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About a year ago YoungHenry created a thread where he asked if there was any method to increase his height and David introduced us to his 'Talking to your Cells' method. The link is;



People were using this method to change all sorts of things they wanted to change on their body.

Unfortunately, he left this forum and so did all his comments. I did save quite a few of his comments and have put up a link so new people can be introduced to his method.



Had a bit of success myself and was just wondering if anyone else is still using the method?

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The universe works with intention. I talked my cells through the withdrawals they went through as I was changing my neural net to have thought patterns that make me happy. When you change your thought process, the peptides that your brain sends to your body change. Your cells have become accustom certain peptides and when those peptides are no longer available, they send signals to the brain that trigger the old thought patterns that bring about the peptides they crave. Why wouldn't you send an intent to your cells by talking to them so you can break the cycle? If you want your cells to go along with your new way of thinking, the process becomes much easier when you let them in on the game plan. Whether it's becoming healthy or happy, you got to where you are with your thought patterns and if you become consciously intentional with your thought patterns, you'll get to where you want to be. The best way I have found to make your intentions known to your cells is to talk to them. Having your body on board my not be necessary for the process but it's a powerful tool that I highly recommend.

Living life loving.

Yes.... It isn't a magic spell where your cells hear you talking.... EVERYTHING that we deliberately manifest is done with "intention". Some people use all sorts of healing techniques, and they all work the same, including "cell talking".


No matter what you choose to do, you are attempting to vibrate well-being....


I question whether anyone has ever changed their dna makeup to be taller, because it is counter-intuitive to being born who you are born to be... or grow to be who you are growing to be, naturally.... It is the opposite of letting go.


Thanks for sharing!!


Can we talk to a few body parts?

And can we tell our cells to do a few things?

You are totally free to do anything you feel inspired to do.

Thanks karolina

i would like to know others opinion too

how will you instruct your cells if you are aiming for parts like whole body skin...?
Since you cant touch the whole skin at once

Expressing one's intent is somewhat personal. You may be a visual type, in which case you would want to express your intent to your cells visually. Maybe you are a mechanical engineer and you send the visual to your cells as being a well oiled machine working in perfect harmony. Maybe you are musically inclined and visualize you cells each making a sound that resonates in harmony. Maybe you are an artistic type and could paint or sculpt what your desired result would look like. Maybe you are a writer and could write it all out in an elaborate fashion or a poet and reduce it down to its rawest emotion. Maybe you are extremely social and could just talk it out like you're talking to your friends. Expressing intent to your cells is no different that expressing your intent to the universe except that it's directed to them. Your cells are to you as you are to God. They are both unique as individuals and as part of something greater. If you want them to be a part of your envisioned reality, you need to express to them your desired outcome. How you express it, is best left to you. If I were to tell you how to best do it, I would be doing you a grave disservice. You are perfect, trust in this perfection.

Living life loving.

I'm bumping this up because it's a great post and I think a lot of people will benefit.
Thanks a lot Larey!

Thank you for this, Larey! I wonder why useful info as this is not archived or something.

How this method works?
Please help me......

If you mean how does one communicate with the cells of their body, I think  the Reply by Douglas Boter on July 2, 2012 at 10:03am above descfribes it rather well.

so similar to Huna healing , great post! 

Taking to cells is basically like giving instructions to the Universe for the body reality you would like to manifest. I remember reading in one of my books (I think it was 'The Power of your Subconscious Mind') that a ship's captain was once asked why he never got seasick, and he replied that it was because he often 'talked' to his stomach and told it to do what it did naturally. When you do something like this over and over again, the thought sinks into your subconscious mind, and then it readjusts the cells in your body accordingly. This way, you can use it to 'communicate' the idea of perfect health and full function to any part of your body.


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