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What are your views on water's ability to carry messages?

I write on all liquid bottles when I bring them home, not just water..juice..milk...soda..but I started with water and have been doing it for about 2 years now.

I write I Love You...Thank You...Joy...Divine

How has this video changed you perspective on water?

How about how you feel now when you are around discord and negative surroundings? The news?

Swearing and yelling at others, especially children?

Our bodies are listening and they react.

It is with much love in my heart that I share this with you.

Marlene Marion

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Love and Gratitude, Marlene Marion. I believe that this information contained in the video comes here at just the right moment to truly make a CHANGE in the Earth's environment for all living entities through the restoration of Water above the Earth, On the Earth, and Below the Earth.

Imagine the Secret teachings which include all from Abraham-Terah regarding the vital importance of thinking thoughts that result in feeling good.

Think of the people around the Earth that are now associated with the Law of Attraction and the associated messages heard on www.hayhouseradio.com and the world wide Law of Attraction radio station which broadcasts 24-7 messages of Appreciation. I refer to www.sourceenergyradio.com

Now think of the few who have been Given this Water mission as they go about Blessing all living things on Earth while imagining the restoration of the living Water which makes up most the the bodies.

We have now moved into what is called the Aquarian Age, or the Brotherhood of Man. Aquarius is also known as The Water Bearer." He is shown carrying a Pitcher of Water and Pouring it upon the Earth.

Thank you, Marlene. I will save this Message Discussion and invite others to come an watch it here. This is a life CHAGEing for the better event. We have our mission. We know what it is. There is much more to the saying, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." Our neighbor here is Water.

Divine Love Together Water
Wow! This message is unbelievably eye-opening and timely. On a personal note, I’ve been going through some difficult and frightening changes in my life and body. I’ve been avoiding the inevitable decisions I should be making as well as abusing myself with sugar and other unhealthy foods and life choices. But after having seen just a few minutes of this film I drank a glass of water and spoke life into it for a change. I know that it’ll make a positive difference in my health as well as my quality of life. On a global note, I wish that this kind of information were taught in homes and schools starting from the very first day. My thoughts are that once we’ve freed ourselves from ego, fear and hate we can life healthier, happier lives filled with joy, love and health--life-giving water is even more important than I ever imagined in accomplishing that goal. I hope and pray that others will find this film, mimic its positive message and pass it on.
Thank you and be blessed.
Excellent movie I did an experiment with blue glass bottles putting water in the bottles leaving them outside on a full moon the water tasted absolutely beautiful.

I have seen videos talking about vitalisng water by attaching devices to your taps that makes the water swirl would be interested in seeing tests on this.

I ahve always thought that because yuo have so much water in yuor body that being around negative or angry people can aafect your vibration and the lower energy can attatch to you I wil now do som,e experiments when around negative and angry peole by saying love and gratitude in my mind love works well and release worked well too will see if love and gratitude works better
Marlene, This discussion is very important for all the Master Creators here on PI Forums and places like Louise Hayhouse at www.hayhourseradio.com

Earlier today I posted this Discussion address on www.sourceenergyradio.com since if enough people world wide take notice and implement what we have learned from this video, it has the power to CHANGE unhappiness into happiness, and dispair int joy.

Bless the people from source energy radio for coming here to look at the video. I am confident that they will run with it.

Togethr Water Truth Joy Love, Cheiro
What a beautiful, informative, life changing post!
You know, Awesome, you are so right. The word CHANGE has a specific meaning which suggests various levels of PAIN. This is why this Video is so relevant Now. We have a number of young people who have attracted themselves to this PI Forums for a purpose. Part of which is to CHANGE.

The Water in their bodies has a memory. The water in their bodies can be made pure like the driven snow. Same with the water in their water systems in the cities and towns they live in. The people who have attracted themselves to the Law of Attraction, The Secret, this PI Forums and places like www.sourceenergyradio.com and www.hayhouseradio.com I think are the people who are like doctors of humanity.

I am so hopeful that these young people will watch and study this video. It is most likely one of the most important videos we have to fully cause the CHANGE we long for in our lives.

Blessings to your CHANGE, Cheiro
Good day, in case you have not seen this Video may I take this moment to highly recommend it to anyone who may have the calling to do healing of any kind and on any scale.

you may come away from the video and to never think of water the same---ever.


I first got introduced to this idea through the quantum physics "What the Bleep do we know" video. Ever since i've held much more respect to water and our emotions. I'm typing this before i watch the video but i have a feeling it's quite similar. But I have not written on all liquid containing bottles. Good Idea! I'm giong to start.
Hi Surry, and Good day to you my friend. I am so glad that you are watching this video too. You know I think it is makes for a really good discussion, and at the same time we can continue to BUMP this discussion tot he f ront which would remind others to give their self what I call a lifting of consciousness.

This info in the film is quite startling I think.

Best to you, Cheiro
Oh it took me twelve hours to watch this video...quite an all day event. I had a child in between the bufferings and such.

I wrote on all liquid containers as well. And before i gave my son a bath i thanked and loved the water.

We can continue to bump this to the top and get more and more people into this discussion and help them watch this. This video is so far in depth that everyone can find something enjoyble about this film.

LIke the story about the Japanese thinking about a bomb..."poisoning by H2O" interesting. very interesting.
I wrote on all liquid containers as well. And before i gave my son a bath i thanked and loved the water.

That is just totally beautiful, Surry. I mean, we know now that we have been ignorant about the sanctity of water. Just think now about sending snow-like shapes of life giving essence into our bodies through the skin.

I think that when enough of us looks at this movie many of us will have a dramatic effect on the restoration of all the water on Earth. Sending love and appreciation to lakes, streams, rivers, even the city water and sewage systems. Let the imagination run on this . . .
Dear Marlene,
thank you so much for this exiting and informative film. I hope, we all can deal with it careful and respectful. Love Tatjana


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