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Does anyone have any experience with teleportation? Like teleporting yourself to another country where you have a house with a pool and a job etc? Any other teleportation stories?

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This isn't a website focused in Psychic experiences.

There is a difference between personal human development and ESCAPE.  That is ESCAPE. You are out of touch with reality. In order to develop any type of advanced psionic ability you must first have your life stable so that you can focus on the skill that is to be learned without any pressure. I also agree with Laura. This is not the place.

Very nicely put, Garth. :) Your message never shines brighter than it does in moments like this.

"The way "to it" is by no means at all , in fact the harder you "try" , the more elusive it appears."

Garth: This time I agree with you! :)


Sarah:  I have mentioned a number of times both on my website, in my videos and in my group that false expectations are a recipe for failure and under NO circumstances should you attempt anything under a state of "desperation".  Advanced psionic abilities have an ORDER of learning from the easiest to the more advanced, and unless you have experienced one NATURALLY or seem to have a "talent", it's best to learn them starting with the easiest one first.  The order of learning is as follows:

1. Quantum Time Travel (quantum jumping)

2. Time Control (chronokinesis)

3. Regular Time Travel (chronoportation)

4. Teleportation

5. Quantum Tunneling (passing through walls)

If you have not mastered the basics and are acting from a state of desperation, there is no point in trying a more advanced ability

PS Based on the SCALE at which the other abilities manifest and my possibly ONE personal experience, I would say that the current limit for human powered teleportation is about 20 ft.

Could you share your experience?

Sure... Although you should know that these types of experiences tend to mimic one another... It could have been forward time travel or quantum tunneling too... In the end, I opted for forward 3-4 minutes... but here is the story...

I had gone to a small shopping mall to pick up a toaster oven. I had to take one of those city trains to get there. When you get off the train, there is always stairs and then a turnstile to exit the station.  I walked down the stairs looking for the turnstile.  I walked and walked and walked.... and NO turnstile!  Suddenly I stop, look around and I am on the OTHER side of the turnstile! I had that same feeling of motion that you get when you get off a carnival ride or a moving sidewalk.  It felt like something had "propelled me". It could have been quantum tunneling (passing through the turnstile without actually touching it), teleportation or forward time travel.

In the end I opted for forward time travel 3-4 minutes, because it turned out to be a "paired event" and the next evening I had an experience going back about 10 minutes in time, as measured by a pair of clocks at a different train station.


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