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Thanks to the PI community - world of difference in less than 6 months

This post is mostly to thank the wonderful PI community for your support and encouragement! Special mention to Sir Neil, Astro, Brian Freedman, Stephanie and an older member for your pearls of wisdom and constant assistance!

In less than 6 months, I have:

1. Attracted my ex

2. Manifested a pay raise and a great work environment

3. Dissolved my limiting, debilitating belief about abandonment in relationships

4. Improved my relationship with my mother, sister-in-law, housemate, superiors at work, best-friends

5. Gotten good deals on big purchases

6. Attracted help and guidance when I needed it

7. Better health

8. Most importantly - I have cultivated a mindset of contentment and have re-established my faith in God and all things good. I used to doubt, worry and fear constantly, but I now look forward to the future and am optimistic of what is to come.

I always try to remember to:

1. Have faith in God, Source, Creation, Universe and trust myself and the Power pervading us

2. Appreciate myself and others, and be grateful for everything I have

3. Be calm 

I am now interested in deliberate manifestation, as I would like to manifest my ideal life partner. This is the next part of the process and I am eager to discover more tools and techniques that help me.

Best wishes to all my friends and fellow members. A community like PI is a blessing to discover so early on in the process, and I'm really grateful for the wealth of knowledge that is collectively possessed by the members of this forum!

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Whoa, whoa, whoa. So you’re saying you abandoned your belief in abandonment?

“. . . grateful for everything I have . . .”

Which includes limiting beliefs. Appreciate them.

“I am now interested in deliberate manifestation . . .”

You assume appreciating yourself and others and being calm is not deliberate enough manifesting? You think there is more required than just being in alignment?

Brian, thank you for your response.

So you’re saying you abandoned your belief in abandonment?

I don't fully comprehend, could you please explain?

Which includes limiting beliefs. Appreciate them.

Because they were the reason for the contrast that showed me what I don't want, so I can focus on what I do want?

You assume appreciating yourself and others and being calm is not deliberate enough manifesting? You think there is more required than just being in alignment?

I'm not sure. There are two schools of thought here and two divided groups. One group believes that when you feel good, all your desires manifest.

The other group believes that specific and deliberate focus on the topic can cause manifestation. 

You will notice arguments all over the forum. I am confused.

It was a joke, nevermind.

Yes. Also, the beliefs are an interesting experience that you don’t get to experience when in Non-Physical and causes the Universe to expand even more.

If you focus specifically and don’t feel good, it won’t manifest. So feeling good is more important than specific focus. Specific focus can help the manifestation, but as long as you feel good you allow it to happen whether you’re focused on it or not. If you’re focused on making it happen, you make the manifestation more important than your alignment so you will observe what is, take negative score and offer resistance. When feeling good is what is most important to you, then focus for the fun and exhilaration of already having the emotional essence of what you want, and then you’re in no rush to have it because you already have it. So deliberately trying to make it come, or make it come faster, becomes inconsequential.

Perfect reply!

Marvelous reply as always. This topic of specific and general also used to make me very confused, but you came and explained it so easily, how lucky are we to have you here.

Perfectly explained, thank you Brian! We're so lucky to have you here!

This is just an observation, but in the past few days, since I have become happier and more content, I seem to be attracting a lot of interest from men who wish to pursue a romantic relationship with me. While these men are generally nice, they are far from the type of person I wish for.

Am I doing anything wrong? What can I do differently?

You aren't doing anything wrong, you're just taking score too soon.

Appreciate the interest and then move on and continue doing what you're doing. You are just sifting through what you do and don't want and so long as you continue to appreciate life, you will find what you want.

You're already doing the work, there's nothing else that needs to be done.

Thanks WinterHoof. I asked because I don't want this phase to continue indefinitely, I mean, the phase where I am generally happy and content with my life and I attract romantic interest from men I am not interested in. At what point will it switch to men who are interested in me whom I am also interested in?

I understand. And it's honestly hard to say when it will happen because it depends on you, but the less attention you give to the things you don't want, the faster the process generally is. So never mind that these men are not what you want, it's unimportant. What is important is to focus on appreciating what you do want without factoring in these perceived negative qualities.

If you are already happy as is, just milk it from where you are. The type of men who will be interesting to you will show up, just don't stress over it. Keep it fun.

Okay, thanks for understanding. So will it help if I try to find something I like in the men who approach me?

There is never anything wrong with finding things to appreciate. If it makes you feel better to do that then go ahead.


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