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Hello everyone, I'm Chaelene Awesome's daughter I just wanted to thank all of you for your love and support!! my mommy loved being on the P.I. website she loved talking to all of you, hearing your stories,  the love, positive energy, and kindness with people all over the world!!! She loves you all.. Again i just wanted to say Thank You God bless and Take Care!!!

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Chaelene, thank you for the beautiful thank you card you guys sent me, I really appreciate it and I will show it to my friend who wrote on our card to you as well.

I really appreciate you taking the time to do that with all that's happened.

Oh, Chaelene, I know you know this but when I chatted to Awesome, Helene on the phone it was so clear to me she loved you (loves you) so much and really wants the best for you.  She was so excited about I think you had a new job and she was really happy for you.  And wanting things to go so well for you in every area of your life.

Much love to you and we here also loved hearing from here.  She was is so inspiring, encouraging and uplifting, such a positive, powerful, empowering, wonderful person.

I even said to my friend once, because we were talking about angels and he said (he is very spiritual and interested in spirituality) that angels walk among us.  And I said well, I wonder sometimes if Awesome is an Angel, because whenever I have got a problem and I post about it on PI, she is often the first one, or one of the first ones to see it and she knows just what to say she's so helpful.  And how is it that's she's always there when I really want help?

She got a lot of love, positive energy and kindness because she put those things out there and gave them to us - love, positive energy and kindness. 

Masses of love to you, Chaelene, and thank you so much for this post here! 

Hi Chaelene, once every thousand years God sends a special person to earth to show us the way. Your mother was that person for our generation. Be proud of her and follow in her footsteps. Love Len

Wow very PERFECT advice, Len. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

hi chaelene, your mum helped me soooooooooooooo much i am honoured to have met her through pi, sending u lots of love, hope you and the family are doing well so very sweet of u to drop by pi, i know you are welcome here any any time , i often go and visit her page and reflect on her words xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Chaelene,

Your mom is truly beautiful as you know, and we are so very blessed to have known her.

Thank you for the card and kind words, and for joining us here today.

We always enjoy reading her posts and enjoying the wisdom and abundant love that she imparted here on pi.

She will always be remembered. She is right here in our hearts.

Love to you and all the famillly xxxxxxx



Watching your mom, and how lovingly she responded to everyone here, and humour she and I shared in private...  she really was one of the most awesome people I have ever had the pleasure of hanging with.  


One time, there was a guy one here who took a shine to your mom.  She was always so nice to everyone, he perceived her being nice as an invitation.... I was already to tear him a new asshole, and your mom just handled it so delicately... so intuitively.  She thanked the man for his "kind offer," helped him feel Ok with being turned down... and never mentioned her Lebanese Roots (as Rosie O would say).  Such a shining example of compassion.


For those of us who got to spend time on-line with her... I bet everyone of us would say she actually helped us become more than we thought we could be. 


And you lucky/unlucky girl... you get to live with that legacy.  I know it hasn't been long, and of course most of us miss her dearly.


But our loss isn't nearly as deep as yours.  How are you doing? 

Chaelene, thank you so much for coming here and leaving us this sweet message.

We are so happy to meet you, and no need to tell you how much we love your mommy.

This is a bit strange, but now she's in non-physical, I often hear her "voice" talking to me, along with the voice of my Spirit. She's now like my guiding Angel. She's always been an Angel for me anyway. And she was sort of like an auntie for me.

I can feel that you are pure Love too, like your mommy.

Thank you again, Chaelene, for dropping by.

Much much Love to you, to her wife, and to all the family.

I love you, Helene



Chaelene, thank you so much dear! Helene was deeply loved and is deeply missed by all of us. I think of her every day and always wonder what she would respond with on these boards. I lost my mom a few years ago to cancer as well, and so I know the pain you are going through. All the best to you, your family and everyone who loved Helene!

Hey Chaelene!!! AWWWW how wonderful to see you here. Your mom is and always will be the QUEEN OF PI!!

Her presence is here in every single thread. Her warmth and love and incredible abundance of wisdom FLOW through the pages. She was simply remarkable. I wonder if I will ever know another woman so strong and giving and insightful, brilliant and gosh.....so much more. She will live on forever in each one of us. I dont think there is a person here who wasnt touched by her in some way.

I am smiling broadly as I feel goose bumps all over my body and tears welling in my eyes as I wrote this cuse damn I sure do feel your mom's presence. Love you Chaelene. Keep visiting us, OK?

Love, Flowerpatch (Cheryl) XXO

Thank you so much Chaelene for taking the time to pop round. Awesome IS so awesome and she is still very present here. I appreciate her and her legacy. May it continue to live on through us all.

Blessings to you and your family.

I've been off the boards for several months and just learning of this now.

You're mom was an wonderful inspiration to me too while I was going through (and somewhat still going through a trying time in my life). She was the Queen of these boards providing inspiration and guidance to everyone. You were very blessed to have her for a mom and us to have her as a friend. She was indeed Awesome.

She will be greatly missed and always loved.

Thank you for your post.

Sending you warm loving thoughts.

Chaelene!!! Bumping this....missing your mommy...she's ALIVE thru you!!! XOXO


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