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It took me a while to understand the whole thing about 'money is just a piece of paper which you give value to' !!
But now I understand it, I was wondering 'how do we pay our bills if money is worthless?'

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Value is conveyed, not demanded.


Money is not worthless, it has great value; but appreciating that money is, after all, just a piece of paper with sqiggly things drawn on it, can be a helpful process to get you to appreciate that the actual concept of money is an emotional one, not a physical one. A piece of paper with things drawn on it, does not have value itself. What gives it value is society's and your attitude towards it. This is why money itself is described as "worthless"; because technically, it is.


However, it does create tremendous value.


All this breaking down of things allows you to (hopefully) appreciate that the value of money is determined by the way people FEEL about it; so rather than chasing the actual paper itself, it should encourage you to focus on the feeling instead, the energy behind it. So ultimately, money is ENERGY.


In which case it would follow that every financial transaction is an exchange of ENERGY. You using money to buy a pair of shoes is actually just a manifestation in which the energy of your intention to have those shoes and the energy of the intention of the salesperson as intended by the company that own the shop, are EXCHANGED. The company uses that exchange to fulfil their intent, you use it to fulfil yours.


This should mean that you can focus on the shoes without even having to translate it to money first and THEN exchange the money to get the shoes. Great news huh? :-)))


Which brings us all the way back to to where we first started. LOA 101.


Focus on your desire, leaving out the how; let your desire inspire the perfect path to what you want.


That path might mean millions in the bank or it might not. But you can still have every single thing you truly desire.



so much to learn !!!!!

Well, to be honest, even if you didn't learn any of this you could still live your life as fully as you choose.


What you know or don't know does not really matter. It is about whether you are allowing the best of everything you want to find you or not.


And that is about energy, not about knowledge; though of course, lots of us find it helps...



The concept of money is that it is an energy form and isn't worthless.  As with any other energy form, we certainly notice its worth when we don't have it.  The word currency comes from current, meaning flow of energy.  When we are lacking money, it is because we are using beliefs and thoughts which have caused the flow of our lives to slow down/dry up in general.  Lack of money never usually comes on its own, there is usually always something else lacking at the time.  There is no limit to the amount of money we can have in our lives, because there is no limit to the amount of energy which we can allow to flow; just as there is no limit to the amount of love, health, laughter, friendships, material goods, miracles, and so on because these too are energy forms just like money.  Money has an intrinsic numerical worth, but the real worth is in the energy which you are allowing to flow in your life.


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