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THE ARTIST IS GOD: Neville Goddard. People with money issue may find it very interesting!



"Let me share with you a simple story. A very dear friend of mine who lives in New York City was born in Russia of a very poor Jewish family. He knew what it was like to be frightened when he Neville Goddard - Can you believe your assumption is true even though your reason and senses deny it?heard the Cossacks were coming, for they burned homes and caused pain for the sheer joy of frightening people. Joseph was the eldest of a family of five, a boy not more than nine or ten when his mother died, leaving his father to maintain his family alone.

Little Joseph found a job taking money from a store to the bank and having it changed into smaller denominations. He had never known what it was like to wear shoes, but wrapped his feet in newspapers or whatever he could find to keep them warm.

His clothes had always come from charity, but he - like all men - brought his innate knowledge with him when he came into this world. So, one day, as he watched the cashier changing the money he brought, he noticed that the big copper coins, when rolled in paper, resembled the silver coins, even though their value was widely separated.

Then he said to himself: "Wouldn't it be wonderful if he made a mistake?" and in his imagination Joseph took the money rolled through the window to him in the assumption that the mistake was already made. He then walked back to the shop, filled with the sense of joy.

Reason told him no mistake was made, but he thought of all the things he could buy if he had the money. He would buy a pair of slacks, a pair of shoes, and eat until it came out of his ears - a thing he had never experienced before. He had the satisfaction of walking those many blocks in the mood of having what he wanted. The next day, when Joseph returned to the same teller, the man made the mistake. As Joseph left the bank he wrestled with himself, but his poverty and embarrassment were greater than his ethical code; so he went to another bank and changed the money into the correct denominations and kept the overage.

That night he bought himself a pair of slacks, new shoes, and ate at a restaurant until he could eat no more. He told me that although he wrestled with his conscience all night, he could not justify his act; but he learned a lesson. He learned that Sir Anthony Eden was right when he said: "An assumption, though false, if persisted in will harden into fact."

This person became a multi-millionaire. You have to read the whole thing before jumping to judgment. Simply fascinating how the universe works!

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great story, but I consider this stealing. Sorry!


of course whatever one feels. I personally looked at it from a totally different point. It defies the assumption that one has to be good and wonderful to manifest.

looking forward to reading other comments. it should be fun!



you may consider it stealing (and yes so do I),


but if that boy did not see it as stealing, or if you had children to feed and had no money to do it, that mistake would be God blessing you and your family. 


If I had no money, and had to steal to put food on the table for my family...


Yes, I would be very happy for the mistake in that story. 


Personal Integrity.... is not a perfectly defined set of rules to live by.  It is the choice of doing the right thing, for what it most important to us, in the moment.

I understand this point of view Steve ... I pray I never have to make that choice ...

Steve, what I found intriguing was the fact that he intended the mistake and he got it. Most of us will be afraid to hold a negative intention as we're told we need to  think only good of all to manifest. But this is not so and people we call bad seem to get what they want. Somehow they align themselves with the inner power and the universe complies because they know we've the power to be or do anything. Look at the dictators. Yes they end the way they come but so do many good people die miserably in some notorious political prison or some other cruel ways. We all gonna die someday and we can't control how it will be. One Indian guru commented about Bin Laden while talking about intention. He said that if a person holds the intention long enough it will manifest. That Bin Laden attempted 10 years ago but succeeded finally. It doesn't matter how he died, the fact is that his intention was fulfilled. And here so many of us good people reading and discussing the power within us and trying to manifest this or that without much success. Yet these people seem to be aware of the inner power all along. I find that to be fascinating!

Irina, there is more about this man after he became a multi-millionaire and also other stories.

I think what it all comes down to is what you really want. Manifesting is something that happens all of the time. You dont need to do it on purpose because it happens regardless. But the problem I use to face is that if you dont know what you really want, then you cant see it. If you find out what you really want then you reach everything you need. Iv noticed a trick. To find out what you really want, its already in your life. You just need to remove thoughts that stop you from feeling and seeing it.

I've got his website open... it's resonating with me like crazy... I sure wish it was nicer to look at, but that's my background in Internet Marketing getting in my own way... hehe

I really like these  Neville stories. thanks for sharing them!

bumping for fun

The link doesn't work for me. Must be old.


Rich people pay me extra for things they could get on the cheap-- mostly because they are too lazy to research anything, or worry about details. I went from rags to riches doing this. But I am not a thief. I am simply a middle-man that provides distribution of energy/services/goods, so they don't have to do anything.


And I set my own wages much of the time because these "rich people" have a mindset that people that do things for them get paid a lot.... I just accept it. ;)


"Morals" exist only to the context and extent that One imagines them into being.

One may look at the Bible and see a "rule book" of "morality" ... and for those it will appear to be just that. But I see it is self written guide book of remembering how I forget. How I appear .. and I disappear.  To make that which is unseen seen ... and the seen unseen. 

Everything exists ... everything is done. There is nothing new .. nothing old. Nothing to do .. nothing to not do .  And yet ..... I experience all of it as if it were so .

How can one steal that which is theirs ?  Yes .. you can imagine it is not, and thus imagine "stealing" and it's consequences ... but you need not.  Come, Buy milk ... bread and wine .. without cost .... because there is no "price" to pay .. but the appropriation of the imagination that I AM ... all I desire already .  Thus .... no need to steal or scheme of any of that .... but re appropriate in my mind that I already have that which is desired .  To make the unseen ... seen .  In truth , it's all already right HERE :) 

Thus, Josephs story is just that. There is more to this story, not told here but in Neville recordings. Joseph in all his chosen way of vast business success .... never once resorted to any means to collect any payment from anyone. Anyone that owed him ... he blessed them .... and they always returned a payment  :) 


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