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Hi everyone :)

There has been something interesting that hasn't happened to me for years, and it did start happening again. I'm finding full match boxes everywhere, unexpectedly. It used to happen to me back when I was 14-15. It happened for some time back then, and then it just stopped happening. It started happening again about a month or two ago. The first couple of times, I thought it wasn't anything special, but it kept happening more and more often. Last time, it happened two days ago. I was walking down the street when I found it. As soon as I saw the box, I just knew it would be full. I picked it up and opened it, and I was right. It was full. But, this time, something was different. One match was turned around and was facing the opposite side of the box with it's head. And guess what, I opened it exactly on that side. Only one single match, being turned in opposite direction than all the others. I felt like it was something special. I don't know why, it's just a match box, but it's something that I know is happening only to me, I've never met any other person with something similar happening. And this time, as I wrote, that one match that was upside-down, I feel like it's speaking to me, but I'm not sure if it's Universe trying to give me a sign or just a weird coincidence. 

I just wanted to share this with you, I felt a need to. Enjoy life, happy manifesting :)

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It's The Universe 'lighting up' your world! Woohoo! WTG! ;)

To be honest, I didn't think of it, I was thinking about that one match being turned in opposite direction. But now you say it like that, I like how it sounds, thank you :D


Although some people discredit this kind of stuff, truth is the universe does send some "clues" to people, actually all the time! I know a bunch of people (including myself) that whenever they ask for a sign, they get it.

What I find also is that there is a huge "shift" going on (although I wouldn't describe exactly as a shift.... But most teachers do, so I'm using it), and during this time everything becomes a whole lot more visible! That applies to signs from the universe or other kinds of manifestations! Everything you put out will come back faster than usual. That is why things may seem a bit out of whack right now, people that focus on negative things see bad things rising faster, and people that focus on positive things will find amazing miracles in their lives!

I'm glad you shared this; it's always great to see more and more people noticing these little "universal whispers".

Yes, the Universe is speaking to you, it is presenting you with a choice: do you follow this feeling of bliss and synchronicity or do you discredit it? 

Looking forward to see more of your bliss,


PS: Also if you are wondering with that means, I just got an intuitive message that it may mean "don't follow the herd, be yourself".

Thanks for replying to my thread, it means a lot to me that my thread is noticed by people :)

And also, thanks for wishing me more bliss by saying you're looking forward to seeing more of it, I believe there's more than enough bliss for all of us, but I'd still like to share mine with nice people here, including you :)

I did think about individuality for a moment, I am a kind of person that supports the idea of being individual but not letting that stop us from relating to others and being social beings and team players. I was kinda rebellious in my teens, not in a delinquent kind of way, but I was different ( listening to metal, being more interested in science, spirituality, supernatural, paranormal and similar stuff instead of what's popular, interested in movies, music, comics, video games, I was that one kid in class that always knows everything and even more than there is in the book, but never has to learn his ass off and was partying harder than anyone else, and it's kinda like that even now at college). So, yeah, the idea of "being myself" did come to me in a blink, but that kinda is my lifestyle, it's something I live everyday, so it wasn't surprising me. But it sure sounds nice to hear that it was a "universal whisper", it makes me feel honored. The Universe made a connection with me, that's something :D

Thank you once again, thanks for the good news and kind words, best of luck, happy manifesting :)

I don't know if it's from reading your post but I saw a match box today, I have not seen one of those in along time, careful what I read 0.0 lol

I can also write a post about a million bucks randomly laying on the street if you want me to ^_^

If you want but now your being funny :D

Well, a dose of positive energy can't hurt :3

True :D
It could be one of two things. First up, you saw one or two and paid enough attention to them to start attracting more full match boxes. Or, as Cosmic Conductor says, it could be a message from the Universe. Is there something in your life which needs to be 'sparked' into action?

I had an example of something like this a few years back when I was out of work for quite a while. Nothing much was happening for me, and it felt like I was stuck in the Doldrums. Life felt like it had lost its spark for me, and a result, I kept seeing dead cigarette lighters everywhere. Now that I am back in work and have been for a while, I don't see them at all.

And last year, the company I worked for went out of business, and for a couple of months, it looked like I would be unemployed again. As a result, dead cigarette lighters started appearing in my world again, until the threat of unemployment receded.

If you keep seeing or finding things like these, ask yourself " what am I being shown here? " And do so figuratively. Keep seeing leaks everywhere? Ask yourself if there is something in your life which is draining you. Keep seeing doves everywhere? (Do you need to make peace with something or someone?). Keep seeing people with crutches everywhere? (Do you feel that you need support with something?) Keep seeing people you consider attractive? (Are you becoming more aware of your own attractiveness?)

The Universe can be quite creative like this.


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