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Let me just say wow...this thing is working like a charm!

Some of you might have remembered that I had recently gotten the job that I had been wanting for over a year and beat all odds to get said job. Now, my goals and ambitions have changed and I beat the odds again. Using positive thinking, feeling good, and believing what I am receiving, I got EXACTLY the job I was looking for so that I could stay in Thailand. I am now enjoying a wonderful career with World Bank.

Let me tell you how I did it and how you can do it too.

1. Imagine what kind of work you want to find-what do you want to do? Where do you want to work? What does the office look like? etc.

2. FIND-once you start attracting this job, it will soon turn up. Do what you have to do so that you can believe that you will receive this job. Of course, apply for it and try hard. That will make it more believable.

3. Believe that you already have the job. Like they say, you asked for it, so now you can get it. Know that it is already yours

4. Imagine working there-One thing that helped me was to actually visit the office and look around there. It helped me to imagine going there everyday. I even began to start looking for apartments around the area and planning for the future with my friends because my faith was so unwavering. Never let it out of your mind. I was even talking about working there before I was there because I KNEW that the job would be mine!

5. Feel good about it-be happy! You got the job that you want.

Now that I have a great job, I will move on to other areas of focus! Hope this helps!

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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for posting. I've been enemployed for a while, but the thought of being tied down to a 9-5 scares me!
The things is is that my dream job is having a part in a TV show in Ireland, so I am finding it difficult to believe that this is possible.
I'd also like to work in PR where people keep on telling me that I will only get work experience for free.
I also want to do modelling but have put on about a stone in weight and my skin has gone so bad! :(
The thing that I have learned recently about the law of attraction is that you have to throw the "how" aspect out the window. When you know what you want and believe that it is already yours, things will happen to get you there. One thing that happened with me was once I starting attracting my World Bank job, I actually met someone who had some very close connections with some people there. At times it will seem kind of eerie how you are attracting these things to you.

You say that you have a dream job but you believe it is unlikely to happen. Every time you doubt yourself, you push your dream away from you. It's kind of like a carrot tied to a stick-it's always just out of reach.

You also listed two other jobs but gave reasons why you would never get them. It is time for you to change your way of thinking.

First, it will not be believable if you try to attract all three jobs, so decide on the one that would make you the most happy.

The first thing you should do is ask for the job or say in your mind, I have that job. Next, keep the job in your thoughts all the time but be careful with how you are thinking about it. Do not concentrate on not having it or that you will have it in the future. Concentrate on having it now! Begin visualizing yourself in the job. What will your morning routine be like? How will you get there? Where is it? What will your office look like? What kind of work will you be doing today, tomorrow, the next day, etc. Who will your co-workers be? What will the be like (Please keep their personalities positive though, ok?), what will you do when you come home from work? Imagine every facet of it. One thing you can even do is pretend you are at work. Sit down at your desk and imagine the kind of things that you will be doing.

Finally, as the say in the secret, you have to feel good in order to get it. It is VERY important to do this. In my first job, I always visualized working there, always thought about it, but I always concentrated on it never coming and began to feel bad. It wasn't until I started telling everyone that I had already gotten the job and began to feel like I already had that it came (it actually came 3 days after I started telling everyone I had already gotten it).

So Me, stop thinking that the things which you want are impossible to achieve. You can get anything that you want. There will be no obstacles in your way. You will get exactly what you want if you allow yourself to have it.
About a year ago I decided that I wanted to work at the place that I am currently working at. I was down on my luck looking for work recently and ended up scoring a job that wasn't even advertised at this place. It was really bizarre how I ended up where I am. It was like I kinda had to be rejected from everywhere else and wait for this opportunity. In all honesty I kept applying for jobs that I didn't want and every application I sent out was really fear based. I was asked to interview at a few places but because I knew deep down these places didn't really reflect what I'm all about I didn't go. I always knew my current job would be awesome and the people are just so lovely. I feel so blessed! I couldn't ask for anything more! Thank you universe!!
I was exactly the same way. I applied for a bagillion jobs and there weren't any that were really what I was looking for or could see myself doing in the long term. As to how I attracted the World Bank job, I am not too sure. It could be because I was in contact with them a lot at the same time I was looking for a job or because I knew that I wanted a good job here and not a crap one.

