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Hello everyone,
I have been very quiet on here lately, actually have been quiet in my life. Ever since I discovered this site I have been expecting great things. I must admit that I was beginning to get discouraged because the more I learned about the LOA the more I realized that I needed to learn. I bought many books, cds and dvds, attended seminars, scoured the internet; but I wanted a teacher, I wanted a physical being to help me learn this wonderful law. I tried to 'act as if' and to feel now how I would feel when I finally found a teacher--but this felt insincere and I abandoned it. Finally I put into words what I wanted: I wanted a church-like group that focused on the LOA but also included yoga, reiki and other methods that I was curious about but had no knowledge of. I wanted this group to be diverse in every way and to be 'acceptably extreme' (by this I meant that the group would have some uniqueness to it but also resemble a group). Once I realized what I wanted, and looked around at the small-town Bible-belt community that I lived in, I put the hope on the back burner. I almost gave up the idea, but it was too important to me. Rather that feel dejected or disappointed I resisted the urge to feel anything (since it felt too phony to pretend that I had found such a group within my community).
This week, I discovered thenewway.us well, it discovered me. I subscribe to a local yahoo group and receive a daily digest, normally I delete it daily. This particular day I chose to read every post and hidden at the very end was just a quick notation that this new way group was a new church. I wasn't looking for a church and I can't give a good explanation for bothering to open a new window and type in the URL--but I am so glad I did.
This group, and I have not yet attended, is described as a church-like group that focused on the LOA but also includes yoga, reiki and many classes. AND it meets in an AQUARIUM! well it's not really an aquarium but it used to be an aquarium store and it is painted like an aquarium. The entire outside of the building is bright blue with fish, whale and dolphin 'swimming' along the exterior. And, after checking out the website I discovered that POD in an acronym for People Of Diversity.
The point of this long post: it seems that even though I don't know what I am doing -- if my trust my gut and do what feels right -- an answer or nudge in the right direction will come along.
I am so excited to have this group, and after Sunday I may post here that I have finally found a local group of like-minded people. Life is so good!

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Hi, Dee!

Thanks, for sharing your discovery! :O

I am so happy for you, Dee! Kudos to you!

It's so wonderful to read how you let a little light in and found your way to something that's just right for you. I see you enjoying the magnificent powers of who you really are in an easy, fun, and meaningful way while connecting with others whose presence you'll always cherish. :O)

Sunshine & Blessings,
Thanks for your enthusiasm--it's contagious! Funny thing is that I can hardly wait until Sunday; I have filled every hour until then with labor-intensive projects so I will distract my mind. I really want to walk in to the center with an open mind, an open heart, an open attitude--and then to absorb the experience. My gut tells me that this Sunday will be a rebirth of sorts, that I will finally surround my physical being with like-minded and empowered people.
Thank you so much for your support my friend.
All because you BELIEVED first Dee! Good for you! Life is definitely GOOD!
Thank you for your perspective it changed my own. I was thinking that it took so long to discover a group that was within walking distance to me because I could not believe, I could not 'act as if'. I prefer your perspective and, as usual, I learned a great lesson from your words. I did believe, it might have only been an itty bitty belief, but it was a belief. Imagine what I will discover next--as my ability to believe grows!
Thanks Awesome -- you always live up to your name!
Congratulations! Your story is certainly inspiring. Especially the truth about not being able to feel particularly positive about your desire, so you just put it on the back burner. That is classic LOA. If you can't feel good, just let it go! Excellent, and so inspiring...

I would like to learn, within my heart of hearts, how to let go of something I really want when I can't feel good about it. This may be the beginning of my lessons. Previously if I could not muster positive feelings I just gave up. Persistence may be a key, but for now I wish to learn how to let go without giving up, and it seems that this is a beginning.
Thanks for all that you teach/share with Giovanni, I learn much from reading his blogs about your meetups.


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