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There's a soul contract, saying I'm going to get bad luck in this liftime

I've missed out on everything, every good moment, no happiness.

Bad luck happens, things happen to me. I could be an expert, make no mistake in whatever I do, do it the proper way and just bad luck happens.

No females in my life, worked the hardest out of anyone (even look at my previous thread).Read all the dating books, did everything so many years, not 1 month, literally 10 years, asked everyone how to send first message on online dating, had good pioture, profile and 200+ still no reply. I'm even a good looking guy9my friends call me handsome and an escort called me very handsome). who's very intelligent. Nothing comes into my experience. Nothing happened at uni, all the females in my network, community. Yes I've gone to psychics.

I'm even in depth with law of attraction. read abe hicks all books, seth, ponder, neil donald walsh, deepak chopra, wayne dyer), I make people happy,

I help people freely everyday for the best part of 4 years still some extreme bad luck.

I'm very spiritual, very nice person. Extreme suffering, very virtuous. 

Seen everyone else get clothes, go to restaurants, travelling. I just get bad luck. 

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Okay we have gone over this so many times.  Its great to read books – but just reading books won’t create changes in your life.  It is kind of like wanting to lose weight and not doing anything but continuing to eat fast food and do no exercise and then saying “I just can’t lose weight” (and we all know people like that right?). 

Now with a thought like “I've missed out on everything, every good moment, no happiness” what do you think this is creating each time you state it?  You have stated it a lot and its creating your life for you for sure.    

Now you say “no females” in your life (again when you say this and think it – do you think this attracts females to you?).  Is there really no females – probably not the case at all - you just haven’t connected with any yet (for whatever reason).  Now you say you work the hardest out of anyone – okay great.  So what?  Working hard is just that working hard.  It doesn’t mean you get a medal or will be recognised by everyone on the planet because you work hard.  You say you read the dating books and did everything for the last 10 years – okay so maybe the dating books aren’t working for you because they don’t work.  Have you ever thought that maybe its not the books? 

Nothing comes into your experience – well you are having an experience right now and you are getting exactly what you asked for and focus on (i.e. bad luck).  You say you freely help people everyday – and I’m wondering if there is something here where you are expecting something for that in the same way that you expect the universe to change and alter itself when you tell it that you only have bad luck and that nothing happens?

@ London guy,

Thank you very much for your time and advice, suggestions.

I'll also re-read the other thread/s.


I'm not expecting anything, even if I've got what I want, I'll still help out. I have free time so I just help out.

Cool.  So many times we do things (and I'm speaking from personal experience so understand it entirely) with a view to us doing something have an effect.  So when you talk about helping people, it seems significant for you to mention it as though that alone should have some sort of effect on your reality (and it will).  Otherwise you wouldn't have mentioned it right.  

Also in the beginning, when things show up - it rarely looks like the way we think they should (and thats great sometimes because it happens in ways even better than we could have imagined).  The trick is to set your intention, declare it and then let the universe do its job.  In same way you plant a seed, you water it and care for it and it grows.  You don't dig it up the next day and then curse at it for not having grown 10 meters right).  

"I make people happy"

Stop trying to make people happy. It doesn't take long reading your post to realize you can't do the same thing for your own self, and that has nothing to do with luck or anything/anyone else. Even further, you spite your own good deeds and actions by associating it with bad luck or by thinking that you should be rewarded for being a good person. Seriously, count how many times you reference bad luck and speak curses upon yourself, and that's just in one post. I can only imagine what you're consistently saying to yourself throughout the day or in your head. Luck is just something of convenience that we use so there is something external to blame because no one likes to blame themselves for the bad things in their life; we're usually quick to praise our greatness though.

It doesn't matter if you're the most handsome man in the world or the ugliest man in the world, women are much more advanced and complex than you're giving them credit for; they're not so simple minded as we often are as men. You refuse to see the great things that are in your life, and as a result, you're stuck on what isn't great and that destroys ones confidence; there is a reason why gratitude is brought up a lot, retrain yourself to see it in your life. If you don't have confidence in yourself, what do you think that projects out to those around you? Most often, women want a man that has confidence in himself and is someone that she can feel secure with because he is secure with himself.

So lets get down to the real problems you're having, instead of the scenario we place upon it. I'm not sure what it is yet, but there is something even deeper than the "I need a date" scenario being discussed here, and only you can reveal what that might be. When did you begin to doubt or look down upon yourself? Why/What happened? Travel as far back in your head as you need to and lets find the source that's echoing curses in your inner world. Tell me what you hate about yourself and be honest with me. We're going to strip your curse of its power and replace it with a blessing instead. 

As the creatures we are, our brain is delayed on the information that it feeds to our conscious minds, where we then realize what we THINK we're perceiving the outside world to be. Quite literally, we're incapable of directly observing the raw data that is flooding in from potentially external sources, because the amounts of data and lack of pattern processing would simply confuse our conscious minds on what's going on. We have quite a wonderful thing called our perception, and is what interfaces between all of that raw data coming in and our conscious mind.

The moment we awaken in this world, we begin to gather more and more information from everything around us. We begin to create our "lens of perception" through which we'll process/view/experience our personal realities. We program/train/manifest our realities through this process of altering and adding onto our perceptions. This is the key to everything you've been reading/watching and trying to put into practice. You're learning how to control and manipulate your perceptions. Your perception is what allows you to see/perceive things in your reality, and it's also what filters out what you don't want to see in it. It isn't that things simply stop existing (or existing), but that you allow yourself to begin to see it in your reality.