One interesting aspect is that I never knew I would be interested in human resources until I came to Thailand. I realized all my life that I hated doing work related to sales, marketing and keeping customers happy and that what really was fun for me was dealing with people internally. I have always had great relationships with my colleagues and my previous jobs always gave me HR responsibilities.

Here is one interesting thing about how I wound up in Thailand too: I visited here this summer and feel in love. I have been to many countries, but none have hit me like this place. After I left, thoughts of Thailand always remained in my memories and I always talked about it. I guess this was what I was attracting without realizing it. When I got my previous job, I was supposed to be going to Libya...kind of the opposite of Thailand, but at the last minute, they told me I would be in Thailand. It was just amazing! When I arrived here, I just had this feeling that I would be here for a long time. What really gave me this feeling was when I met with the governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand and she gave me a lonely planet copy of Thailand. Then I KNEW I would be living here.

Like you Afterglow, I know that this job will be awesome.
Thank you Afterglow and Brian for your descriptive fantastic experinces!
Yeah for you! :)

I am in a job, that pays a little bit of money, at the time I wanted it, I knew I would get the job
( that feeling) now, I don't care for it anymore, because the pay is 10 an hour!
It has benefits, but what I do, how hard I work, non stop, what I am responsible for
the pay is a joke in compared to what I do.

I have to quit based on the pay,
Yet I don't have anything lined up yet
so Fear steps in, and I question should I do one more year?
It hurts my spirit
so I either go to the same job cause it is some security vs, no money coming in

however, I am worth so much more
So I have some months to figure out what I am going to do
and allow for something fablous that utlizes my talents and abilities and pays me at least $40,000 a year
I choose more,
I am such an incredible person with excellent work ethic, although I don't play any games
and do not care for the 9-5 working 5 days a week thing, working for the man....
Anyone who chooses to be in my presence, should pay me hundreds of thousands of dollars, :)

I need to quit my j.o.b.
Thanks for your inspiration! Happy day to all!
Great sharing!
Oh, and here is another little secret that can help with your visualization, believing and feeling like you will get the job you want. Make your own business card!

Either get a card from someone from that company (easier), use one of your own business cards, or go ahead and make them completely on your own. As you white out and write on there your name, the name of the company, address, etc., you begin to really FEEL like this is your own business card there. I was amazed when I transformed my former companies logo into the World Bank logo. It fit perfectly! I felt like this was my real business card.

Try it today. Quite a powerful tool.
Thanks again for the wonderful help. At the moment I'm focusing on a busy modelling life and part time PR work experience. I've a PR interview today. Im hoping that I will get on well and will get paid to do it too.
The modelling is going quite well. I feel a bit of butterflies ever time I get a modelling offer since Ive put on weight and am gone a bit spotty but my positivity from the inside will shine through and my weight and appearance EXACTLY the way it is is EXACTLY what they NEED! I got an email yesterday from a modelling agency who I applied for ages ago. I have an interview with the manager on Saturday...
Wonderful! Everything is working out exactly how you had hoped. Congratulations! Remember, keep expecting the best because it WILL happen!
The first thing I did with the Law of Attraction was get a job. After I had watched it, I told myself I had doubled my yearly income. I had no idea how, but a month later I was called for an interview and 2 years later I am still here! I even got the early shift so I can pursue my boardsports and just have fun!
This is wonderful news!

I'm also manifesting my dream job, working from home, doing exactly what I would like to be doing.
My first job is still in the process, but I know it will have great results.
It came very quickly after I worded it exactly the way I wanted it to be.

Thanks for sharing!



I like you, am deeply connected to another country, Beirut Lebanon to be exact, and Im a bit familiar with world bank, I am wondering if they have any opps in that area, I have a lot of supportive, wonderful friends in that area, and i daydream all the time about going back, of course not for forever,, maybe a year or two as I also enjoy and love living here in Los Angeles. I checked the website for jobs in the area and did not see anything in Beirut so Im not sure. Any Advice?:)


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