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Hey everybody,

I am planning on purchasing the book "The secret" that everybody has been talking about on here, as I have read a lot of success stories on the secrets website.  If you have seen my last post, I have been really longing to get my ex girlfriend back.  However, I am slowly letting go and trying my best to keep a positive mindset that the universe will take control even if its not with her.  Either way, it does not change what I am truly hoping for, but I am attempting day by day to have the mindset that I will be happy no matter what the outcome.

I am new to the LoA, and regardless of anything my goal is still to try to make things right in my former relationship.  However, upon doing research on the book I have noticed there are sections in it that use the term "magic".  To me, when I hear that word in that context, I automatically think of witchcraft, which I do not necessarily believe in, and even if witchcraft does exist, I do not feel like it is a morally right to do when setting your main goal as hoping to attracting your ex back.  

For anyone that has read and practiced the book, I am just looking for reassurance that this book has nothing to do with witchcraft to manifest someone back into your life because that is far from what I am looking to do.

Thank you!

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Nevermind.  I purchased the audiobook, and listened to the first two hours.  It is far from what I was seeing as possible "witchcraft".

Chris: I see witchcraft and LOA as very similar. They are both tools. As with anything, people can use tools for good or bad. LOA can be used for good and for bad. The morality lies within the person and their intent, not the tool. Over the entire history of humans on this earth, anything not understood or perceived to be 'abnormal' was considered immoral, witchcraft, work of the devil, etc.. nothing more than an attempt to keep the masses corralled like sheep, lest they go off and start having independent thinking.

Many on here and those new to LOA come here for the exact reason you have stated - to get their ex back. Some are determined to force their will, to which they usually suffer negative consequences. Why? Because everyone has free will and you can't force someone to love you or be with you. What most people miss is that there was a reason that this other person is now an 'ex' and things were not fantastic. If they were, they'd both still be together. So either one or both parties has some growing to do or the relationship was only for the purpose of showing one or both their areas of needed growth. Most do not want to admit they have work to do on themselves or are unwilling to do the work they know they need to do.

In my view, LOA is all about understanding who you are, how you think, and paying attention to your environment. It is self-reflection, self-confidence, and self-determination all rolled into one.

Since you are now going thru the Secret, which is a modern version of many very old books, you might also be interested in reading some of the original texts. Many of these were first printed in the 1800s, so they are now public domain and entire PDFs can be found out on the internet. Some of the author's include:

William Walker Atkinson (authored many books in late 1800-early 1900) one is called "Thought Vibration" 

He also authored under the name: Theron Q Dumont

Wallace D. Wattles - The Science of Being Great

Claude Bristol - Magic of Believing (this is one of my favorites, deals mostly with improving business, but can be applied to any area of life)

Thanks for you reply, Sunflower.

Upon listening to the audiobook, I dont see anything morally wrong with the practice and will try to utilize it.

If you read my last post regarding my breakup, there really wasn't anything major in the relationship causing it to spiral downhill.  Mainly just her taking insecurities from her past relationship and bringing them into the current relationship with me.  She nitpicked at things that wouldn't be an issue for most people.  I do believe her negativity lead to the outcome of our breakup.  But nevertheless, she suffers from major depression and anxiety and that was the core reason for the breakup.  She wanted to work on herself and her own happiness.  I, however, could not accept that at the time causing me to spiral out of control and make some major mistakes suffocating her.  

That being said, I do believe that we both have some growing to do, and certain things that were said during the breakup like her telling me there was zero chance for us in the future was said out of anger and hostility because I would not leave her alone.  This caused me to be blocked from any means of communication.  So with that, I can look at "the secret" and say that my negative thought process after the breakup caused me to receive a negative result (i.e. me getting blocked completely).  

I also firmly believe that we are meant for each other, and I know deep inside past her insecurities she feels the same way, but her negative thinking and worrying during the relationship due to her not having a control of her depression prevents her from seeing that she deserves to be in a loving relationship which is what I gave to her.  This is why I believe things can be fixed over time.

However, I am learning day by day to let go (its been a very slow learning process for me) and soon I will be able to let go of the outcome completely and let the universe figure things out for us.  And if that means we were meant to be together, then we will.  If not, then I'll find out what the universe has in store for me.  I do have high hopes that when we both do some growing things will change though.

Thanks for the reply, London Guy.


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