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Hi everyone, how are you doing? :)

I came to realize there was a change that happened to me and I noticed it just now, but it actually happened some time ago. Some of you know that I always wrote how I wanted to be extremely successful in my career, finish med school twice faster than it's usually finished and stuff like that. I basically perceived medicine as my life, I saw it for what I am and as the only thing I want to do in life. Well, guess what, I used to be like that until a week ago. Suddenly, I don't find medicine what I used to find it before. No excitement when I think about it, no strong positive feelings when I think about it, nothing. I just don't have it all - time to have fun, go out with friends, rest and have the highest grades without even trying - like I used to back in nursing school. It just snapped. It's a fact that I don't learn as easily as I used to, but there's no use of bitching about it, just accept it and move on. I've been telling myself for a long time that I shouldn't give up because that's not me, I've been all motivational and stuff like that, but I realized that we have to be realistic with ourselves about what we are capable of doing and what we're not. Turns out that I've been lying to myself entire life, it was just a silly story I was telling myself, but now when I really have to be there and know the stuff, I don't. It was a reality check. What I wanted to say is that I used to believe in one thing until that moment about a week ago, but in split second - it just snapped. That's how fast a change can happen in someone's head. I'm now thinking of returning to nursing starting September this year, but my family is strongly against it, forcing me to continue med school, so that's gonna be a tough one, but who knows, maybe they come to reason until then.

Wish you all the best, best of luck and happy manifesting :)

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Hey Badass – great.  You know you are not alone there – I’ve too had similar realizations too and its always in hindsight you go wow – that really did shift. 

Now some of the orders you are giving the universe you may want to tweak a little.  For example, you say you don’t learn as easily as you used to.  That may be somewhat true, but you are comparing your now to the past, and that’s probably a different perspective of what actually occurred in the past (not taking into account how your life is different now, and the different elements you are now dealing with).  So rather than look at the way you learn now as a bad thing, why not instead focus on what is good about the way you learn now?  Can you see when you start to look at whats good about it – it shifts your perspective and energy levels.  Rather than thinking “I’m bad because I’m not learning as fast as I used to” you can shift it to “I’m having fun learning, and I’m learning at the appropriate speed for me and all is well”. 

Now lying to yourself again, sadly your not the first person to do that and you sure as hell won’t be the last person to do so.  In fact I’ve heard it suggested that even the most honest person often lies to themselves about themselves without even realizing it. 

Like you said, change can happen in a second, and with your family, they may change their minds just as fast when you explain why you are changing too (in fact they may be more receptive than you realise).  Often times we have a preconceived idea of how people will respond to situations, and these can often be completely opposite of how things really turn out. 

Wishing you the very best!

Hi London, thanks for replying :D

I'd like to be more detailed about learning, I think I haven't wrote it well enough in the post. Earlier, since I was a kid, I never had any problems with learning. I actually never had to think about learning neither did it occupy mi mind so much, I just take what is there to learn and I learn it, that's it. That and my intelligence in general earned me the reputation of genius at a very young age. But, that changed when I started med school. The amount of material that I could learn in a couple of hours back then would take me entire day now. At first, I was all motivational and positive and stuff like that, but with time, as it didn't change, I just said "fuck it" and lost all desire to learn at all. I realized that I have to be honest with myself about how much I really can achieve, it's an individual thing, it's not the same for everyone. I have a friend who is a doctor, he graduated with pretty high average grade, and yet, med school was like a hobby to him. He had at least 5 other activities that he was involved in, he lives a very active life and he just rocked his student years. He lived it to the fullest, but that's because it's his level of capability, I can't judge him for doing good just because I'm not able to do the same. The real test will be the hospital. We don't work with patients yet, but we should around this time next year. I feel so natural when I'm there, it feels like home. If I still keep being cold towards all of this when I enter the hospital, I'll definitely know that's it.

As for my family, trust me, you don't know them. They were kinda shocked when I went from nursing to medicine, the best I could expect is "If you leave this, you may as well leave the home, thank you, goodbye."

Thanks once again for replying, best of luck, happy manifesting :)

Hey Badass

Great re more details.  You know I’ve heard it said by many experts that the learning system in place is actually very flawed.  In the UK a lot of the education system for children is based on memory and statistics rather than applied thinking and as you say, everyone is different. 

As you say, the hospital will be a reveal for you to make some choices when you get there, but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water in the meantime.  Change is always possible (like you said at the start) and so try to be open to things showing up for you. 

Sure re your family – I don’t know them at all, but be careful about boxing them in – because that’s where you will block yourself and changes from showing up.  I get they may be difficult, but there is always a way.  I think you are like me in that when you make your mind up about something – there is no stopping you (which is great).  This may be a situation where you get to prove that just for yourself (as that’s more important than anything).

Good luck with it all!

My friend, i have lived the same thing when i was studying Medicine at the University, i was becoming slow in studying and i was really fast in the first years. Then i left cause i was realiing that it was not my truest path. My relatives and friends could not understand what was going on but now i KNOW, i just don't believe in science, i believe in loa XD and i was already feeling that. So maybe you're too intelligent to study medicine or whatever, you can become a spiritual healer OR you can keep studying medicine or another school and see where it will bring you. Only you know what's the best thing for you to do. You can choose any path and im sure you'll be great. Start feeling invincible whatever you decide cause it's your true essence.

Giant Hugs!

L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone, cielo e testo

Hiiiii, so glad to hear from you, how are you? ^-^

I think you know what I'm talking about when I say that I felt excitement about medicine and all that, it's not that I stopped believing in science, it's just I'm not satisfied with how my life is because of not learning as fast and easy as I used to, that kinda "killed my boner" for medicine. I already addressed that issue in a reply to a comment written before yours, so if you won't mind, just take a look at it, or even better, I'll send it to you in a message :D

Thank you so much for replying, I wish you best of luck, lots of love and happy manifesting :)

When you fully put your focus on the change you want, and not on the current circumstances, then yes, things do change quite quickly. You just have to spent a few days getting your focus to where you need it to be.


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