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You read that good. You don't have to believe it, but it is a fact. I've been intending to manifest the same thing for years now, and still nothing. To make things more interesting, that something is possibly the trigger for my life being as it is for past 10 years. If that was as I wanted it to be, my entire life would be immeasurably better. I would be a version of me that is way beyond this one now since everything would be different. I realized that because I sat down with myself and looked back into my past and connected my entire psychological development to that single thing, with it being the reason why I developed as such. That realization brought me to the point of rage, powerlessness, helplessness and self pity. I'm thinking of becoming what people consider an asshole. If I'm being punished by the Universe, at least I want to give it a good reason for it, instead of doing my best to be the best person possible and still get fucked. That way I'll have no regrets.

Thank you all for everything, if something changes, I'll be glad to share it with you...

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A Rampage Of Invincibilty by Abraham Hicks:



The Truth is The Truth and The Truth has no alternative, no other, no choice, no not, non non.  IS Totally IS . 

ONE   IS    ALL   

Wholly Whole ,  Ally ALL,  Absolutely Absolute 

One One-ly One 

Neither, lie nor liar. non-either... "not 2" . 

This "leaves" neither claim or claimant of "The One Being separated from The One Being". 

Being is Being, That which Be, Be The One BEing  BEing The One . 



Yes, exactly!

Do not be attached to outcomes and see what comes about for you.

A truly good advice*****

Nothing is given to you. You give it to yourself, or you don't. The "universe" doesn't care what you do. You decide to care what you do or you don't. You're free to make any choice you want to. Does it work for you and you feel good about it? Keep doing that. If it doesn't, then change it till it does.

You're not being punished by the Universe; you're getting the results of thoughts and beliefs you have about this thing you desire. That is what is blocking you. Your fears and limiting beliefs. Make a list of the beliefs you have about your desire, and make it long. Read through it a few times and a general 'theme' will emerge. That general theme is the belief which is stopping you from getting it.

I will venture that it will probably be something like: you're not good enough, it doesn't exist, it's not possible, that kind of thing never happens to you, or a fear that you won't get it. Whatever the belief is, once you have identified it, then you can start to work on imprinting a new belief, and that will start to draw it into your life.

Of course "the universe" doesn't give you what you want.

There is no universe that is "out there," waiting to hand you what you want, simply because you burn with enough desire for it and believe you deserve it. The only entity or consciousness withholding what you want from yourself is you, because that is all there is.  


You don't get what you want; you get what you focus upon, including the absence of things you want.

Its not a fact, but an assumption and judgment you are making.  What if the universe is actually giving you everything you are vibrationally attracting right now.  You see looking through your posts, they are all focused on absence of things, and so to the universe that is receiving orders, its noticing your vibration on lack and thus giving you more of that because it thinks that's what you desire.  You have not uttered one word of gratitude for anything in your life, and whilst at first glance it may be that you believe circumstances haven't worked in your favour (where they actually have) its a vibration you are choosing to send out into the universe consistently and the universe is loving responding to your vibration right back.  It cannot shake your head and say hey wake up, this is better for you to focus on, because it loves you and supports you and your choices.  If you don't like where your at, simply choose something different to focus on, make a goal and go for that.  You say "if something changes" but you see that's not an order or ultimatum you are placing with the universe.  Its kind of like saying well it might rain today (sure it might but it might not).  Some people are also happy being unhappy, in that it gives them a purpose and reason to communicate with others too, so they enjoy it.  We all know people like that right, and you must recognise people you know who are like that.  Old sayings like misery loves company etc well they are just choices we make.  Universe doesn't punish or torment, but if you want to choose to believe that, it loving will support you believing that. 


And who’s this Universe? Everything comes out of you, it is all happening through you not to you, what I can see from your post is that you have given your power away to the non existing authority of the universe and since you have a belief that universe is something out there that makes things happen that’s exactly what you got. Just take your power back, realise that it is you , not the universe that has the power to give or take away. Maybe you have always believed in higher power pushing the buttons and that was the problem all along. You always have a choice to choose who is the powerful one ( it’s of course you) , however when you give it away to some other authority you will create this reality that makes it seem as it is not up to you at all. Just give it a thought. 



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