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The universe is very amazing in its working. in this universe, the secret behind all  the secrets is " the believing". believing changes u and everything around u. but this believing should be absolute and not conditional. the people who get ultimate glories are those who continue believing in their success and support of God for them, despite being on the brink of defeat. then ultimately, the universe smiles on their consistent believing in success ,although apparently there are no chances of success. And finally the universe does intervene to change the direction of the game and deliver the ultimate decision in the favour of those who had consistent belief in their success despite all odds.

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While it does seem overwhelmingly that BeLiEving is a requirement, there may be another side to this.
AS we know there are many hungry people in the world today, that will think positive about eating today. And they will go hungry another day.

To "BeLiEve" is not to know. To "know" is not the same.
To BeLiEve is to draw a conclusion based on your mental positionality.
WE find that through our lives' we have beliefs that come and then are discarded. A common thing.

It could be possible that BeLiEveing is a sort of lie we put together to try and make sense of life.
It may be a lie to allow us to hope, or be proactive about these things, (memes?), beliefs.
Is it possible that as we let go of needing sense of life, and construct a new way as Multiple Positionalities? (options for all known possibilities we are aware of at that moment?)

What if we decided to let the habit of "beLiEving" go?
Then we could be more present and grow with life without "lies" to cloud our experience.
A world where beliefs don't exist; just creative collaboration and Oneness....

always with care,
Bullion Grey
very cool!
Hey Clarice,
It is a GOoD thing to meet another ascending soul!
We maybe few, but we support in consciousness value about 64,000 other souls that are not past 200!
(See Dr. D.Hawkins, "Power VS Force" & "The Eye of the I",...Amazing thought-forms!) Many still live with a certain belief as something to feel in a way secure. It is a false sense, but they may be happy with even a false sense than face total ambiguity, which is another signature of The Unnameable One, Source, God ET AL.

Clarice what would it mean to you, if you let go of the choice of "BeLiEving in some things at all, and took the view of a BeLiEve/BeLiEf Free Soul? I have explored thought-forms as these. It leads to surprising positivity.

I was shown this possibility by study and meditation. Basically, someone who chooses not to have a componant of their make-up a "BeLieve/BeLiEf Element".

thanks for the note,
Bullion Grey
Hey Johnny B!

Nice to hear from you, all things great.....cool. This exploratory question is very forward energy, I know. But we know that LOA has been known and employed by many people. Mixed results have been the conversation regarding LOA, Believe/Belief, ect. There are no methods yet, that could substantiate or prove low-use or worse - not any stronger than many "other" laws. Just saying.....

To beLiEve in Source/God, it is required to believe in yourself....Really? Do we know this for 100%? It is easy to say, but hard to prove indescisively, either way. Actually as far as knowing, what we know is only from our input and self generated stream of thought-forms. Perfect example is the belief of the Easter Bunny, and one day with new input, the Easter Bunny is toast.

I propose that - what if "belief in self" ISN'T required? I mean people experience all across the spectrum from extreme to extreme results from LOA, or just get what they focus on so on. It could be anything actually, Law of Probability bears this out. There is a high probability of infinite results from the work with LOA.

always with care,
Bullion Grey
I'm not sure I understand you just yet Bullion. But I can see that there is a big difference between the mindset of Believing and trusting and the mindset of "Knowing'. Believeing and trusting are about 'hearing knowledge from someone else and accepting that as true". So we hear about a judging GOD and we beleive it but then we hear about a loving God and we then believ that. But then we form our own belief and we say "I KNOW that", we may even look inside ourselves and say "I Know". But we as individuals are the only ones who "know" anything, others may 'believe" us and trust us and believe that what we say is true ...but if We change then they have to too.

But beliefs and knowledge DO help us to navigate this physical world. If we believe our eyes that the ground is solid, and better still if we have gotten to a state where we "know' it is solid, then we can take a step in the direction we want to go without fallling down. If we start believing that we will fall through the ground, we become stuck and cannot move.

But I do get it that Knowledge is 'nothing', it is a whole lot of beliefs and trustings and knowings solidified temporarily into things, manifested into things ....but they can also be undone by a new belief, a new trusting and a new 'knowledge'.

I use to delight in Science, I trusted in scientists and doctors, I believed their theories and I saw what they produced as Knowledge, but I have realised that they are people who keep digging into Rabbit Holes, and the more you want to reseaarch the more you will find, but not onlly that, what you want to find you will find. If you want to prove that black is black there is a rabbit hole for that, but if you want to prove that black is white there is a rabbit hole for that too. All knowledge is Infinite, so it cannot be absolute. GOD is expanding, so there is never a moment when GOD is GOD. Although this could be just a belief too !!!

ahhhh it is a question of the 'finite' trying to define the infinite .......

can I really say "I think, therefore I am ...."

Is this the "magic" of believing that Irfan is talking about too ...

Thought provoking post. The old dictionary definition is "to allow something to be" (Be, Lefen = allow) so it is like giving our permission for an assumption to just 'be'

But I like your be-LIE- f .... expression too ..I also love playing with words ! But playing with words is also just going down another Rabbit Hole ...its fun ....
AHHHHHHH! Irfan! Beautifully said!!

I am totally in line with this today!!! It IS my awareness in this moment now. Thank you for the encouragement!

Yeah, I am just asking questions.....it is as if many see questions and intelligent inquiry as signs to counter, rather than explore. Questions lead to new ideas, possibilities and more.

I always think to myself when I seem to get alittle to dogmatic, what is going on here? Why do I demand to approve this idea and not that?

I can point to countless people who beLiEve countless things and find that they are not to be. As well, I know personally of "putting in an order" for cash or things or people and they have appeared in my life....many times. So when I explore with questions it is experimental, and discovery is the birth of greater awareness.

I know of people who didnt claim anything, and good things came to them as well. I was writing notes today on this and about where do thoughts come from(?). One question was why do we have preferrences? What causes one to want a car and yet another to want a better career? Where does the idea originate from that we need to "beLiEve"?

What if, I supposed, only imagination was worth the effort? What if it seems like "beLiEfs" are the cause but actually it was imaginations doing? I mean to even try and "beLiEve" in something it must be imagined first. Else how would the conceptualization be made within an individuals brain? hummmm......

YES Irfan!!! :-)
Fantastic words and so true as well. Sustained belief in something will start producing synchronicities, developments and game changers towards the desired outcome, for AS LONG AS YOU KEEP ON BELIEVING.

A lot of people don't even believe a little bit, writing something off even before it has had the chance to start developing as a reality.....and then they wonder why it hasn't come.

A lot of people start off believing, but then let fears, doubts and cynicism creep back in.....and then they wonder why their manifestations die on the vine.

A few people though, believe in their desires right until the results have been obtained.....and then they know that the reason is because they have built up the 'believing vibration' until the desire has fully become a reality.


I'm not sure I believe in the concept of the 11th hour God.  To me, this just seems like religious types covering their own backs.  ie: God comes through at the last minute, and puts you through some kind of wringer in order to test your faith.

To me, this isn't unconditional love, and seems like a reality which comes from fearful thinking.  In my experience, God comes through with support, help, answers, guidance etc, when you start believing. The Universe/God works according to what you believe it will do, so really believe in it, and that it loves you, and is helping you, take care of you etc.  

I have found that Divine providence is a case of WHEN YOU BUILD, THEN THEY COME.  There's no waiting around, there's no needing to have faith, and there's no testing.  It's just a case of the Universe responding to a belief which you have started it register subliminally. 


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