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Let me just say wow...this thing is working like a charm!

Some of you might have remembered that I had recently gotten the job that I had been wanting for over a year and beat all odds to get said job. Now, my goals and ambitions have changed and I beat the odds again. Using positive thinking, feeling good, and believing what I am receiving, I got EXACTLY the job I was looking for so that I could stay in Thailand. I am now enjoying a wonderful career with World Bank.

Let me tell you how I did it and how you can do it too.

1. Imagine what kind of work you want to find-what do you want to do? Where do you want to work? What does the office look like? etc.

2. FIND-once you start attracting this job, it will soon turn up. Do what you have to do so that you can believe that you will receive this job. Of course, apply for it and try hard. That will make it more believable.

3. Believe that you already have the job. Like they say, you asked for it, so now you can get it. Know that it is already yours

4. Imagine working there-One thing that helped me was to actually visit the office and look around there. It helped me to imagine going there everyday. I even began to start looking for apartments around the area and planning for the future with my friends because my faith was so unwavering. Never let it out of your mind. I was even talking about working there before I was there because I KNEW that the job would be mine!

5. Feel good about it-be happy! You got the job that you want.

Now that I have a great job, I will move on to other areas of focus! Hope this helps!

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I want to attract a "job" that is playing football (soccer). My real dream job is to play for Manchester United. But that is maybe a bit far ahead of time. First I want to attract a job playing in Norwegian 3.division. For a club named Norheimsund or Øygard. I am currently at Øygards junior team, but I need to play for the A-team. If I am not at Øygards A-team until summer, I will move to another school, and go on Norheimsund.

I can feel inside me that I already have the talent, though I haven't showed others people that I can.

Any advice huge appreacited. I will follow your 5 tips!

1. I want to play for a A-team in 3.division
2. I am practicing everyday for it
3. I have already my football job in 3.division
4. I visulized everyday and act as and because I have it aleardy
5. I am feelig goood! =)
I'm a keen football fan, and although I don't play, I know what it is like to go out and seek the right club to play for. Football is a very competitive business, and to play for a team like Manchester United, you have to be the best. That means from an LOA perspective, that you have to BELIEVE that you are the best. BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE TRULY GOOD ENOUGH, because they won't have anything less at that club.

If you send out that vibration (something you believe deep down inside) then you will firstly attract the situations in which you can show it to others. Then you will attract the right people to help move your career on (scouts, coaches, managers etc). Opportunities will open up for you to be the best, because the Universe will be giving you what you believe about yourself deep down inside.

Look at how Delle Alli has risen recently from League One MK Dons, to Tottenham Hotspur and England in just three years. He must believe deep down that he is the best.

Of course, you have to work hard and practice all of the areas of skill, plus you have to work on your strength and fitness and the concentration, but that too will come from believing that you are the best. You will have the best skills, the best fitness and the best concentration levels. But it starts first of all with the belief you have about yourself. Get that right and the rest will follow.

When you believe that you are the best and truly good enough, then you attract everything you need for that belief's fullest manifestation. It might be Manchester United, but it might also be another great club which suits you even better than them (Manchester City, Chelsea, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid). The Universe will decide for you and will only lead you to the best for you.

You are really in the right way friend. 

You are absolutely 100% correct! I got my job by doing the same thing. I had applied for jobs that I didn't really want to have. I sat down and thought hard about what my ideal job would be like. What did I really want to do?

Well, I got exactly the job I really wanted to do. I did the same thing with the apartment I wanted. I thought about exactly what I wanted, and kept looking and looking, not finding what I was looking for. Then, the same week I received the money I was waiting for, there was the ad! Two bedrooms, right in the neighborhood I wanted to be in, washer and dryer hookup, upstairs, with a balcony and a back door.

This really does work. Decide what you want exactly, keep thinking about it, picturing it, feeling it, living it. Believe me, it will be there right when you need it.
Number 1 is relatively easy, number 2 is the harder part. If it was as easy as 'just go out and find' then everybody would be working in their dream jobs. If the job is proving a bugger to find, then you need to ask the Universe for help. Ask it to help you with your emotions, so that you aren't kept out of alignment with it. And also ask it to guide you to where it is. After all, the Universe, and your higher self have given you the desire to get the job of your dreams, so it just be manifestable and it just exist. They wouldn't have given you the desire otherwise. So ask it for help and guidance, and it will take you there.
So right!

Dear friend;

Can I translate your writing to my mother tongue (Turkish). Because I have lived the same situation but I want to tell your story to my friends on facebook.

I am unemployed nowadays,

Do you really want to what I really want.

I want to work on computers but I want to work on educational technology . I want an office work but an higher position then a teacher. 

I also want to have a good salary.

I imagine my place to work from time to time. But I think I must increase those processes and improve my skills (on computers and languages)

But I want to work in the capital city of Turkey (Ankara) and I know some people from there (in the office) And I will try to go there and will see my working place


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