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The Secret teaches you to focus on you want - and not focus on what you don't want to manifest. This means that whenever someone asks me how I'm feeling, I always have to say that feel great. When I'm in a deep state of depression, I have to lie about the way I feel. My life is spent denying that I have it, and not letting anyone know that I have issues.

Bust isn't this getting me further from the solution? I want to keep following the Law of Attraction, but by denying that I have the depression, isn't this manifesting what everyone says you shouldn't do - keep it bottled up? Don't get me wrong - when I really feel happy, I FEEL it. I express it. When I hit a low state, I keep telling myself that I'm OK - but deep down, I'm not at the believing state yet. Depression in its very nature induces you to focus on how sorrowful your condition is. So how can I fight through with positive thoughts under the weight of that? (it's not as easy as Bob Proctor's 'just think of something happy' - if you've felt it, you'll know) And how can I get help from anyone, if I always say that I'm perfectly healthy & happy?

If anyone can help me with these things, that would be really cool. All answers welcome.


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dear Felix, ur depression and sadness is always out of certain fears about certain situations going wrong. u need to instill only one thing in ur subconscious that nothing bad can happen to u or no situation can harm u as there is someone The Greater than all Who is with u and looking out for u. believe than all the situations and factors operating in this universe are subservient to That Mighty Power Who is with u. problems and adverse situations come to u only to make u mature and experienced.
whenever u get into depression, makeurself have the feeling of a one year old baby...... when the parents of one year old baby throw him in the air, he laughs and does not get worried as he knows that his parents will catch him and will not let him fall down. similarly in depressive situations, u should have the strong feeling that That Mighty Power, the controller of everything, will definitely come to ur rescue and not let any situation harm u.
I have also found it not to be so simple. You have said it well: "Depression in its very nature induces you to focus on how sorrowful your condition is." For those who have never been there, or have not had the experience of trying to "get out of it" with little result, it's really easy to say, "Just feel better." While there is so much great truth in reaching for better thoughts -- things that at least make you feel a spark of "better," it just isn't that simple. I figure you may get a few answers like that, and that's OK -- because there could be something wrapped up in any one or number of these replies you get that will give you a spark of an idea -- it's all what helps you the most. Every answer is precious.

Here's a suggestion. When you are feeling low, do your best to really accept it. Just look at it and feel it and describe it to yourself -- how it feels, how it looks, where it is in your body and how it feels physically. This means you're not looking at any causes or wallowing in it, but you're also not TRYING to make it go away, nor are you then saying anything you find really hard to believe. I find that it's really OK to just BE where you are...and what I find interesting is that when you accept, and even say "hello" to your feelings, they appreciate being heard.

At the very least (because depression can be persistent) there's a shift. See if you can notice even a small shift. If you do, you'll know that there's something to what I'm saying. At least you experience a bit of relief because you know that it's not about trying to NOT feel the way you do, or that you're doing something wrong. Boy, do I know about THAT feeling: "You're doing something wrong." I still feel it today sometimes -- it's not very loud or powerful anymore; thank goodness for that.

No one who's experiencing depression WANTS to be there. Maybe a few find some kind of poetic angst helpful in their craft, or but I think that those who do, more easily look at things to be depressed ABOUT, and if you're like me, I could look at all my blessings all day long and still feel that sense of sadness and exhaustion. Sure, it might get me somewhere gradually, but that can take a very, very long time and I think there are ways to get where you want to go faster.

Following that, or during that, I think the best thing to do is tell yourself that you are going to find a solution, and then see what you bring yourself/create that will help you feel better. I find that by asking questions like this here, inspiration comes IN SPITE OF how I feel. That's why I often say that it's not wrong to feel "bad." But I say it based on my whole viewpoint -- which is a longer story than I'll go into here. Not to mention that I have found other sources of help that, like you, I've found along the way that brought me to where I am now.

One more thought: Abraham says that you reach for the next best thought -- the one that feels better. I have used that as my mantra for a long time. What this means to me is that you reach for virtually ANY thought -- not one that might be prescribed as a thought that you SHOULD think or that someone else tells you to think (although they might be able to offer you a thought that you wanted to think, or knew inside you it was "the one,"), but one that might surprise you as the "next best thought." What perhaps your next best thought could be is simply that: "It's OK and not wrong to feel what I feel." That can be freeing in and of itself. Because if Proctor's "think of something happy" doesn't help or leads you to feel bad or worse because you can't do it, then obviously, it's not YOUR next best thought. Your next best thought is, "I don't have to do that right now." And THAT is the essence of it -- you can't get to Z from A in one leap. That's very LOA.

Don't blame yourself. Offer to yourself and the universe your desire to feel better, and trust that it will come. My blessings are with you -- as one who has been there.

And if you want more info, feel free to be my friend and PM me so we can chat.

