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You read that good. You don't have to believe it, but it is a fact. I've been intending to manifest the same thing for years now, and still nothing. To make things more interesting, that something is possibly the trigger for my life being as it is for past 10 years. If that was as I wanted it to be, my entire life would be immeasurably better. I would be a version of me that is way beyond this one now since everything would be different. I realized that because I sat down with myself and looked back into my past and connected my entire psychological development to that single thing, with it being the reason why I developed as such. That realization brought me to the point of rage, powerlessness, helplessness and self pity. I'm thinking of becoming what people consider an asshole. If I'm being punished by the Universe, at least I want to give it a good reason for it, instead of doing my best to be the best person possible and still get fucked. That way I'll have no regrets.

Thank you all for everything, if something changes, I'll be glad to share it with you...

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The universe doesn't control you. You are manifesting everything you have now. In order to manifest something different you have to change your subconsious beliefs. The "universe" reflects back what you believe.

Intent is a deeply sustained focus, not just wishing for something. If you want something in your life to change then you must change something in your life.


Yess. Just a question: if you have something unwanted in your life how can you get rid of it if you keep focusing on it because you fear it?

Well, the short answer is to stop focusing on it, and let go of the fear around it.

Remember, fear is not real. It's about what may happen, not about what is happening. 

I disagree about fear, fear is a real thing, however we translate it as something terrifying when fear is like an alarm system, a signal to bring your attention to something , to feedback some of your beliefs back to you. Also without fear you wouldn't know not to put your finger in fire for example, its fear, the alarm system that tells you '' hang on you will burn and it will hurt''. so fear is necessary. 

Thank you! Anyway im finding very difficult to let go of the fear around it.

When you say Fear is a real thing, I’m not sure I agree with this, as it’s a reaction rather than an actual thing.  For example way back in times of dinosaurs, Fear was a survival mechanism.  If you had a saber tooth tiger show up the fear would kick in and you would either fight or run for your life.  So its primary purpose was survival at that time, but those times are past.  That kind of Fear no longer exists but when we enter into fearful states we do so often for imagined events (like loss of job, paying bills etc).  That’s vastly different from the original fear concepts.

Also whats interesting is that Fear/Excitement produce the same set of chemical reacitons within the brain, meaning the brain responds to both states with similar chain reaction of biochemicals within the brain.  So often times when people experience fear they are also experiencing similiar reactions to excitement.  Its been proven/established with sky divers that their brains process exactly the same chemicals in relation to excitement both with established sky divers and new comers - meaning that a person thinks they are experiencing fear but biochemically they are actually experiencing excitement.  So a person may label it as "fear" but from a scientific point of view its identical to "excitement" with no known difference that has yet been established.  

Also to use your example, Its not actually “Fear” that stops people putting fingers in fire, but a set of automated nervous responses which are not “fear” based but based on recollection and usually from childhood teachings/experience of parents saying “no”.  Children for example often go to put their fingers in fires (and parents safeguard them – hopefully). 

:) so you have a different definition of fear to what I have, both are true to each of us. 

I'm going jump into the disagreement session as well :D

I have extensive experience fear, anxiety and such and I don't see how it could produce similar neurochemical reactions. Fear mostly releases stress hormones such as cortisol, which a more positive state would not elicit. Adrenaline, perhaps, is present in both. It's not like people nervously sweat when they're happy, for instance.

I'm not sure what you mean by saying that "survival fear" no longer exists, when it's biologically hardwired in our bodies. While sabertooth tigers no longer exist, normal ones do, and if a tiger were chasing you then the survival fear would definitely kick in. 

Hi Astro


For clarity, its only fear and excitement that produce the same neurochemical reactions.  Not anxiety – which is a whole different ball game and set of different reactions within the brain and different person to person too.  However the excitement and fear have been studied and shown that when both experiences happen the same sensations happen in exactly the very same parts of the brain.  I don’t know the full explanation behind it – but it did interest me when I first heard it and I’ve since found many, many mentions of it in textbooks.  The hormone production actually comes after the chemical reactions within the brain – so you are  right re the cortisol and other hormones but that’s actually after the actual brain states as such and so an after effect. 

When I say “survival fear” I mean that the kind of fear that existed is different than most modern day fears.  The saber tooth tiger showing up is an easy to understand fear that we can all relate to but is very different than the average persons every day fears that we all experience.  I’m not suggesting its not hard wired into our bodies, but the type of fear you and I experience is greatly different from the original survival mode where Fear was needed and necessary (and as you say if a tiger of any sorts showed up – that fear would kick in – but in comparison the kind of fear we all experience on a daily basis is somewhat different than that fear).  A great deal of stress people experience nowadays is often more mentally based (in the sense its of a modern lifestyle) rather than being a “survival” need (i.e. run your life is in danger) comparison.  Does that make better sense?

I think definitions are unique to all of us! However the biochemical results of fear/excitement are documented.

fear is just energy, when run through a positive belief system it can be experienced as excitement, this same energy run through a negative belief system can be experienced as fear :)

belief the sun moves around earth was once documented :) than it changed and earth moving around sun was documented :) 


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