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When my ex broke up with me, I really felt devastated. I don't want to interact with people anymore, I lost my appetite, and all I did was to stalk him on social media. I really, really love him and I really want him back in my life.

And just like what any other people would do, I searched online for several ways on how to manifest my ex back. I came across some blog posts, and it really helped me a lot. From these blog posts, I learned about the LAW OF ATTRACTION, and my journey to winning my ex back started there.

However, there are A LOT to learn in law of attraction. In order to manifest my ex, I read so many articles, watched so many youtube channels, and asked for suggestions on some forums.

Now, to save you from searching everywhere on sources about how to manifest your ex back, let me share this 30-day challenge to winning your ex back!

I love this challenge because it doesn't only provide me everything that I need to know about conscious creation, it also guides me to find my real self.

Ever since I tried this challenge, I've never felt so brave, and so happy. My friends even tell me that something has changed with me, as if I never broke up with my ex. LOL :D

My ex unfollowed me on all my social media accounts days after we broke up. However, just last week, he suddenly sent me a friend request on Facebook! I am very happy because this can be a manifestation that something good is going along our way! 

I really love this challenge so I thought that I might share it to you, too. Don't worry, this is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Here's the link to the challenge: 30 Days to Manifest an Ideal Relationship with Your Ex (30MIRE)

I hope this will help you, just as how it helped me, too!

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Thank you for sharing this. I have signed up and registered for it. Out of interest how have you been using it? Have you been doing it one day at a time or have you been working your way through multiple days at a time because each days reading is so short?


Glad to hear that you registered for it also! You can do as many exercises and read as many texts as you can in one day. It actually depends on you.  But ideally, you should only do it once a day. As to how I've been using it, sometimes I do it twice a day :D

Thank you, I signed up. 

Great! Happy to help!

This is incredibly inspiring, thank you!

You're welcome!

Denise how have you being doing with this?

Hello! I am very happy that I stumbled upon this course. To give you an update, we've been communicating with my ex for weeks now--and it feels sooooo amazing! I never expected for this to happen but because I trusted everything to the universe, my wish is finally here! <3

How about you? Hope you are doing well!

Thank you Denise for challenge link. Have signed up and finding it really useful. 

Much love :)

So happy to know that find it useful just like I did! <3

Hello everyone!

Ever since I posted this, I've been receiving tons of positive feedbacks, and some even messaged me how happy they were because of this. I couldn't help but also be grateful for them! I feel so overwhelmed to know that many people are helped because of my little act of sharing :D

Anyway, I would also like to share my experience on this course. Just an update, few days after he sent me a friend request, I was surprised to see a message from him. He greeted me first, and he asked how I was doing. We didn't talk about our past, tho. Up until today, we are still communicating. And all of his social media accounts are now back on track! He is now following me on instagram, and he always views my snapstories! I am so happy I couldn't contain myself! 

Still, I can't say that I totally got my ex back. We haven't talked about our past because I think it still seems a bit off for both of us. But I think this is a great step towards achieving the reality that I want. I love the challenge but I felt like I wanted to know more, so I emailed the author of the challenge. Fortunately, they created a more complete, detailed, and comprehensive version of the challenge. But when I took a look, it was so expensive (basically because the course has SOOOO MANNYY guided visualizations and subliminals). So I tried to manifest a sale of this course just for fun. Turns out, just recently, they are having a HUGE SALE for the course! Once again, the universe never fails to surprise me! I am out of words! (I actually posted this story as a thread)

And I would like to help you once again through sharing this course. I can say, it is definitely worth it because I also learned so much about LOA that I never knew before! I also got to converse the author. She is extra friendly ;)

If you are interested, here's the link to the course: https://tinyurl.com/ybkhyfgb and don't forget to use the code PIDEC1579.

Let us continue to share positive vibes everywhere! <3

I've tried it! It really helped me a lot. Loved the course! :)


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