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"Easy" things are hard when not in alignment. Even "impossible" actually.

"Hard" things are easy when in alignment. And then "impossible" things become very easy.

Keep that in mind. I have to keep it in mind, too... because it gives ease knowing that. Cause it shows you that you don't need to WORK your ass off TRYYYING to GET something DONE.. it won't work. Even cleaning up your closet or finding the right shampoo can get an impossible task. 

And that's BEAUTIFUL. Cause it makes us realize: Nothing IS easy or hard. Nothing is easy by nature. Nothing is hard by nature. Oh, it very well might APPEAR easy or hard. But that's a profound difference!

We sometimes beat ourselves up for not getting "easy" things done. We need to stop doing that. :) 

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"...Keep that in mind...."

;) That is the hard part.  jk


Haha, yeah :D 

I so identify. This is why I know when my x wanted to go to movies to distract himself from stress it worked...

(costed us a lot, though)

Easeeeeee. :) 

My 400 comment it is to declare that how much I appreciate ease in all things and feeling it, finding it, milking it!! :)

It is good to keep it in mind and living this way. 

I have been thinking about this a lot today and have deduced that alignment is the same as being in the vortex and being in the flow of life. When you are in such a state, you find that you are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing, and that doors fly open. People cooperate, resources are provided, and the most sought after solutions to your most pressing issues magically present themselves. Any action you take will be inspired action, rather than the dread-inducing swimming-in-tar type which takes forever and a day. Being in alignment/flow of life is a great way to be.

And the way you get into it? By trusting things to work out well or unfold perfectly for you.

It's nit about working hard, it's about working smart, and that's done by getting into alignment.  You can usually tells this by how you feel.  I have had days where I got up feeling a bit tired still, and that affected my mindset.  The day then proceeded to be quite difficult, with things taking a long time, doors being locked, interruptions from lazy people and so on. But on the other hand, I have had days where I have woken up feeling pretty good (or have got myself into a good state of mind quite soon) and the day has gone swimmingly. Yesterday was such a day and was good fun at work with quite a few laughs. 

Your expectations can help with this too and they need to have attention paid to them. What you expect can become a belief if used often, and if you expect a task to be hard, then it will turn out to be so. You need to look at your expectations often, and if they are not right, start to deliberately expect something better. 

Love it!

Thank you Robert and Brandon!

Needed to read that Monkey


This reminds me of the And video about the woman whom wanted a movie star to attend her wedfi g in CA. Her spouse to be told the story. The woman didn't worry just set up the wedfi g and of all people Oprah and Robert Redford I think it was just happened to show up at the reception location! It is such a testimony to how this stuff ACTUALLY works way beyond our human individual imaginations.



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