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What are your views on water's ability to carry messages?

I write on all liquid bottles when I bring them home, not just water..juice..milk...soda..but I started with water and have been doing it for about 2 years now.

I write I Love You...Thank You...Joy...Divine

How has this video changed you perspective on water?

How about how you feel now when you are around discord and negative surroundings? The news?

Swearing and yelling at others, especially children?

Our bodies are listening and they react.

It is with much love in my heart that I share this with you.

Marlene Marion

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Marlene, you are always such a blessing in my life!
When you drink love this is what you are drinking

When I drink my warm water, or when I take a bath it is so nice to know that I am drinking and bathing in HOLY or WHOLE-Y Water. The picture is so appreciated since it is a reminder of perfectly structured water thorugh the Power of LOvWE.

Thanks so much for the pic, Cheiro
What a magnificent gift this film is, and Marlene an abundance
of gratitude for bringing it to our attention, so we too can be informed
better and inspired by it and share it with others.
Wishes of Love and gratitude. Sophia
Thanks, Soophia for that pic from the film. It is wonderout how LOVE and Appreciation directed at water can cause water to reconstruct itself from dark and deathly looking to like the pic that you posted above.

Science has shown, according to the movie, that simply by directing love and appreciation to damaged water that it gets reconstituted to light as we see above. I would say that if a person's body is sick that person could get better by simply loving the water in their body and loving the water that runs into their houses and more.
amazing video i just finished it now...yea an all day marathon for me : ) thanks for this inspiring video. i've learned so much.
Surry, If you were to tell, say a person who is young and about to get married about water, what would you tell them? Do you think people who know nothing about the power of love as we know it in LOA would simply brush this water thing off, or would they want to see the movie?
Thank you for this video. We are all connected and all of us are connected to water. The Native Americans used to drink from natural water sources without it being treated because it was sacred to them. Now that it’s not that way, the quality of water has changed and in turn so has our society as a whole. I’ve often wondered what affect the rough treatment of water would have on it energetically and this video really answered a lot of the questions I had. We can see our reflection when we look into water and we can also see our reflection in the energetic properties of water. It’s good to know that we can to a certain extent decide what we want the energetic reflection to be.

I’m visualizing happy, clean, natural bodies of water and thanking it because it is actually sacred life. I’m also going to put a label of positive words on my filtered water. It will be something like this: You are sacred. Thank you for life. Love, peace and may speak something like this aloud after seeing the experiments done involving the power of the spoken word. I’m going to continue to avoid drinking from plastic as well because the energy of water seems to feel different to me when I drink from a glass than when I drink from plastic containers.
I started thanking the water I was drinking today. Felt wierd, but then again most new habits are uncomfortable 'til wee do them lots.

During the video I noticed that the shape of the water when it's exposed to classical music, and when it's exposed to heavy metal. The video did seem to voice a clear bias with that comparison. It made me wonder how jazz or improvised music would affect the water. And what about something soft like James Taylor.

Just wondering out loud.
Good questions, Steve. Maybe you have heard experiments conducted on dairy Cows and also on planets? With cows and plants we have two different life forms that are very much alive and possess a consciousness. In both with the cows and plants scientists did similar music experiments and discovered that music like Mozart caused the cows to give more milk and better quality milk and just the opposite resulted playing the kind of music you saw played in the Water Movie.

The same experiments got conducted on plants. The results were the same as on cows.

I believe plants would like something like James Taylor. And of course there are many jazz pieces that I think cows would also like. What makes the difference is the emotion associated with the music. The kind of hard rock demonstrated in the movie was obvious anger oriented and the crowd became mesmerized with anger. Plants seem to wilt under that kind of stress, and it is shown that water does also.

Imagine what we can accomplish in our rivers and lakes simply by generating love and appreciation and directing that to those water ways. Then, just think what we can do with love and gratitude by directing it to the water coming into our homes and into our cities water plants. Let your imagination run on this one Steve....
Dear Marlene,
I thank you for being the beautiful and loving person that you are! I am very grateful that you shared this informative video with me. There is so much interesting information, that I know I will be watching and telling others about this marvelous video,
Love and Blessinngs,

Today:  January 2, 2011.  The film that demonstrated how Water reacts to Love and Gratitude got

removed apparently over copy-write regulations.  


In case you have never seen the movie or know about it at all,,,briefly, it depicts how scientific

experiments with water, shows how water responds to Love and gratitude when one directs love

and gratitude to the water. 


I bring this up to you since we are now moving closer and closer to massive CHANGE associated

with weather patterns all over the Earth.  As you know, most of Earth is made up of Water and now

it is even more important that we exercise our power as creators to send healing to Earth through

the very water that we drink, bathe, breathe, and travel in such as boats, and snowmobiles, etc.


So sorry that you did not get the chance to see the  video. 


Sending Love and gratitude to all the waters including to the waters in your own body and to the

water in the bodies of your loved ones and of course to the waters of Gaia, Earth.  1-2-2011


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