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About a year ago YoungHenry created a thread where he asked if there was any method to increase his height and David introduced us to his 'Talking to your Cells' method. The link is;



People were using this method to change all sorts of things they wanted to change on their body.

Unfortunately, he left this forum and so did all his comments. I did save quite a few of his comments and have put up a link so new people can be introduced to his method.



Had a bit of success myself and was just wondering if anyone else is still using the method?

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I was talking to my cells affected by arthritis. I think I've been successful. I have had a lot less pain. I have also been "led" to other things that I can do to aleviate arthritis.

Would you like to share your success? 

And thanks for saving that info!

Hi Larey,

we do lose a lot of wonderful advice and stories when someone leaves and so it is great that you saved so much !!

I use a technique called "immunics', which is a simple way of talking to the body and immune system.  There is a website called TheCureDrive set up by Bayard Barnes and thousands of people are using it with great success to cure all kinds of diseases.

To use Immunics, you simple sit quietly and hold your hands palms upwards, relaxing the fingers, and you ask a series of questions starting with 'can i now access my immune system', you wait till a finger twitches which you take as a 'yes'.  Once you are in touch with your immune system, you  can ask "do I have any pathologies" and wait for a signal.  You can be more specific and say "do I have a virus, or a bacteria etc', When you get a YES answer, you simple ask "Can I now let it go'.   Sometimes we can let these go immediately, and sometimes it takes time.

I do this at night and instead of the finger twitches as signals, I close my eyes and wait for any muscle to twitch and I heal everything I need to heal each night.

Sometimes you can ask your immune system "do I have a cancer' and it might say YES, even though you have not been diagnosed with cancer.  But you simply let it go.  Every disease starts with a simple one or two cells affected and our body and immune system can detect even a single foreign cell or defective cell in our bodies.

By using this method regularly, you keep your body healthy and in tip top condition and soon you lose all fear of ever getting sick, because you know you can heal anything quickly and easily and almost as early as it starts.

And as David mentions in his posts, we can communicate with our cells and with our genes and we can persuade our bodies to change, because cells are renewing themselves all the time and are superresponsive to our thoughts and feelings.

love and light Gen

Hey Genevieve , i love your posts.  :)

Thank you for sharing. I was just looking at the thread thinking "I wish someone had saved David's comments" then I found this. =] =] =]

oh my goodness that thread is 79 pages long, but if it teaches you to talk to your cells, i guess it might be worth it

do you talk to your cells aloud or mentally.......?

david says to touch the body part, you wanna change

but what if, the body part is whole body skin......? you cant obviously touch your body skin at once

so how do you instruct cells in this case........?


the same way

just TOUCH your skin ...

the cells are smart :) they'll understand you mean the whole of the skin and not some parts of it :)


I think what I'm doing when I 'talk to my cells' is focus my intention for healing, so HOW I do it is just a preferance. Not a certain formallized way of doing it.




are you saying this from personal experience.......?

and what about the other question

do you talk to your cells mentally or aloud.....?

it doesnt matter

your belief system determines your reality ....

do whatever feels right to you



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