Gratitude, manifesting, etc... are all tools that we use as humans to alter our perceptions in the ways that we want. When we constantly say/think negative things to ourselves, we're unknowingly programming our perceptions to see those things in our realities and filter out the things that DONT support it. This is why the more depressed/negative you get, the darker reality seems to be all around you. Likewise, the more grateful/positive you get, the brighter the reality seems to be. It's the same neutral playground, but is perceived entirely different because of how they trained their perceptions. When you practice gratitude, you're simply training your perception to see things in a positive light first, rather than immediately going to the negative. After awhile you train your perception to do it automatically for you, and you lift the darkness by teaching your perception to see the light instead. 

Unfortunately, most people don't realize this process, so they've spent their entire lives blindly creating what they see. This is why LoA, religion, and other spiritual practices, are such powerful tools. You don't need to understand directly what's actually going on, you simply need to know how to use the "software" that controls it and you'll be able to change it into whatever you like. Just like with a computer, you don't need to know binary to communicate with the computer when you can simply use software to interface with it. All software is seemingly different on the surface, but when you get to the core of ALL software, it's the exact same binary that's doing the communicating with the computer and letting you know what you think is going on. As well, because we've spent a long time blindly creating, we end up spending a lot of time undoing all of the beliefs we stored that no longer serve us, or never served us to begin with.

Think about this for a moment. Have you ever seen those pictures that just seems like a bunch of random blots? Whatever, it's just random bullshit and doesn't mean anything. Then someone tells you, "See that? It's a horse." And your'e like, "Oh wow, yea that does look like a horse." Then what happens EVERY time you see that same picture? It's never just a bunch of random blots anymore, and you always notice the horse. Why? Initially it wasn't anything important that you told your perception to look for in your reality, so it was just nonsense that gets filtered out. However, you allowed someone to give you a new reference to store in your perception about it, and since you agreed, your perception added it to it's list of things to see in your reality.

Another example for those that have ever played this game. In the States we have some stupid game called "Punch Buggy." The basic idea is that when you see a Volkswagen Bug driving around, you yell "Punch Buggy!" and then you punch your buddy in the arm and they can't punch you back. Before you play this game, you never really notice these cars to any great extent (unless you already loved the car, in which you've already trained yourself to see them). Once you begin to play the game, you start to see them EVERYWHERE! It's like there is magically a lot more of them than ever before. It isn't that they didn't exist prior, but it wasn't something you had trained your perception to take notice of, so you didn't. After you trained yourself to see them because of the game, you see them even when you're not playing the game because you added a new rule to your perception. 

This concept holds true for all things in your life, and why they tell you to listen to your heart instead of your mind. Your mind is going to reinforce whatever you want to believe, even if it's not true and even if it's bad for you. Your heart isn't controlled by the perception (ego) of the mind, so it kind of allows you to create a "power balance." That's why sometimes the heart seems to contradict what you think in your mind, and sometimes seems to go against things that you believe.

This is why it's important to be conscious of what you're thinking/feeling, what you're saying to yourself, and what meaning you're deciding to give to things as you store it inside. This is why it's important to understand what fear really is, embrace it, and utilize it to make the changes you need, rather than allowing it to make you a prisoner. Sometimes the things that we store in our perceptions simply isn't true, but you have to realize that you created your own math system with it. You have an idea of what is and isn't true, and even if it's untrue, if 1 + 1 doesn't equal 2 in your math system, you feel confused or stuck. This is also why I tell people to NEVER stop expanding, researching, learning, experiencing, teaching, etc... If you limit your perception, you'll never realize what you need and can change about it because you bind yourself to the rules that you created for it, even if it's rules you simply obtained from other people. Through contrast we're able to properly assess what we think is real, and change our perceptions as needed. If you don't have a contrasting belief on something, you'll continue to reinforce the only information you have about something and reject anything that doesn't support it.

So with all of this being said, when you're using LoA and other such things, you're training your perceptions to see what you desire in your reality. It isn't that it didn't exist prior to your desire, but you're allowing yourself to see and take notice of it. When you begin to see it in your reality, you're given the option to do more than you could when it didn't "exist" in your reality. If you can't see something, you do nothing with it and you take no action on it, because you don't see it. When you're able to see it in your reality, you're able to take actions on whatever it is, so you're able to obtain it if you so wish. When we don't see the doors of opportunity in life, we don't open the doors because we don't know they're there. When you train your perceptions to see the opportunity, you're given the choice to take the opportunities, and that's why ACT is such an important step in all of this. You ask for it, you begin to see it, and now you must act upon it.

YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE THAT YOU'RE ASKING TO GIVE YOU THINGS!!!!! :) You're simply asking yourself to allow you to see it in your reality. Through the allowance of your being, you can and will become whatever you wish to see in your reality. 

I realize we are suppose to have wanted lessons, etc and set those up before life. But I too, have had a very difficult wnd painful life, it had instead if getting better as I get older , worse! I saw something about a soull asking for too much accidentally. Like getting way too many lessons at once. Man, I am sure, I am that person. I have had horrible parents, sublings, and romantic partners too. The worst one I mày give testamony today to have him incarcerated! I am at a new dating low at age 46.

I think it may be as they say; everyone gets the experience, some get the lesson. That's certainly something to ponder upon. 

You need to change what you believe: soul contracts are mainly down to power of suggestion.  Something is suggested to you, you believe in it, and the create your reality that way.  You really do need to change what you believe in, because it's obviously not doing you any good.  You believe that nothing works for you, and that women don't show interest in you, and that you do so much for others but get nothing in return.....and that is what you keep on manifesting in your life.  Change what you believe in.  Start to believe that women love you, that you get back what you put into life, and that things work out well for you.  It's called PRONOIA.


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