 

So I was wondering if you could ask the universe for your family and friends to be supportive with the decisions you make in life and with your desires once you get here. :) Obviously they are just trying to protect me from getting hurt or making a big mistake, but I got the feeling they are holding me back. Once I get my desires I don't want to fight with them.

Thank you for advice :) 

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i think maybe you should work on a belief that your dreams are not good and the Universe does not really wants them to become true. the truth is the whole Universe can not wait for you to be happy and live your dream life. Do you think your friends and family are not part of this universe? :D your desires will uplift them!

i think d last quote is particularly important for you:

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I love it :) but indeed I think my desires are no good, because in my mind I myself think I'm crazy for wanting what I want. But my heart always goes back at it.... It's an intuïtion thing which got me conflicted and everyone's warning me not to go there, but I still want to go there in my heart. 

and yes it's about a guy. But he hurt me and I don't ever want him to hurt me again and I actually don't think what he did was right and I feel crazy for wanting him, because there are a lot of guys out there, but there's this gut feeling that he might be the one I can't shake it. I don't want him back rationally, but in my heart I really do love him. So now I'm just trying to think about other things that I want and focus upon my life, but it sometimes pops in my head and then I'm confused again. 

when your relationship with yourself will be stable and full of love also your relationship with your lover will be stable & full of love. and all the other relationships too. it's all about you and your vibrational balance.

That's the word I needed : balance. I need to get in balance with my good feelings ;) I was actually feeling really good but started to watch a tv show about suicide, which was so beautiful (because of all the insights : how words, thoughts, fears,... have an influence on what you do and what you experience and what other people do). But it actually didn't make me feel really good, because it was also sad. And I felt less better because of it and got back into a state of confusion. Wow. So it could be really that. 

I really could support myself more indeed :) 

I see, I've been listening to abe and I can see now that I create my own confusion a bit.

One day I'm feeling good and everything goes fine, then I notice something that screws a bit with my vibration and instead of choosing to feel better I dwell upon it., this creates my confusion. Instead of feeling better, I go downwards again and then I choose to feel better and then I'm upwards, downwards, upwards, downwards ;) Okay time to stay in that better feeling ;) 

I agree with the other answers here. Just another thing to consider is whether you stand by your desires 100%. I have felt the way you do and a lot of times it was because I was not supporting my own choices fully, therefore I was seeking approval from my family and friends. If you think about it, when you are 100% sure that you want something, you don't really talk about it that much. You don't ask for other opinions. You just go for it. When you are out shopping and you see a beautiful dress that you really want, and it fits perfectly, you buy it! You take off the tags and wear it straight away. But when you are feeling so-so about a dress, you start asking other people's opinions. Do they like it? Will they compliment you? Should you return it? And you hope that they will convince you that the dress suits you well. And if they say something negative about the dress, you get frustrated with them! When deep down, it's you who is not sure about the dress. Ever happened to you? :) ok, maybe stupid example but I hope the point comes across :) 

I'm not saying that this is the case for you, but maybe ask yourself if you fully support your own desires :) 

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I have really struggled with this one. After a lot of family conflict, emotional abuse and threats to my safety I moved out a few days before Christmas. It hurt my family a lot(because it's against our cultural norm) and things were really tense. Me and my dad barely ever spoke to each other, we could hardly stand being in the same room together.

Two weeks ago, I went to a ho'oponopono workshop and I forgave my dad and myself. I saw him as a soul that was just trying to do the best he could and he had a lot of experiences in his life that caused him to be the way he is. It doesn't make the past okay, but I accept that I attracted it into my life. Overall, I just felt so much love for him and myself. It was so profound.

Last week I stopped by my parents house to have dinner. I haven't spoken to my dad since Christmas, when we got into a huge fight. My family is not very touchy feely and we don't tell each other our feelings much less say I love you to each other. When I got home he gave me a huge hug and told me he loved me and missed me so much. Things that normally would have bothered me about him didn't anymore. I was more understanding, because he's just a soul, same as everyone. We create the reactions others give us. If you're feeling resistance from your family try a Meditation using ho'oponopono. It was truly powerful for me.

I'm over this ;) I made a list of examples when they supported me in the past and I came to the conclusion that they will support me if it's something that makes me happy and that I really love :) From that point on I got a really high vibration and a friend of my ex said hi to me (which he didn't do for years). This really convinced me that if I change how I see things, it will change with me :) 


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