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What if you could reliably manifest $100 at will whenever you wanted to? What if this ability was so reliable that you knew you'd never have to worry about finances again; that you could manifest $100 over and over bringing in as much money as you needed or wanted. Like having the Midas Touch. This is something I've been thinking about today.

Now, I don't necessarily mean manifesting it out of the ethers (though I don't discount this) but it could show up as a found $100 bill, a fun opportunity, a gift, finding something you sell for $100, an unexpected $100 savings on something you were buying anyway which now lets you keep that $100 for something else, a winning or any other way in which things come into our lives.

So it came to me to do an experiment and see if I could manifest $100 for fun. And rather than do it alone, it seemed like much more fun to do it in the forum and invite along for the ride anyone else who wants to manifest $100. Perhaps if we share our experiences we'll gain enough knowledge and success to where we can manifest $100 reliably whenever we want. Anyone wanna play?

I'm going to start now by stating my intention: "I intend to manifest $100 easily, enjoyably and quickly via the Law Of Attraction." After I submit this post I plan on visualizing having $100 show up in my life, along with the feelings of joy and satisfaction from having manifested it. I'll make future posts as things happen. Let's see where this goes!

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Same here lol nothing as yet!
Woohoo! My $100 has finally arrived, and more. I've been planning on taking a trip to San Diego in about 9 weeks and very much looking forward to it, picturing it, feeling it, assuming it etc.. Today I received a letter in the mail telling me that because of the merger with one of my credit card companies and some mistake, I was entitled to claim up to $350 in airfare rewards! A round trip ticket to San Diego costs $333 so I booked it. The Universe saved me over $300 I was going to spend anyway. Thank you!

Now my intention is to manifest another $100, or better. :-)
I have parts for a computer I want to sell. I was unsuccessful placing the ad last time, but this time it is a success.
wow! i want to try this!
I have manifested a total of £300 in the last two days.

I am so grateful and appreciative of this £300! And I am excited to spend it on some lovely cotton print to make a dress I've wanted to make for a while now. So I suppose I am manifesting that too! Hurrah!

My next goal is another £100.00
I am going to attract 100.00 to me easily and quickly because I believe in LOA! Today is 4-20-2010 I will post later to see what has happened. :)
On 4/21/2010 An Unexpected REFUND from a place I moved out of in Feb gave me a 40.00 Check. How is that for sending out to the universe that I am going to attract 100.00 to me easily and dquicly because I believe in LOA...so I will post when more comes in my way since the Universe supports what I do want. :)
I would love to do this ! :)
I'm there with you!

I intend to manifest €100 easily, enjoyably and quickly via the Law Of Attraction!
I'm in, though I am going to do this with pounds sterling instead of dollars. (Or maybe even euros as I am soon going backpacking in the Eurozone, and some of those would come in handy).

I think another idea of this post is also to get us to consciously focus upon HAVING money rather than lacking it.


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