Mary Jo
Have you read Lynn Grabhorn's book, Your Life is Waiting for You? She speaks of a person who used law of attraction to heal their depression. I know when I'm depressed sometimes I have to go with it because if I fight it, it gets worse. I cry and let the emotion run its course and than I'm able to switch my focus to something, anything that feels better. I'm not looking for "feel good" just yet, just "feel better". And bit by bit I begin to feel better. It isn't a quick fix for me by any means.

The other thing that I do is ask myself why I feel this way? What is that I need to see or hear or know that I don't already? For example, a few weeks ago I was depressed, sleeping all day, crying all the time and I didn't understand why. I finally asked and I heard to let the emotion run its course because if I bottled it up, it would get worse. So I let it run its course and I cryed and I cryed and finally I felt a lifting in my heart and soul and I felt strangely clearer, like the tears and depression were cleansing.

Don't deny how you feel. It's okay to feel bad and feel sad. It's part of the contrast we are here to live. Besides, if something feels bad than denying it makes it feel worse, right? Be happy when you're happy and honor that. Be sad when you're sad and honor that. Each emotion has its place.
Another thing that has worked for me are crystals and stones. Now I'm not saying this will work for you but if you're interested these are some of the best to work with: quartz, jet, malchite, smokey quartz and tiger's eye. In fact, I was gifted a HUGE chunk of smokey quartz that I hold when I feel depression coming on. For me at least, this helps.
sometimes I get real depressed and stuff....often it can be as simple as a commercial on TV, ala, The Cable Guy?
I get to an awareness now that I can experience the hurt, notice I am experiencing the hurt, then slowly notice how I mine the hurt for gold. (looking for good in it) Then I notice how my entire self is finished with it today, and gently glide back to the moment, which is usually another commercial!

always with care,
Unfortunately that is a trap a lot of LOA-ers fall into. First a person needs to FACE what is bugging them. They must be honest and feel it and look at it a bit and then transform it to something more positive.
Its funny how many people that are into the Secret think it means "never saying anything negative--at all--ever."
Its really more about getting good at clearing out the negative as quickly as possible and living in positive places more and more. That requires 1st acknowledging the negative stuff so that it can be transformed.
I've heard the definition of depression as "anger turned inward" a kind of helplessness, as if there is nothing we can do to fix it. At one level, this is true; we can't fix it by wishing it away, or by painting a smily face on it.

But we are far from helpless. By facing the root thoughts head on, by looking at the basic ideas that create our "victimhood," we are able to take authority for what we believe and know to be true. The first step then is to know that we have the power to change our thoughts. Simply claiming authority over our minds gives us that initial empowered energy that we need to break the cycle of depression.

Affirm: By right of consciousness, I AM the master of my thoughts. Infinite Source/Spirit/God has created me to be the author of my own beliefs and supports me in claiming ideas that serve my highest good.

When we realize that we are working with Divine Law, Infinite Love and Absolute Good, there is nothing that can keep us down. We can ASK for help, knowing that we will receive it, whether that be the right idea direct from Source, thru counselling, or even a bit of medication, we can accept this as the best way forward...because we are loved, supported and destined to expand in our expression of Life.

The Whole Universe conspires to bring us the Good that we desire, and if we KNOW this, then it is so, no matter what we're feling in the moment.

And that's another thing, I KNOW that no matter how down I feel in the moment, I am loved and supported. This is what faith really is, all evidence to the contrary, all negative emotions aside, I KNOW that the Universe/Spirit/God is there for me. Knowing this, my depressive moments are shorter and and not so deep.

Felix, we're having a very similar discussion here. http://www.powerfulintentions.org/forum/topics/lying-in-accordance-... I think it will help you immensely. I strongly recommend using the Emotional Guidance Scale (EGS), which I believe is what you're asking for. Love and light to you!
Felix, it seems that YOU also started the thread VOM is talking about! :_}

Your questions here and there are along the same lines, the answers are the the same and in both threads. :-}
I had this thing last year where, I felt like I was finished and wanted to go "home". I think that depression can be a sign of spiritual growth - it's like you've evolved, and now your mentality has to catch up. The things that used to be meaningful to you now feel horribly empty and alien.
( I almost got my wish because I fell and injured my head. )
How I got myself out of that rut was simply by a thought that occurred to me, which I'd like to share:
When you are "home", you must feel happy. How could you not?
Therefore, while you're here, if you align yourself, and if you are connected to your higher self and to the source, you can be just as happy here!
It just probably takes a bit more effort here to connect to it and to stay connected. But if you do, you can have all the energy and support you need to do anything you want to do.
Just now I picked out a photo of E.T. to change my Photo to, because I've no photos of me on my computer and was looking for something nice,
and then I looked at my Page and realised that the very last thing I was talking about was going home and I also included the word "alien". I had to laugh at myself.
( I swear to God I'm human :) ).
When you are in your "up" state take a moment and write down everything you are grateful for. From the bed you lay your head on at night to the wonderful chirping of birds when you arise.
When you get down, take out that list and go through it. Think of the feelings you had when you wrote it, close your eyes and imagine you are back in that place.
This will help a lot.


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