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Its been 3 months since breakup, nearly going onto 4.  I am missing him, however I want to adopt another way instead of missing. I do want us back together, or a better version.  However instead of missing, is it best to say "Have"?

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Thankyou Graysen i appreciate. I notice i focus on me and have good days. Then i switch to very intense thought patterns of him, missing the lack as you mention.

Yes, I exercised with my soul sister this morning on the beach, the beauty of sky and the waves, I felt a lot of presence.  I felt a lot of gratitude and yet come home for breakfast and my mind wanders to him :/  This is how strong our connection is, my other ex I let go so easily and I was with him for 13 years.  My heart is strongly connected to this one.

Thanks Graysen, honestly I cannot seem to comprehend another person, I have been told there is another?  I just feel I resonate highly with my ex on many levels except where he is currently which I know wont last.

   I ask ...... 

  Who am I to deny God ?  The Allness, EverPresence, the ISness and BEINGness of God, the Truth of God that God IS and cannot be denied ?  

I know it isn't totally the same, but I am going through something similar with missing my spirit dog whom I love dearly.  Also at the nearly the 4 month mark! (he crossed over)

It's so hard not to feel them missing when their physical presence is gone.   Just to share my thoughts on this.  I personally feel like it's understandable to allow yourself to feel all the feelings of grief.   Although we are connected on many levels, it's only natural that when the physical connection is absent you will almost detox from them in a sense.  I had serious anxiety and panic attacks.  Touch, looking in the eyes of a loved one all bring out deep feelings in our physical body that create a beautiful experience.  

I find as I allow myself to feel all the painful memories/feelings to surface the positive side naturally becomes more available to me.  For me personally I found this takes time and can't be rushed. 

I focus on feeling love/gratitude/joy for him and all the memories that make me smile as well as new experiences I would like to have.   All the things I love about him.  How lucky I am to have had his friendship. 

I go for walks and talk to him just like he is there with me and say all that I want to say.  I do all that I can to heal and deepen my spiritual connection to him which I feel will be so beneficial when we meet again.  

The most important connection you have to him is still available to you. 

The better alternative to me is said in many ways.  Imagination creates reality.  I'm an avid reader of The Secret stories and read some cute ideas...such as one girl who just pretended her and her love were on separate vacations while she focused on herself. (even though he had dumped her)

I do however feel it's so important to forget the past so there isn't a repeat.

Do you read the living stories? Thousands on reuniting with an ex


Thank you so much Satori for sharing.  I agree to leave the past and renew.  I am working on myself too, I must :)

I agree that that imagination helps create our reality and I too enjoy reading the Secret stories.

I am so sorry to hear with the loss of your furbaby, it is not easy.  We lost our cat in March to kidney failure, such a shock.  They are with us always in our hearts xoxox 

Thank you  for the kind words over my doggy love..  I lost my twin flame years ago so I can relate as well.  I was reading some old notes I had made and thought of you in hopes that it could help you shift to feelings of love and gratitude for him, yourself, the past and memories. 

"I thought good of myself.  I loved myself. I Ioved my life.  It happened the exact way I had imagined for months.  I wrote the love story I wanted and said 'thank you for my beautiful love story and healing my relationship'.

If I could have my love again in my life after the terrible words he told me anyone can have everything in their life'  

I also always remind myself of the law of one.  That we are distinct, but not separate.  I know from my experience with my TF that they will feel your growth and love no matter where they are.  

These words describe it so well

You are connected to everything and every one. You are already connected what you want. To the degree that you truly comprehend and internalise this Truth, you will be able to become the master of your mind and the director of your life.

Thank you Satori, sorry to not reply sooner, just saw your reply :)

People like you inspire me, so strong after losing twin, or a partner.  I am putting on my superwoman suit to cover my sadness, and at times I cry and get down.  Hearinng inspirational stories when people have said they have focussed on themselves, got busy did there thing and the ex comes back.  

I am listening to self love meditation and doing anything to keep my head above water.

Yes I have a build up of emotion and cry, that's how I cope.  Great idea with Louise Hay, I might bash the pillow tonight lol.  Actually I bashed the pillow around the time he broke up with me.

I received a reply from him tonight from a previous text where I kept it light.  Towards end of his text he tells me how this year has been unbelievably s&*t and that he is doing his best.  

I felt annoyed when I read that last bit, as I am like You dope, you broke up with me that's why its going s&^t.  Its like he tells me as thou we have been broken up for the past year.  Unbelievable *shakez my head*

Can anyone help with my above response, I just don't get why my ex the man I love so much would say this when he broke up with me, and yeah I know things have not been going very well, but still I feel unsettled by the breakup and lost too.

Its time now for me to create a new story, despite that text message my love sent me.  


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