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What if you could reliably manifest $100 at will whenever you wanted to? What if this ability was so reliable that you knew you'd never have to worry about finances again; that you could manifest $100 over and over bringing in as much money as you needed or wanted. Like having the Midas Touch. This is something I've been thinking about today.

Now, I don't necessarily mean manifesting it out of the ethers (though I don't discount this) but it could show up as a found $100 bill, a fun opportunity, a gift, finding something you sell for $100, an unexpected $100 savings on something you were buying anyway which now lets you keep that $100 for something else, a winning or any other way in which things come into our lives.

So it came to me to do an experiment and see if I could manifest $100 for fun. And rather than do it alone, it seemed like much more fun to do it in the forum and invite along for the ride anyone else who wants to manifest $100. Perhaps if we share our experiences we'll gain enough knowledge and success to where we can manifest $100 reliably whenever we want. Anyone wanna play?

I'm going to start now by stating my intention: "I intend to manifest $100 easily, enjoyably and quickly via the Law Of Attraction." After I submit this post I plan on visualizing having $100 show up in my life, along with the feelings of joy and satisfaction from having manifested it. I'll make future posts as things happen. Let's see where this goes!

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ah, very good idea.

im in.

so thats about £60 for me then i think, i dont know the exchange rate. not that it matters, im basically just looking for a good bit of money above £50.
why not start by telling yourself that you will soon have £100 more. and visualise a bunch of money in your hand. and have emotions the way they would be if you did have a bunch of money.

thats basically what im going to do. if thats the wrong thing to do, can someone please tell me, im not very knowledgable of the LOA
Well im with you lol I can feel the £100 in my hands right now & I am smiling from ear to ear ;D
Blessings Teresa
thats good actually, when you visualise it, try use as many senses as possible.
Hey Art!!
Cool idea I´m in too.

I´m manifesting $100,00 easily, enjoyably and quickly via the Law Of Attraction. within 24 hours from the moment I click the button
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24 hours? nice. i dont think i have quite enough confidence for that, im going for like a week.
I'm in too! :-)

I will have $100, within 5 days, effortlessly & enjoyable on my part, by the Law of Attraction. Manifestation will be put into action after hitting "Add Reply".

Thank you for this $100 gift!
I find when I try to tell myself that something will happen before a specific point in time, I end up waiting for it to happen too much, and it doesn't, but I'll try, and hope it happens really soon!

Also, I was reading one of the success stories from a millionaire who used the LOA, and he said that the money didn't actually come to him until he thought about the money in his account in a sort of "ho hum" neutral way, as if he already had it, and it was just perfectly normal; nothing to get excited about. When I try to manifest this money, would it be best for me to just expect it to come to me from a neutral position, as if a hundred isn't all that much anyway, release it, and then find other reasons to be happy, or from the point of view that an extra hundred dollars would be really helpful right now, and feel really happy about it while I visualize?
He said that thinking about your desires with a positive emotions attached to them can sometimes put a negative twist on it, even if you don't know it, and that you should step away from your desires emotionally...
half of that is something ive heard of, but then it kinda goes the other way a bit.

i heard that you should act as if you already have the money, emotionally aswell, so if you were to be happy when you have money, thats the way you act. so thats half what you said and half the complete opposite.
Hey! Welcome everyone! Thanks for playing. Reading what you've written is already making things much more fun.

Mitch, you bring up a very interesting point. I've heard that when you can make the extraordinary "ordinary" then it becomes your everyday ordinary happening. I'm going to play with that one myself and see what feels right.

So far the first thing that came to me after submitting this thread was to find a picture of a $100 bill to focus on. I found a HUGE one at http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Usdollar100front.jpg but had to shrink it down with Photoshop and make it 1024 x 432 pixels to fit my screen properly. Now it's on the center of my monitor as wallpaper. It's beautiful! It reminds me of when I sold my car not long ago and had a stack of $100 bills.

Then I spent a solid 10 minutes focusing on having my $100 bill using all 5 senses. I looked at it and admired it's beauty. Imagined the sound it would make rubbing it between my fingers. Imagined how it has that "money" smell to it. I felt it in my hand. I even tasted it by slowly breathing in through my mouth with the imaginary bill in front of my mouth (a clean bill of course). I allowed pleasant feelings of happiness and all the freedom money brings to course through me sending out waves of vibrations into the universe, drawing my $100 towards me. I ended it by saying to myself, "and so it is."

Then the idea came to decide and intend that I WILL have my $100 bill no matter what! It's a done deal. Even if I have to go out and work to get it. (For me, making this commitment gives me a sense of certainty that it will be mine no matter what, and in past experiences this sense of certainty helps things to manifest quickly, like magic).

Onward and upward!
brilliant idea with the picture. thanks for the link, im using it right now, but i might find a british currency picture to use, since ill be more familiar with it, so it might make a better impact.
Absolutely. I'm not sure if Wikipedia has one but I'm sure if you use something like Google Images you'd find the right picture.


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