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There are three pillars of manifestation. Many people are aware of them, but the pillars are often confused for one another, and this leads to ineffective technique and sporadic results.


Here are three pillars of manifestation:


The first one is attraction.

The second one is alignment.

The third one is creation.


These are three distinct things. Some people mix up attraction and alignment, but there are three different phases, with different techniques, and different ways to apply them so that they are effective.



The first pillar is attraction. This is your classic law of attraction. When done effectively attraction is the drawing towards yourself of circumstances, ideas, events, opportunities, people, resources, probabilities, and everything else you need to achieve your goal. These are all usually probabilities. The attracting of these probabilities to yourself is pillar number one.


 The second pillar is alignment. It is aligning your vibration with your goal, and this is not the same thing as attraction. Aligning your vibration is aligning yourself with what you've drawn around you so you can even recognize it,  so you even know it's there - so you can interact with it. If you're not properly aligned then you can draw all these probabilities to yourself and not be aware of it. It's just like how two people can be in the same room, at the same party, with the same crowd. One of these people is depressed, and the one is really happy.


The depressed person will notice all the negative things. The happy person will notice all the great things and they'll both come out of that shared experience with two completely different experiences because of what they're aligned to.


Your vibrational alignment affects your perception. It affects what you see, what you realize, and what you can interact with in your environment.


Pillar one, attraction, and pillar two, alignment are two different things.


Pillar three is creation. You must take action in order to create your desires. Actions are the trigger on the gun. Action makes things happen. Actions turn probabilities into realities.


You can draw all these opportunities, circumstances, coincidences, people, resources, information, knowledge, inspiration and all the other things you need, but if you're not aligned with it you won't notice it, and if you do notice it but you don't take action you're not going to trigger anything. Things are not going to happen.


You have to take action to turn all those probabilities you've drawn to yourself, and you've recognized, into realities.


So there are three distinct pillars which have different techniques, and different levels of knowledge to use effectively.


Once you can effectively leverage all three of them life is going to change.


 Remain at Choice,





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Very helpful. thank you

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


Its an interesting choice in these three pillars, but they are just a choice.  For me, I am choosing something else entirely different and refuse to be limited by rules of any sorts.  Just doesn't happen in my universe.  Thanks for the reminder though!

I liken it to the Bible: Ask, Believe, Receive.

Yes, everything is a choice. You can also choose to make a plane without wings. It won't fly though.

Ha ha, says who?  Actually there are a few planes with newer wings that don't look like wings that are aero dynamic.  Never say never.


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