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I was just wondering, sometimes we ask the Universe for a "sign" in a particular situation or circumstance etc, but many of us who are relatively new to the LOA, so often can miss these so-called signs... I have spoken to other people about this too and it seems a lot of us are missing the signs.  Can someone maybe give some examples of how the Universe sends "signs" just so we can know where and why we may miss signs...  Thanks...

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That is an excellent question. Of course Universe has many, many signs to let us know that IT is with us. One of the ways Universe "winks" at us is through the clocks we nearly look at dozens of times during the day. At work, at home, while traveling from place to place, etc.

Many people here talk about seeing some time configurations such as, 333, 11:11, 222, 1414 and others. Now, if the clock ever reads 666 just throw the clock away. :)
Now that is really funny as I always seem to catch the time at 22:22, always wondered what the heck that could mean LOL, but what exactly does the "wink" mean, just that it's present or is it a sign to let you know that it's their and working on your behalf etc..
The "wink" is merely a generic term to suggest that Universe is with you and is always with you and that IT is continually acting in your behalf as evidenced by the kind of thoughts and feelings you entertain. Also, as your vibrations rise higher and higher you may see these 22:22's more frequently or other combinations too.
Thanks, hmmm I see that 22:22 almost every night LOL, and I promise it's not intentional. Guess that's when my vibrations must be slightly higher than other times...
To a degree I understand that but so many people I have discussions with have so many answers like suddenly you can notice a road sign or even a poster on a lamp post etc etc so I was wondering if there are other kinds of signs too, because many people when driving are looking for a sign but because they are driving it doesn't occur to them that for example if a sign says "slow down" it could have more meaning than just to the road etc, hope that kind of makes sense...
Each person's conversation with the divine is a bit unique so I can share how I learned to trust the signs. If they come when I'm not pushing or desperate for them, they are more likely to be real and not something my ego is twisting interpretation on. There is a subtle, easy flow to the sign that matters, for me. I just turn my head at a certain time and see a certain thing and a little knowing comes. If I'm sitting there trying to see it, I usually just create something that isn't clear or turns out to be ego-based and hindering.
David: You made another good point that has held true in my own experience. Trusting my first instinct.
I love signs.

At the same time, I will then doubt that sign, or I will say, "Oh, it's because I was looking for it." In some cases, I've gotten signs for a long time, but the thing that the sign represents does not happen.

What's that about? That it's still on its way? I don't know.

Ah, but then...

I could ask for a sign, and not get it. I could then ask for a sign -- a clear sign, and I'd get it. Same issue. So when I didn't get the sign, it still didn't stop me from wanting another sign. In other words, I already know what I believe and desire, and whether or not I get a sign isn't going to change that. Even if I got no sign, unless I was really able to let go and give up, I still would be looking for the sign, and/or I would still believe it, regardless.

That's my experience. So I think for me it boils down to what I still desire and believe, and what I'm creating myself to feel inside, regardless of what happens externally. It's like psychics. A psychic can appear to confirm what I already believe (I don't do psychics) -- and I'll accept what the psychic says and say they are right on -- or they will say something that is really "off" and I will not agree with it or feel it's true, and I might as well have not consulted the psychic because I already KNOW what I'm feeling and thinking. And it could change, or not.


I still like asking for signs anyway, and I still feel what I feel -- it's just fun to have those external affirmations of what I'm feeling inside.
i used to believe that signs were indications that i should follow a certain path, but now i feel i choose my own path and there are no shoulds, only coulds.
Yeah, the morphic field of belief seems to play a large role in how the universe connects with us and plays with us. I think you are right, there is no need for shoulds. Some want a sign, like to play with that concept, and others don't. It's cool either way.
Sparkles: I know what you mean about signs. For me, the key appears to be that I let it go after I ask. If I'm actively looking for a sign, that's usually my ego self wanting a confirmation. If I am able to just ask for clarification and then go about my day and forget about it, usually the confirmation will come.

I personally believe we are making it all up anyway. Earth is a hologram and this whole thing is pretty much an illusion. What feels important is to make up something fun, destressing and spiritually progressive. Of course, what constitutes fun, destressing and spiritually progressive may be a bit different for each person.
Yes here is a sign, Today I have to go to a funeral, my attorney's mother died of a heart attack. So I dragged my black suit out of the closet, I hadn't worn that suit for 5 years, this morning I was contemplating how to increase my business so I asked for a sign. When I put my hand in my pocket I found a penny, Now I never keep any change in my pockets. I looked at that penny not as a worthless coin but the sign I was looking for. I went into the sales department only to find out they were having the best day they have had in at least a year. You have to recognize the sign when you see it. Happiness and Success, Len


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