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Morning, friends...

I'm hoping someone here may be able to help me with understanding if something I'm experiencing are genuine signs from the Universe, or if I'm creating an experience because i'' focused on a specific outcome, which I know I shouldn't do...

I had a brief relationship with a man who I had very strong feelings for and believed we were destined to be together. For several reasons, we broke apart, reunited 6 weeks later, but only communicated for a week before he left my life again. I have done the best I can since he departed my life and the work has NOT been focused on getting him back, but in getting myself better. I've read books on surrender, created a vision board and intentions and focused on the present moment. Most days are blessed and beautiful and I feel a strong increase of love and happiness in my life. When I met this man, I was in a very low place and I acknowledge that if we were still together, I may not be where I am today in terms of my growth.

So here is my question... this man was born on February 26. Since his departure from my life, at several times during my day, I will glance at the clock and it will be 9:26, 12:26, 3:26, etc. I'' currently out of town and was assigned hotel room 226. After leaving dinner last night, I glanced at the car next to me and saw "26" in the license plate, only to look at the clock and see the time was 6:26.

What does this mean? If anything? I don't really know what I want this to mean... in ways, my life is better since we've parted, but in other ways, my heart still feels connected to him. I really don't want to reach out to him because I feel it would devastate my progress because he left me twice, both in hurtful ways, and I feel zero peace about doing it. I don't feel I have the spiritual maturity yet to understand this. Help would be appreciated... gratefully.

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“. . . focused on a specific outcome, which I know I shouldn't do . . .”

Focus on a specific outcome if it feels good and helps you get into alignment.

Don’t focus on a specific outcome needing to receive that specific outcome so that you can feel good.

What does this mean?”

It means that you equate that number with fun and feeling good, so when you are in alignment, you are inspired to look when the numbers are there. When you see those numbers, they signify you were in alignment.

brilliant reply Brian.

a quote 4 you Jenny:

Thank you so much for your insight and comments... I greatly appreciate the perspectives. I'm still confused about my feelings or what I really want, but know that I want this person in my life... or something better. Blessings to all of you.

You deserve something better, when you vibration around relationships is high, you will attract something better. ;-)

Rather than focus on this person, sometimes its helpful to look a little broader.  What i mean is what are you seeking "relationship" wise.  I say "relationship" because its a term that means a variety of different things to different people . We live on an amazing and wonderful planet, and there are plenty of partners out there that are soul mates (I think Abe said something like there are 700 at any one time on the planet for us).  So getting clear on what is the right relationship for you is really helpful because you start to realise and become aware of what you are desiring to create and then you start to vibrate at that level and attract it to yourself.  LIke you said, you have a maturity and spiritual connection you are already aware of which is awesome.  Plus it can be really fun to start looking at what you desire to create (and its interesting as I noted when I did this the first few things I wrote down I realised I thought they were my intentions but then later realised they were ideals of my parents that I learned growing up and far from what I actually desired).  

We all grow up with some interesting fairytales with princes appearing on white horses and coming to the rescue - and yet these aren't always what we desire.

I don't think it is to do with the guy per se. What I would suggest is to look up what the Angel number 26 means, and decipher what the Universe is telling you.

Don't look for signs. Signs will look for you

It's a case of when you build, then they come.  When you start focusing upon something and building it in your mind, signs soon follow.  This then shows that your thoughts are in the beginning stages of becoming live and registered by your mind (your attracted reality).

Dear Jenny

With signs, don’t worry.  The universe loves us and tries to communicate as best it can in ways we will understand, but it also realizes our minds are somewhat limited, so what I was taught that if signs show up and I’m unsure to simply ask for more clarity and further signs.  The universe loves and supports all of us and will always clarify things (and it doesn’t get mad or think bad of us for asking for more clarity). 

Well it’s a pattern you are recognizing, and it can mean a variety of different things.  It could be you are noticing these signs when this man is thinking about you and your relationship but it could also mean a variety of other things – which is why I’m suggesting you ask for clarity here.  It doesn’t have to be any specific wording here, it can be as simple as “Hey Universe you are sending me signs and I’m not getting it, could you explain it to me in a different way or different means, thanks in advance”. 

Wishing you the very best with this!


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