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What if you could reliably manifest $100 at will whenever you wanted to? What if this ability was so reliable that you knew you'd never have to worry about finances again; that you could manifest $100 over and over bringing in as much money as you needed or wanted. Like having the Midas Touch. This is something I've been thinking about today.

Now, I don't necessarily mean manifesting it out of the ethers (though I don't discount this) but it could show up as a found $100 bill, a fun opportunity, a gift, finding something you sell for $100, an unexpected $100 savings on something you were buying anyway which now lets you keep that $100 for something else, a winning or any other way in which things come into our lives.

So it came to me to do an experiment and see if I could manifest $100 for fun. And rather than do it alone, it seemed like much more fun to do it in the forum and invite along for the ride anyone else who wants to manifest $100. Perhaps if we share our experiences we'll gain enough knowledge and success to where we can manifest $100 reliably whenever we want. Anyone wanna play?

I'm going to start now by stating my intention: "I intend to manifest $100 easily, enjoyably and quickly via the Law Of Attraction." After I submit this post I plan on visualizing having $100 show up in my life, along with the feelings of joy and satisfaction from having manifested it. I'll make future posts as things happen. Let's see where this goes!

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I did something similar, and put money in my desktop background, but every time I looked at it, I was happy and thought to myself "It's on it's way", but I think that the LOA was only giving me more of "it's on it's way", so I think I'm going to try to approach of visualizing it like it's something already here and nothing really exciting or important, and just trust I'll have it, no matter what. I'm pretty sure my problem in manifesting is that I'm too attached to my desires, and therefore I think that it would be extraordinary if I did get it, which pushes it farther away.
I am going to think this is a game as I will be anxious if my manifestations didnt happen. I start to feel burdened whenever I try to materialise and can't seem to let go of the tension.
If i think this is a game then I wouldn't feel pressured to manifest obsessed when it will happen, I can relax and free.
I intend to manifest RM100 easily, enjoyable and quickly via the Law of Attraction.
I am going to focus on RM100 note for 68 sec and believe it happens in it own time.
Doesn't it help to focus on the essence rather than the form??
What will you do with the 100$?At the end of the day the note is to be spent or saved towards something you know you want right? Because you think you'll feel better having this thing? Isn't it best to fucus on the feeling?
Jenni rich with bliss
What a marvelous idea! This is a fun way to learn how to manifest. I'm in. My intention is: "I do ask for $100 to manifest in my life. I do seek evidence of this manifestation. I do know and believe that I now have this $100."
And I would ask those who are practiced manifesters for help with the wording. Currently I am reading "Ask, seek, and believe," by Abraham Hicks.
Now I shall go and practice visualization with all the senses of my intentions.
Thanks for this opportunity to learn, in a fun environment.
Has anyone manifested $100 yet? I think I might have...

I read this post yesterday, thought about a 100 dollar bill, and then I let it go.

Today at work while going to lunch, I noticed a coupon for a local gym in the shape of a 100 dollar bill, for a 100 dollar credit. I had totally forgotten about it until I saw the "bill." I don't know if this counts... maybe LOA thought I needed to hit the gym and combined the 2 together lol
wow nice.

i think it does count, because if you were picturing a 100 dollar bill, and the coupon was in the shape of a 100 dollar bill, then it worked. because you basically got the thing you were picturing in your mind, in two ways, firstly it is worth the same as the thing you were literally thinking of, and it is also the same shape as what you had pictured in your mind. there is only a problem if you specifically asked for a 100 dollar bill which could be spent on anything
Good idea
Things are starting to work for me, I won the lottery! Ok, so maybe I just won $1 in the lottery but hey, it's a start.

Congrats Jonathan on manifesting your $100 gym discount bill, that's cool. When things like that happen for me I usually take it as a sign from the Universe telling me I'm on track and my manifestation is on it's way. Like the $1 lottery winning for me is a sign saying "keep going, you're doing it." Unless of course you plan on using it, then it's the actual manifestation since it would save you $100.

I also like what you said Jenni about focusing on the essence. I've pictured what it is I'll do with my $100 and felt the enjoyment of doing so. The money is mine, it's a done deal.
ive made £40 out of the £50 or £60 i want to make. yaaaaay.

and i havent even sold the games i want to sell yet. so there is about another £50 to £60 to make from that. so i might end up with like £100 in total. im so happy how well this is working
I got $25.00 today for creating a business postcard for a co-worker, that I was going to do for her for free, but she insisted on paying me, cause Office Depot was going to charge her $1.00 per minute.

And I don't know if this counts, but the same day you posted this, we were offered overtime at work which will come to well over $100 take home pay.

So far that is all unexpected (but definitely appreciated!) income.
I've manifested $20 in a matter of hours. One day I thought about having a $20 bill. A few hours later, I was cleaning my room and just happened to look at an old Christmas card from a few years ago...$20 was inside!
Today i saw a 50 bill (of my currency) that my dad left me on saturday and i forgot that i had it! This is only the start, i'm hoping to manifest more through the course of the week!


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