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The universe isn't separate from you. It doesn't judge you or anyone else more than you do yourself. It doesn't decide things or make negotiations.

It won't grant you wishes, because it responds to what you assume -- not what you want, no matter how positive you are. It won't give you more than you assume you have or make you more than you assume you are.

It doesn't omit words like 'no' and 'not,' unless you intend for it to. It doesn't have a brain of it's own.

You are not a part of the universe, the universe is a part of you.

Religion and spirituality are whole different things entirely. Some people feel emotional attachments to God or another entity, and that's absolutely okay.

However, I just wanted to say that the universe doesn't possess prerequisites for functioning. It gives you only what you intend to have. I say, 'it gives you' figuratively, because I don't believe we are separate from the universe. The whole idea that being positive is the only way for the universe to 'listen' to you isn't necessarily the truth and can cause more confusion than clarity.

I thought the whole point of creating your own reality was creating your own reality, not waiting for someone or something else to do it for you. Work towards creating it, without thinking of the supposed prerequisites you've learned from books or teachers. Experience is the most proficient teacher, you'll learn (but don't take my word for it).

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Great! i love Alan Watts!

Exactly! You are fundamentally an infinite and limitless consciousness. I wouldn’t say it’s that deep down or far in, because you can shed your identity to experience that perspective. Thanks for sharing!

Interesting. The universe to me feels like a giant video game, and I can enter codes to get things to manifest. I can see how this is different from a person that believes in Jesus or Buddha.

It might seem like that when you’re looking through one perspective, but fundamentally you are the universe.

Very much agree with you Billie! Awesome post! Grateful to have knowledgeable people like you here :) 


So what about the times when you absolutely wholeheartedly believe something, like when you're really young and you're heart is pure and you have no fear whatsoever of eg. being cheated on or losing a parent, because you're mind is just too pure to even imagine such things. You see the world and your life as this absolutely amazing place where noone lies (i was 15 or so until i even grasped the concept of people lying to intentionally hurt you) and your parents being together is as sure as the sun rising in the east every day - you're simply not capable of assuming or expecting those things and yet they happen to you. How does that work?

And even when you're a grown up and you never assume/expect certain thing, and yet they happen to you. To this people often say well it;s in your subconscious somehow and so it manifested. Honestly I don't think that's always true. Things have happened in my life atleast that I literally had zero concept of and definitely never assumed or expected and yet they happened. There has to be a better explanation than just blaming the poor old subconscious for everything

I'm a little confused as to what this has to do with my original point. Do you mean to say that the universe has to be a separate entity because you don't believe your subconscious manifests the events in your life?

The universe and the mind is the same thing.

If you've noticed, manifestations are happening based on your spoken and unspoken thoughts. Also, take a look at the Magical Creation Box process in the Abe book. Do you want to know why they're telling you to drop stuff into a box? It's because the mind sees the opening and closing of the box as the subconscious. This is what I know so far, but I'm not 100% sure.

I do really believe I am a part of God living a life experience on Earth too.


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