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Its been 3 months since breakup, nearly going onto 4.  I am missing him, however I want to adopt another way instead of missing. I do want us back together, or a better version.  However instead of missing, is it best to say "Have"?

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People often think the LOA is about painting a smile and being positive about everything - and thats a hard task for anyone.  Its not about that at all.  Rather its about accepting where you are right now, and then getting clear on what you desire and then allowing your inner being to communicate with you and orchestrate things alongside this amazing universe we live in.  So if you feel sad and want to cry do it.  There are benefits to tears believe it or not - they cleanse the body.  Sometimes having a good cry is an energetic releasing of emotions etc.  Likewise if you feel angry, then expressing that in a healthy manner is great to do and it feels so good.  Louise Hay used to say to get a pillow and bash it till you had it all out - and I have done that numerous times and I always feel better for it. 

Yes I have a build up of emotion and cry, that's how I cope.  Great idea with Louise Hay, I might bash the pillow tonight lol.  Actually I bashed the pillow around the time he broke up with me.

Its important to recognise how powerful we are and the choices we are making.  Its not that you have to have emotions build up and cry - you simply choose to do it.  You can get a pillow at any time and thrash them out as you did when you broke up.  You don't have to allow emotions to build up at all.  Its an interesting choice pure and simple and you can make a new choice at any given moment you desire to as you are Powerful beyond words!

I received a reply from him tonight from a previous text where I kept it light.  Towards end of his text he tells me how this year has been unbelievably s&*t and that he is doing his best.  

I felt annoyed when I read that last bit, as I am like You dope, you broke up with me that's why its going s&^t.  Its like he tells me as thou we have been broken up for the past year.  Unbelievable *shakez my head*

Can anyone help with my above response, I just don't get why my ex the man I love so much would say this when he broke up with me, and yeah I know things have not been going very well, but still I feel unsettled by the breakup and lost too.

Its time now for me to create a new story, despite that text message my love sent me.  

Yep create your new story and let the detail of the text pass by.  If you focus on it you will attract more of it and more confusion.  Better to work with what you have achieved already and start looking to what you desire to create instead.  Thats way more fun and exciting!

Thanks Graysen, yay :)

He probably maybe wondering why I don't reply back to what he said?  I need to let it pass and await another text from him when it comes, hopefully a good one.  Its good to know I am on his mind :D

Maybe he is and maybe he isn't - it doesn't matter.  Focus on you first and foremost.  You should be your number one priority.  Your focus is still on him though and thats where you will trip yourself up (waiting on another text etc).  Your focus needs to be on you 100% and what you desire your life to be.  Get the focus out of relationships, because this will get you nowhere. 

Graysen that is so true, thankyou heaps eh, your insight is appreciated ;)

Believe me - learning the hard way is not fun, and so I'm sharing this to help you avoid it.  I wish someone had told me when I was trying to figure this stuff out. 

Just do things that keep you busy and make you happy! It is as simple as that.


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