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hello everyone :)

It has just come to my attention that a member has blocked me on here. I believe she goes by the username meowmeow848 I believe.

I replied to her discussion with a rather heartfelt reply, as I have been in the same situation many times. And by saying that I agree with everything she said, however also added that the best thing to do in this situation is to move on and focus on oneself. I also added that one should never make another more important than themselves.
But apparently, meowmeow must not like this, as I went to add an extra reply which I shall include here to the discussion and it has disappeared:

"And by the way, I'll just add, I think legally blonde is one of the best examples of this type of desire/situation. 
She's so heartbroken and obsessed with her ex she even works her ass off to get into the same law school as him. Trying to impress him, and eventually instead of getting him back, ends up finding herself and becoming this awesome human being.
Then at the end, her ex decides he wants her back now. He can see she's a smart, hot, intelligent and just awesome person, but by then she's moved on and has grown as a person and knows she can do so much better and is focused on her own goals. 
Then she gets with the hotter, smarter guy at the end and has a career too! 
Moving forward takes time and it's different for every person. But if you're sat there pining over this person all day every day, you're wasting your time. 
And believe me everything I've said comes from experience. I can guarantee you when it came to getting my one ex back I was more desperate than anyone you could ever meet. 
I was even on a forum specifically dedicated to getting exes back with the loa. Lol... 
I take breakups HARDDDDD. Probably harder than the average human being. 
But I'm no longer willing to obsess over other people. I've learned that nothing good ever comes from it.

And I've also learned that the fastest way to attract anyone back or anyone in general is to be completely focused on yourself and be comfortable with being alone and working on your own goals. Just think about it, if you were the best version of you wouldn't your ex be running back? And also, seeing an ex has moved on and is doing well with themselves is one of the most attractive things. 

But as I said, everyone is on their own journey. I remember reading posts like the one I'm writing and feeling my heart break because I was so obsessed with getting him back and couldn't comprehend something saying I should give up my desire to...
Fast forward a few years, all my exes want me now haha! And I don't want them. The ex I mentioned in this post that I was so obsessed with keeps asking me to meet up to this day and I ignore him as he just doesn't interest me anymore lol
Ah, I have grown so much in the last few years! Haha! If you're out there reading this and hurting, just trust me, it will all get better with time I promise."

Let me just say, people out there wanting to get exes back, if the very idea of someone telling you you need to focus on yourself more causes you to block them... You're not going to get them back. This is desperate behaviour.
I only wanted to help... AND The exes I used to desire, now won't stop contacting me. But because I said something meowmeow did not like, the tiniest thing caused her to block me. Actually blocking knowledge that could help her in getting her ex back...

If people are going to block me and remove me from discussions for sharing my knowledge then perhaps I am in the wrong place.

all I can say is, as I was about to add before I was blocked, I understand that feeling of hurting every time someone says something that remotely suggests in any way you should move on from them, believe me! However,I don't see why I should be excluded from such conversation for sharing my advice. Which works by the way. As I'm living proof. Peace and love. 

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Thankyou for your input Trinity, sorry you got blocked.  All input is helpful on PI xo  I appreciate what you have said, I am taking my breakup hard.  I am doing mybest.

Excellent post Trinity. I truly believe in this method, letting go and centering your energy on you is the only way. I tried anything and everything for years. But it wasn't until I tried this method that I started to notices real results. It's not that hard just push through it every day; before long it will be second nature and you will be more important to you than your ex was. The only hard part is keeping your energy centered on you when your ex does return! That's where I messed up a few times, but each time I get stronger and wiser. It's like the movie Groundhog's Day...I keeping repeating the process until I get it right :)

P.S. As for the person who blocked you, don't take it personally. All that means is that she is not ready to hear it. When she's ready, she will be more open to the idea.

So true Gia, I noticed my energy when my ex and I got back together 4 years ago (and split nearly 4 months ago), my energy focussed on him too much and not enough on me.  So realising this, and I notice when I focus on me, put myself on a pedestal for a lil bit, I get a text from him.  


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