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You read that good. You don't have to believe it, but it is a fact. I've been intending to manifest the same thing for years now, and still nothing. To make things more interesting, that something is possibly the trigger for my life being as it is for past 10 years. If that was as I wanted it to be, my entire life would be immeasurably better. I would be a version of me that is way beyond this one now since everything would be different. I realized that because I sat down with myself and looked back into my past and connected my entire psychological development to that single thing, with it being the reason why I developed as such. That realization brought me to the point of rage, powerlessness, helplessness and self pity. I'm thinking of becoming what people consider an asshole. If I'm being punished by the Universe, at least I want to give it a good reason for it, instead of doing my best to be the best person possible and still get fucked. That way I'll have no regrets.

Thank you all for everything, if something changes, I'll be glad to share it with you...

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Very deep!!

Absolutely re energy.  However the sun moving around the earth was never scientifically proven and if anything its science that has revealed that to be incorrect.  

I choose to believe in a set of assumptions coming from the kupua tradition which  divides all experience into four levels or frameworks of beliefs about reality which can be summarized as follows:

1. Everything is objective (Scientific reality).
2. Everything is subjective (Psychic reality).
3. Everything is symbolic (Shamanic reality).
4. Everything is holistic (Mystical reality).

The kupua (Hawaiian shaman) learns to move in and out of these realities in order to change experience more effectively.

So operating on the objective level , we can totally be discussing scientific discoveries and what are the scientific facts. However i usually choose to operate within the symbolic level , where everything is symbolic , even science. 

So it all depends on how you perceive the world around you. I totally accept that you choose scientific view often, and thats cool, however please be open to the idea that to other people this level of reality might not be relevant :) or important or even true. Like you mentioned before we all have our unique definitions of everything , and each truth is equally real, equally true and equally made up, Even the system i have mentioned above is made up , but it is my truth :) 

Sure, and I'm not by any means suggesting that scientific view is the only relevant viewpoint (far from it).  I was just asking for clarity in relation to the original statement you made.  To some degree, even scientific view is objectified and made up too.  

The universe giving you everything you want is just a belief, not a lie.  LIkewise you have the belief that it clearly doesn't and universe supports you in having that.  


What happens for me is sooner or later what I have focused on, I allow. But if it has taken a while for me to relax and let it happen, sometimes I have started to want other or better in the mean time, thus when it finally shows up , I am no longer impressed or even interested. It is sad, this tends to happen over the the great loves in my life. So they do not become actual great loves, and marrying my x husband was anti-climactic . what a mess that made
because I was basically already over him!

That used to happen to me as well all the time lol but i think that's not the best way to look at things, i prefer to think that everything happens at the perfect time and if a dream of my past does come true now i can enjoy it more because im no longer attached to it, im really ready for it and i also have many new dreams. Now i can truly enjoy it because it's not a dream, something that is in the air or that im obsessed with but a Magnificent Reality. Maybe a good mix would be living some old dreams and some new fresh ones so that we realize that time does not exist, there is only an eternal present unfolding of dreams.

This is my perception and perception is everything when it comes to living in this world. Your perception governs your world. I have followed this forum for over 10 years. I have followed the " we get what we put out" concept ever since I first read Johnathon Livingston Seagull. The Secret was basically a more current rewrite of Think and grow Rich, that was decades ago. This is not mystical at all. You have the power to control you and yourself alone. Your boss may threaten to fire you if you don't do a certain task but in the end, you are the one that decides if you do it or not. You see the world through your eyes based on your upbringing, your education and your life experiences. If you are in a bad mood and go out the door, you will see the negatives all around you. The Good and the Bad are always there, you just have to choose which ones you want to see. All this is nothing more than a mind set. If you focus on a task, really focus, you can see yourself getting closer. It may not be easy and it may take work, because that is the universe, energy is required for any and all actions. The key is to see the good and build your confidence so that you know you can grow. You realize success for you is possible. Maybe not all at one time but in steps. Accept the negative, because it is there but don't focus on it. Think about ways around it and how it's merely challenges meant to teach you how to get by them. 

Don't look for some mystical solution, the answer is within you, in your mind and in your perception.

Two men are walking through a park engaged in a heated political debate. When they get to the parking lot, someone asks them how they liked the beautiful pond and the trees around it. They look at each other and say, "What pond, What trees"? Because they were not aware of the trees and pond, did it not really exist? Yes, it did exist, just not in  their mental perception. 

Open your mind and be aware of the good and the opportunities   waiting for you to see them.... 


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