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You know if this manifestation stuff really worked, why don’t we have everything we’ve always wanted, right here, right now?

I know you’ve heard that a million times.

I also know why you’re here, because you, like me have experienced something in your past, or have heard a personal account from someone you dearly trust, that proves there is something going on here.

Am I right? Personal experience doesn’t lie.

This is from my favorite article


More advice please

Thank you all in advance!

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Hi Rishan,

We are all here figuring it out for ourselves, aren't we. I like your website.
Here's mine: http://www.law-of-attraction-lifestyles.com/
Hi Donna,

Its not actually my website, buts its my favorite site =)
Thank you for sharing I checked on the site you gave me and its beautiful.
Hi again Donna, My name is Era and not Rishan lol! I didn't notice it yesterday.
Rishan, is the man on the video and the owner of the site I think....I am one of the many who subscribe for his free videos. =)
I just finished reading your articles on the link you provided and thank you so much for the LOA terms, it would help me understand more. I bookmarked it too so every time I go through reading articles I have reference.
Well - Hi again Era!
Sorry I got your name wrong. I usually get it from the top of the page, but I can see "Era" up there now - very clearly.

And thanks for the nice feedback on my LoA Terms page. So many people use words that have specific meanings to them. Every "collection of thought" seems to have their own favorite terms that they use as sort of a "short cut" for something specific. Since I really enjoy looking at many different perspectives, the different terms was somewhat confusing to me.

But I take comfort in the fact that the Universe is really looking at our vibration, not our words.
Or, a nicer way of saying it is that God knows our hearts, and our intentions.

ERA, There is really only one question you need to ask your self.
If I was 100% sure I could not fail, what would I be doing right now? Peace, Len
"If you are not manifesting what you want, you are reacting to the reflection of yourself, previously created, that you believe to be true.... In fact, if you were in a state where all source energy flows through you, without ANY resistance, you would have no earthly need to exist, to experience anything, because you would be complete spirit consciousness, with no physical attributes at all."

So then we can change our physical appearance! If what we think we know is true, can't we just change what we know to be true and change our outer selves? For example, the world knows me to have green eyes. But who's to say my eyes aren't really pale blue?
Awesome article! I just recently became more aware of the fact that all my reading and studying and networking is no replacement for becoming still ... as in meditation ... and purposefully asking myself a question -- and getting answers from a place which is truly deeper than ego. Now I think making an appointment with myself is the best thing I can do when there is something I need to know. Anything really. The answers are within. I look forward to getting better and better at this. Already, I have some direction and some clear steps on long puzzling contrast. It's really inspiring.

I recently read in a prosperity book one little piece that made me feel as if perhaps I didn't learn the law of attraction and deliberate creation quite fully the first time around so to speak. Not sure I can quote it right but it's an excellent little book called A Practical Guide to Prosperous Living, by J. Douglas Bottorff. I am very well versed in law of attraction from Abraham/Hicks and I have had awesome but sporatic results. The saying I am referring to said something like: "processes aimed at little more than getting milk from the cow produce results that are shallow and fleeting and leave you short." It made me think that there are layers of this law that I have not fully understood yet. He also says, "the effectiveness of any prosperity technique lies in it's ability to assist you in making a fundamental shift in the way you see yourself."

This little study (book) has left me feeling that when I return to the teachings of Abraham/Hicks, I will perhaps understand them on a deeper level. I still find their material to be very very clear and it rings of absolute truth for me, I just felt I was still missing something somewhere.
Hi Chris,

I agree - there is no limit to insight!
And that fact will keep us going forever.
I enjoy looking at LoA from different perspectives.

One thing I like about the Field Center http://www.fieldcenter.org/
perspective is that their teaching is that manifestation of ANYTHING, no matter how "good" is not the point. The main point should be ALIGNMENT. Any manifestation of desire is a wonderful by-product of that.

I had to write about Balance to go with my website page on Manifestation! I forget that the reason I found LoA was because I was actually looking for my connection to All That Is.

Well, those links that were good in 2010 have changed hands - sorry!

The biggest reason?

It doesn't exist...xD
So, Era, have you used this simple but seemingly awesome technique yet? If so, how did you get on with it?


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