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This is for a lady I was speaking with this morning, about something she wants to manifest, yet is unsure if the law can be used in the way she wants it to happen. 

The Universe doesn't judge our desires, yes you can use it for the way you want to use it.

The Universe works with your vibration, so if your vibration is in a place of allowing what you want to come it will come. If you have resistance, usually limiting beliefs as to why it won't bring you what you want then it can't come.

If you judge something to be wrong, or that society will judge you, then the universe will have a hard time bringing it to you. It's not that others will judge either, in regards to the Universe" you" are the judge. It is your vibration that the Universe works with, not anyone elses.

I hope that helps



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The bible says you ask for what you want but you cannot receive it because of you evil motives.

But yeh i think your right because evil motives is just what you believe to be evil

Most people in the world do not have evil motives though. The Universe knows what your motives are because it is always receiving the thoughts you think.  (There is no hiding from the Universe).  If you have a motive because you want to kill someone or be better than them, for instance, then you will have difficulty in manifesting it.  If you have a desire because you want to feel good, then you will manifest it when you start feeling good in the first place.  And if you have a desire because you want to do some good to the world, then you will probably manifest it quite easily. 

Can you please elaborate on what you mean by evil?  what exactly 'is' evil? 

Very true that if you judge something, then the Universe will have a hard time bringing it to you. How many people on here want a happy and loving relationship, but feel that love is for the birds, or that love will end in tears? (I put my hand up here). How many people desire a joyful job, but feel that work is hard and not supposed to be enjoyed? (Again, I put my hand up here, but I am working in the programming).

Now imagine what would happen if you turned these judgements around. Love equals happiness. Work is something to be enjoyed. Desires are easy to manifest. Sex is wonderful and pleasurable rather than sinful and something to be ashamed of.

Remove the judgement and the pain disappears (that comes from Conversations with God). When you change the way you feel about something, you clear up the vibration which you have about it, and allow it to come into your life.

Yeh I agree with you mate, the bible says where not even supposed to know what sin is.

Where not supposed to know the difference between good and evil.

So "Evil" is just whatever you judge to be evil and have made up your mind that, that is evil.

the bible says where not even supposed to know what sin is


Do you mean we don't need to care what sin is, just to believe what we desire will realize?

Love this bit, Sir Neil:

Love equals happiness. Work is something to be enjoyed. Desires are easy to manifest. Sex is wonderful and pleasurable.

I like these new definitions :)

I didn't even realise I didn't truly believe these were true even though I assumed I thought they were (that was so complicated, hehehh, but you know what I mean).

Something else I have thought about is that if the Universe doesn't judge our desires, then why are we NOT supposed to ask for money?

I know there is one train of thought which says that asking for money is trying to work out HOW a desire comes to you.

But then there is another which could state that asking for it is showing trust in the abundance which the Universe has for you, and money is the most obvious 'symbol' of that.

After all, people ask for cheques in the post and then get them. That's asking for money, and if successful, then the Universe has not judged your desire.

So go ahead and ask for money. Allow it to come to you by believing that money and riches are good, and that you are 'supposed' to have them. (But the one caveat is to use them wisely: don't hoard up money, use it. Spend it, donate it, tithe it. Then you are demonstrating your trust in the actual flow of abundance in your life, rather than having lots of riches and hoarding them up, because you are afraid of losing them).
From 'Angels of Abundance' by Doreen Virtue:

" It's only the LOVE of money that the Bible warns about. As long as you are asking for your supplies to be met, then there is nothing wrong with asking Heaven for help, "

And that can be asking for money, just as you would ask for food, even though it could be deemed as a HOW-TO of getting the desire of having your hunger satisfied,

I've never understood the concept of trying to manifest money. Money has no real substance, it's paper that can only be used to get the things you really want. If I want a new car, I would manifest a car, not the money to buy a car. Asking for money would indicate to me the person really doesn't know what they want. They just want money so they can get anything that pops up.

I think in this case- sounds like the person seeking advice feels guilt or some sort of self- judgement with regards to wanting/ manifesting what s/he wants. The Universe does not judge our desires because the Universe only deals with vibrations.

If we build resistance against that which we desire, it will not manifest because we have guilt/ judgement toward it coming our way. This is all subjective, all dependant on the individual seeker.



Make this very simple. Good or bad is relative to the person wanting it. The real question is, does the person wanting it feel it's bad/evil but they still want it anyway. If the answer is "Yes" they may still be able to manifest it but remember we draw like vibrations/feeling to us. If someone wants something they feel is wrong or evil, are they also going to attract other "evils" that may not end up being good for them?

I.E. You may load up on sugar before a race to give you extra energy but if you continue to eat all that sugar all day, all week, it's not going to be good for you in the long run.

2 common phrases people use to make themselves feel better when they know they are about to treat someone badly is:

"It' Only Business" and "It's Not Personal". They know their actions are wrong but they are trying to rationalize them to themselves.


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