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I received this question from a reader this morning:
“In the book Beyond the Magic Pill, you said that everything we have in our life is a result of our vibrations. And then you say that we have to raise our self-esteem and therefore our vibrations will rise by noticing that we already love ourselves and we know this because of all the good things that are already in our lives. But how can the good things be there because of us, if we were already vibrating at a low energy rate?.... ps i love your book.”

I thought I'd share my reply here for others as well:

  That's a good question, and one I haven't had before. When we're born, we're born with love for ourselves. It's part of the "default" settings. As we experience the world, our subconscious is programmed accordingly, and uniquely to each individual. Part of that programming, in most cultures, includes a belief that self-love is wrong. It's confused with arrogance, selfishness and a lot of other negative qualities. Through this, we learn to be "humble" or "self-deprecating" and intolerant of ourselves. We learn to treat ourselves with disrespect and disdain. We learn that we should always put others first. The various core beliefs programmed into the subconscious as a result of this, include "Others are more important than me" "I'm not worthy" and so on. And these beliefs determine how we're vibrating... which in turn determines what we create and attract.

  However, the core - the very center of us is still there. The love for ourselves transcends the subconscious beliefs and habits and everything we've learned. And, depending on how much it has been blocked and hidden, it will shine through a little bit - and that's what you recognize as "Look how much I love myself"

  Imagine it as a bright light. Imagine the inside of you - your very core - as a box. Inside this box, is a light that gains its power from outside of you. The extension cable is plugged into the energy source of All that is/God/The Universe/Higher Power - whatever makes sense to you. So, that light shines eternally - since its power source is eternal. When you were born, the box had only three sides, and the light shone brightly.
As you were exposed to life experiences, teachings from others and from what you experienced, you were programmed to believe that the light shouldn't be shining out like that - for various reasons. It's too bright, and shines in the eyes of others and makes them uncomfortable (they're not used to such a bright light since their own has been dimmed for so long). Also, your light should never be brighter than those who are superior to you - figures of authority and spiritual leaders. It's rude, disrespectful and just plain wrong for your light to be brighter than theirs. "Who do you think you are?" "Do you think you're better than everyone else?" are examples of responses you may get if you allow your light to shine brighter than theirs. And of course, their lights are so dim, that in order for you to adjust yours to be dimmer than theirs, you have to cover most of it up.
So, over time, and with the help of parents and carers, teachers and spiritual leaders, along with most of your peers, you've covered more and more of that light. However, it's not easy to cover it completely. You put a fourth side to the box, but the light was so bright, it shined through... so you reinforced the sides. It was dimmer now, but still showed through the cracks, so, bit by bit you covered it with pieces of dark fabric... and so it got dimmer, but there was still a tiny bit shining out.

  Now, different people of course, have different life experience, and different core beliefs. And because of this, each person has an individual way of covering the light inside. Some leave a corner open, others use thick black carpeting instead of fabric... but inside everyone, inside the box, under all the covering, is the same bright light. Plugged into the same power source. If everyone were to open that fourth side of their box at the same time, the lights would all be exactly the same. As it is, although the covering and blocking of the light lowers the rate of vibration, the light is so bright that it still finds a way to shine through the smallest cracks and creases in the sides and corners of the box.
And those little beams create and attract what good they can. And the results of those are what you're looking at, recognizing as your love for yourself. And the more you recognize those, the more you open those cracks a little more, and the more covering you begin to remove... and of course, the more you do that, the more your light shines out... and so it picks up momentum. And the more of your light you allow to shine in this way, the higher your vibration... and the more aligned you become with what you want in life.

  Fear and doubt and worry and resentment etc. start building up that barrier again, they put the fabric back over the box, they start to close up the little cracks. And then, when you begin to recognize the evidence of love from yourself, to yourself again... you start opening the gaps and removing the fabric once more.

  Love and Light and Magic xxx
UPDATE: July 11th 2019
I wrote this post back in 2013. My life has Completely changed now, but the information is still valid - although I've found out more since then! There's what I've said above, AND more - there's developing unconditional love as a power (I call it The Superpower) and changing the subconscious "evidence" that's supporting whatever you're experiencing now! :)
Here's a recent video on Self-Love that my husband (who is part of my NEW life!! ;) :) We met in February 2017 - and he is amazing!! :) ) and I did a year ago. :)

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Great explanation. The best thing in finding and learning the LOA as a theory, is that it help my self worth soar.

I now see LOA as it is, my law creating my life. If I don't like something in my life, I need to change my law.

The only reason I am going on and on is I love your post.  I believe if you can help someone create better self worth and appreciation for themselves, their life will improve enormously, whether they know about LOA or not. Its an inside job. Get rid of the pain, anger, fear and anything that is holding you back from shining your light.

Again, I love your post. Thanks

Hi Peppermint :)

So glad you like it. Yes, I believe the root of everything is self esteem and self worth. Everything else is a reflection of self esteem and self worth.

Sometimes it's difficult to recognise - I really thought I had high self esteem... until my sister pointed out that if I had high self esteem, I wouldn't be creating lack and struggle in my life!

Since then, I've discovered that realising and focusing on self love automatically changes, improves and uplifts all areas in life... and, the great thing is that once you recognise and acknowledge that you do love yourself, you can't create anything "bad" for yourself. You can only create good. So, even when there's something you think is bad, or something that looks like it'll turn out to be bad, it HAS to turn out to be good, or at least nothing to worry about, because that's all you can create. The only thing that can block that good, is a fear of, and belief in, the "bad" that APPEARS to be. So, when something happens, or you worry about something... saying "I know this looks like it's bad, but I also know that it can't be. Because I love myself, I can't create anything bad for myself. So, no matter what it looks like, it has to turn out to be either good, or at least nothing to worry about. It has no choice." helps to keep you on track and to remind you... which in turn reduces the fear, and raises your state to where you are only creating and attracting good. :)

It's good to remind ourselves of this logic:

1. I create and attract and allow everything in my life (even though it doesn't seem like it sometimes). Only I can create, attract and allow in my life. No-one else.

2. I love myself (I see evidence in all the good stuff around me - and that stuff is just from the tiny cracks before I was really aware of my self love. Imagine what good I'll create and attract now that I'm acknowledging and allowing my love for myself!)

3. Because I love myself, and I'm the one who creates, attracts and allows in my life, it's impossible for me to create, attract or allow anything "bad" Therefore, everything that appears to be bad, HAS to turn out to be either good, or at least nothing to worry about... because that's all I can create.


Love and Light and Magic xxx

Radiate with self-esteem and self-acceptance, and your world will reflect that.  You will attract people who value you and treat you well; and you will attract situations where you can 'be yourself' without fear: where you can TRULY SPARKLE.

No. No no.. Because if u believe u dont deserve what you have but u have it anyway.... U will still have it anyway!

Hi ArtistLaura :)

Yes! I know exactly what you mean!! That was what I said too! I didn't believe I deserved to struggle - I genuinely believed I deserved abundance and happiness... The difference, I discovered, was that I believed that (with ALL my heart), CONSCIOUSLY - but my subconscious held "evidence" that "proved" I didn't deserve. It was the most frustrating thing until I found out how to change that evidence! 

Here's a little (8-minute) video that explains it in a fun way... Let me know if you have any questions or need clarification on anything. :) 

Just what i needed today and Im very grateful. 

Thankyou Illusions for your post, as I am on the self love journey again.

I look forward to the day, of not feeling lonely as the self love I am sure will help me feel whole again.

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