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I have a question regarding this theory. 'They' say the universe has no concept of time so all you're supposed to focus on is your goal and not the time. But what if your goal involves time? What if your goal was to give a great graduation speech and hear the crowd roar? Or if you are a performer, to perform on stage and nail your performance? 

So how can they say the universe doesn't know time and just gives you something when it gives it? Because many people's goals do involve a certain time period, and the universe still delivers. I am tending to wonder if the universe knowing no time in itself is just a belief.

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My friend i understand your confusion , but the answer is not that "no time in itself is just a belief" but " a belief of the universe knowing no time creates that image , you see our minds create our lives, and for me there is no * all hail the universe above, in fact because we are the creators , including me, then i am on top of myself nothing and no one else, and then theres the multiverse, so many confusions, so let me get to my point, the point is friend, it is what you want it to be, do not get confused , because tbh out there is NOTHING, and we create everything , also i see different from you , so you create your reality and so make it a good one wanna know how? add and message up sometime :) i love to teach 

Time is a human construct and thoughtform, rather than something that Universe has come up with.  However, time still exists as something which is a part of the Universe, and the Universe is also higher intelligence, so it KNOWS WHAT TIME IS, even if it hasn't created it.  if you are going to give a speech, or take your driving test, on such and such a date, then it will know what you mean.  The way to get success in something which has a timeframe is to feel good about it.  Picture yourself doing well, affirm that you are doing well and that you are confident etc.  Then when it comes to the time the test, speech etc is due to happen, you will manifest a positive experience because you have been feeling good about it.

Well your understanding of the theory is a little bit muddled.  Its not that the universe doesn’t have time, but its understanding of time is completely different to the way we humans view it.  For example, conception to baby is a time, and it’s a magical time, but its one that doesn’t always follow our logical rules or desires. 

Now in relation to the goals, these aren’t actually time related.  For example, take your graudation speech example, it depends on the focus point.  If you have a graduation coming up and you choose to desire to give that speech at graduation that’s one goal, but if its to give an amazing speech to thousands of people then the graduation may not be the best time for that goal to be actualised.  Its not really time specific – although you are indicating it is, because it can vary.  If the goal is to make an awesome speech that changes the world, then it may not happen at graudation but in another setting some other time, whereas if your goal is specific to graduation then the universe will work towards that. 

Its not that the universe doesn’t know time, but it has a wider perspective than we realise, and so it knows how to orchestrate things more easily and joyfully than we do in our limited perspectives.  So even with the performer example, you may perform somewhere, and the crowd seems to not go as wild as you thought, but maybe there is a producer or executive in that crowd who is astonished, and seeks you out some years later.  That performance was the changing element, but from our limited perspective it was failure even though it leads to creating some wonderful things later on. 

Time in essence is a man made belief, and so even to some degree, the seasons, change.  Have you noticed summers and winters seem to differ year to year, both when they begin, how long they last, when they end.  That’s the natural world at work.  It isn’t wrong in that, but its operated by a divine universal intelligence that knows what its doing. 


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